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 The impact of television programs in the child

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PostSubject: The impact of television programs in the child   Thu Apr 05, 2012 5:36 pm

Mental effects:
Increase the culture of children around the world and life around.
Increase in vocabulary, vocabulary and meaning.
The attraction is the natural child of the TV it changes the sign of the degree of awareness in children.
Reduces the degree of attention of the child to the world ocean.
The time spent watching television in the child was first that it spent in play, the evolution of diversity Valoab child's mind and his experience as it interacts with it positively, and the TV Faiholh to just a receiver but does not have to accept what watching ..
The propagation of watching TV limits the creativity of the child for several reasons:

Limits the formation of children's interior that are found when the child looks to the lines and curves and points.

Replace the activities and hobbies practiced by the children in their spare time.

Reluctance of the child for reading, and is usually a very close relationship to the development of the child's mind and perception and creativity.

Killing of fantasy in children because of the many fictional films.

Verbal laziness in thinking of the child, as it requires the effort of thinking of the child to understand what we read.
Miss the opportunity to grow some brain regions.
Decline in some senses he has, and the senses which are not used in the course of watching TV Kams and smell, at the expense of other senses like looking at and hearing.

Psychological effects:

Follow-up scenes that are violent on TV:
Can not overlook this aspect; that children's programs show scenes of violence with more (50-60 times) of adult programs, leading to serious consequences, including:
Increase the aggressiveness of children _ They learn by imitation _
The child tries to imitate what they see without awareness.
Whenever the number of films seen more, the assessment of the child for the degree of violence and images of crime is weak, like someone who deals with drug injection, where the dependence feel emotional about what is seen scenes of violence has become not raise his compassion and his humanity. The more serious possibility that this child becomes indifferent to the future the real victims who are subjected to aggression, or to exercise this violence against others without an estimate of the consequences ..
The violence programs may develop feelings of frustration, which in turn lead to aggressive behavior.
The stories of crime before gradually destroys the efforts of educational institutions and authorities that protect law and implemented.
Negative impact on belief and religion, because most of those responsible for the production of cartoon films or Japanese American.
Verbal laziness in thinking of the child, as it requires the effort of thinking of the child to understand what we read.
Children may be seen immoral films, and thus Abrun misconceptions about sexual relationships.

Social effects:
TV occupies the family life and social Fbugodh is no room for family and do not talk of dialogue and not to discuss the problems of children that can not be solved only Bhetwasalhm with their parents.
May benefit the child, he learns through a series adults fabric of social life and relations between people.
The long sitting in front of the TV leads to isolation from the others as a substitute for the social milieu of the ocean.
Use of violence and force as a means to resolve major problems.
Moral degeneration that may result from adult movies and scenes Mslslathm and tradition, studies have shown that children are the most ethical practice of bad habits are the habits of those who watched on television more than others.

Physical effects:

The time spent by the child in front of the TV that it was first spent in play and the movement and activities that help him to grow only.
Eye fatigue and physical fatigue as a result sit uncomfortably long.
Laziness and inactivity and lack of movement Almadian of obesity.

How parents act:

Put a specified period of TV watching to no more than an hour or two a day, if they are worthy of follow-up programs.
Choose a television and video game rooms, a place away from children and the most visible places in the house so as not to be a guest on the family always accustomed to his presence and easier for them to open it.
Do not leave the child victim in the hands of producers Arbunhm at whim; even know the content of programs watched by your kids likes to Atalqgua before them, and if it were dedicated to them.
Answer children's questions, which revolve in their minds about what their emerging concepts of the saw, and corrected the erroneous beliefs before they take root in their hearts.
Do not allow the opening of the TV before going to school what caused the child of confusion, and not by the performance of their homework to understand that her priority.
Open the TV on a date with a specific program and do not open it to see what they are, your child learns.
Promises the child to distinguish between fact and fiction, which he sees on the screen, and to differentiate between what works and what the tradition does not work, and not be so unless you are positive spectator discuss what you see in front of them all.
Beware of leaving the child in front of emotional scenes before going to sleep because it will remain stuck in his mind.
Give an alternative to the active child games and activities and hobbies in order to divert
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The impact of television programs in the child
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