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 Dolphins ride the waves

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PostSubject: Dolphins ride the waves   Mon Apr 02, 2012 4:11 am

Dolphins ride the waves
When you see the dolphins fun chasing power boats, and dive and jump near the front of the boat, comes to your mind that these marine animals very fast.

Vladvin Pacific white-sided aspects, you can swim at speeds of 27 kilometers per hour, almost, most of the boats, which trailed dolphins, speed much more than the Dolphins, what is the secret that makes dolphins can catch up with these boats? The answer is that the pressure wave speed boats during rush into the water, dolphins Fterkp surrounding the introduction of these waves the boat skillfully, quickly Vtendf can not be accessed if the swim alone.

Like most bats use dolphins voice in order to (see) is launching their voices high class then receives echo: to determine the direction and after the things around them, and harness this ability to search for food and swimming in the sea without collision with impediments, made some dolphins also very high , causing a coma in a small fish, squid or in the swimming around inside of the sound waves of the dolphin, dolphin and then eats the fish Tsagtt stunning victim of his voice.

(Note that against this theory, but will write, quoting from the magazine)

Will see some of the scholars that the ancestors of dolphins had legs millions of years ago, If you look carefully to the skeleton of the Devine will see the bones small in the form of promises little in the back sides of the Dolphin, believed to be of enduring these legs, archaeological, and scientists believe that the ancestors of dolphins was traveling on Earth, but they were close similarities wolves, and that was the closest in lineage to the cows.

(Frankly, I am against this theory is based on Darwin's theory - evolution - which is not the basis of religious origin)

If the dolphins dentists, they undoubtedly will be busy all the time follow-up; and given that some dolphins have teeth increase in the number of teeth of crocodiles, Vvk Dolphin term contains over 250 are not white, but unlike the crocodiles predators do not attack dolphins, humans and their swimming, and there are no documented reports indicate the occurrence of attacks from dolphins to humans.

Thousands of dolphins sometimes gather in groups or a large herd of water. And can spread There are groups for several kilometers in the ocean, and often catch dolphins together; because that enables it to cover a large area to search for schools of fish, in addition to that cooperate dolphins to encircle their prey, and sometimes works dolphins trapped swarms of large fish, and paid by the pool in a small area crowded with fish, then take the Dolphin role in its share of the fish eat the

Often jumping dolphins next to people in boats, and play around the center of the waves the boat with an introduction; where the center used to do great Aarod jumping, hunters and tells anecdotes about many of the dolphins on their clock rhythm in fish in their nets, In the south of Brazil - for example - is given Dolphins signal of fishermen in a timely manner; to throw their nets into the water - (Note the same thing I was told in Port Said on the subject)

According to official reports in Brazil, the dolphins help fishermen for more than 150 years ago, but the benefit to the Dolphins? And from clear that the Dolphins nose listen Brazilian Garoria access to what the fishermen leave behind of fish - (in Port Said, and is said to take its share of the dolphins, fish and fishermen are taking share from the other fish there any relationship shared.)

Related to dolphins whistling to each other through, where each is characterized by Dolphin Besver the last of his own, and there a name or signature .. Where scientists and researchers found Alzn studying methods of communication between dolphins they use Special Appeals, a high-frequency tones, known locations of dolphins each other, as each chooses Dolphin distinctive whistle to him since his birth and used for ten years at least.

The cooperation between the dolphins - to take care of the newborn - is important for her, when it's time the birth of one of the mothers of dolphins, keep to its side female dolphin the other is called (Aunt) cooperate to give birth, and once the female lays her baby help (Aunt) Mother to pay the newborn gently on the surface of water; to inhale the air for the first time in his life.

Such rights fully enjoy the dolphins work landfills exotic. One of the dolphins and her name (AKI) used to receive a reward for its help in cleaning the basin in which they live, they bring the foliage, or any waste other basin to her coach, who is equivalent to give her a meal of fish. However, the (AKI) If you can not find any remnants, they manufactured their own!, They are peeling paint on the wall of aspects of the basin, and give it to her coach; in order to get my favorite meal to have an idea!

Few are the dolphins that live in fresh water; where she lives mostly in salt water oceans, there are five species live in rivers, including the dolphin (Irrawaddy), who lives in South Asia, in addition to two other two dolphin (Baji) settlers in the Yangtze River in China is on the verge of extinction, and Dolphin Alboto who lives in the Amazon and Orinoco rivers to South America, and is extremely rare, the color pink.

Interesting Facts about Dolphins
* There are more than 30 species of dolphins swim water oceans and rivers of the world.

* All dolphins from warm-blooded animals, ie animals that remain their body temperature constant, both in the hot days or cold just like a human .. They feed on fish.

* Dolphins breathe air air, so it is up to the surface of the sea to breathe the air and then make up for in water II.

* Characterized bodies of most of the dolphins as Lean, and this reduces the resistance to water them, giving them a high-speed and agility of movement.

* Maoist dolphins are smaller in size and dolphins live the South Pacific and at least 2.1 meters in length, and is equivalent to the length of a small boy at the age of six.

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Dolphins ride the waves
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