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 Theory of learning the Arabic language by nature and practice

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PostSubject: Theory of learning the Arabic language by nature and practice   Thu Apr 05, 2012 4:13 pm

Theory of learning the Arabic language by nature and practice
D. Abdullah Dannan
Any researcher in the cultural reality of the Arab children get shocked and surprised
1. To find the extreme suffering of the cultural growth of this child
2. Yield and the limited attempts to cultural development carried out by those responsible for education and culture.

The focus of complaints from the faltering cultural students and graduates on their weakness Arabs in Arabic.
And a linguistic reality of the Arab peoples of the linguistic phenomenon called "bilingualism", which in our opinion Musdralall bottlenecks and cultural and education in Arab countries. We have the President of the accents can be called Slang or colloquial, and these dialects contain local dialects. In addition to classical Arabic, which with its own rules described high precision, and it has pride of place, and that teach in public schools, and prevailing in the areas of the written word, and not used to continue the normal in any part of the community, which is different from the dialects in most of their structures and the forms they are spoken in many indications of its vocabulary.
Here, we must focus on the negative impact of lack of mastery of the language of the child to classical culture and the culture of the nation as a whole.
Valtlmiv Arab enters the school at the age of six have mastered the vernacular before this age when the language ability enormous brain ready high on the acquisition of languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat is, it provides the language in which are presumed to acquire the knowledge of different, depending on its nature and composition, however, surprised that language knowledge is not the language supplied to it is a another language, he must be learned and mastered to be able to understand the knowledge of other materials ..... And here lies the Arab student in the worst situation can be a student.

A situation can be described as the opposite of the nature of creation, because the student:
1. Have started to lose the ability to stroke the huge language learning. This on the one hand,
2. On the other hand at the same time must learn to know this language that have not yet mastered.
Have arisen as a result of that educational and cultural conditions began to show serious negative repercussions, including:
The negative trends of the student toward reading
And his sense that his Arabic a difficult language and then be:
Logical and cognitive growth is limited
Low level of his thinking and his judgment and thus failing to solve problems.
It is great calamities the low cultural level of the Arab children and not turning on the reading and self-learning ...
In addition to the results from some of the words match with the classical and Ttabgahma in the sense in what could be called chaos concepts and turbulence in the mind of the Arab child, and this leads him to frustration and take a hostile position of education in general.
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Theory of learning the Arabic language by nature and practice
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