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 Boredom ... The scourge of the times

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PostSubject: Boredom ... The scourge of the times   Thu Jun 21, 2012 8:33 pm

Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, but after:
Interesting in light of the physical aspect of contemporary civilization of man, and because of pressure from the physical reality experienced by most people today, but weak ties to their Lord and their obedience to him .. Spread a strange phenomenon in the lives of Muslims, namely: the phenomenon of boredom, bored, and malaise and boredom .. Which now has a relatively less frequently in large and small, male and female, and became every one of them is expressed in his unique style, and his own way.
Manifestations of this lesion:
Perhaps if we look at some of the following actions and behaviors we have seen that the attachment of the causes of addiction and some of them, as experienced by one of the effects of such new phenomenon .. And so, such as:
1 - listen to songs and music. 2 - the practice of smoking habit. 3 - Altvhit and loitering in the streets and markets. 4 - watch satellite TV addiction. 5 - to escape the daily breaks with colleagues and friends. 6 - sleeping too much and love the convenience and laziness. 7 - refrain from reading to reading serious newspapers and magazines falling. 8 - gossip is for the benefit of the phone or to abuse others. 9 - The student neglect and poor memorization of lessons to prepare for tests. 10 - excessive exercise, reading magazines and Gera├║dha .11 - Frequent travel and trips for recreation land and not land. 12 - turn away from hard work and fruitful in any manner and method. And there are other signs that indicate the presence of this phenomenon.
The effects of this phenomenon:
Some orders may underestimate this evil, and sees that it is inevitable from leaving him and not treat her, the scourge that do not have this effect, which is worth talking about.
But if one of them discuss honestly and objectively about their negative effects in a number of aspects of his life to the opinion that it has many effects, among them four:
First, the loss of many good and obedience: that those who feel bored and bored and stress and boredom, you see not able to do only the duties of his religion only, and to shorten and negligence where, while the other supererogatory acts of worship and the gates of reward Kalmhafezh for example, the Sunnah and salaries, or read useful, or perform the duty of calling or otherwise, you will see his argument in not perform them and maintaining it does not have the temperament or is only a year, but find the other hand, when preparing his entertainment and entertainment, and events food and drink, it would be the first the first on the participants, and even angry if you do not leaves.
Look at the effects of this scourge on this man and how he missed the seasons of the good and the doors of reward?
Second, the failure occurs or in part in achieving the hopes and ambitions:
Since this lesion make the owner go out for serious work, and careful follow-up, and attention to achieving many of the ambitions of the attic, which is seeking its every man for example: if a student Palace in his study, although the staff neglected to perform his duty, and was the wife of wastes in the right of her husband and her children and her house ..
Thus tolerate many classes of the community infected with the disease for the introduction of the causes of success and excellence worldly in his time, and Axlon for sowing and planting in early, busy all the playing and entertainment for these self-volatile, expanding their chests what does not work does not benefit from the programs, if came the time of harvest and reap the fruits did not find anything, or have obtained the result of poor or low rate, not the level that would entitle them to aspire to it, nor for the future which is wishful thinking, and then feel a bit of sadness and grief, when they do not benefit them because it is too time.
Third, the loss of life and money:
He who lives such a case you find that worry and thinking to entertain himself constantly, and waste his time any work, what comes any chance of hours, or days of leave only to find his thinking focused only in the exploitation of those entertainment programs and practices, irresponsible, regardless of it cut off part of the old as useless, or they will not benefit him or served his nation in some way, it is important entertainment and enough! !
This does not mean that control people at large, or deny anything permitted by God, but we say that there is a difference between a person lose a lot of old and days that are capital in this life programs of entertainment on land and sea, and Altmsheeat travel, gossip, and come and go, and spent a lot of money in the implementation and prosecution of those programs that do not have much interest.
And the man is thinking of ambitions, eschatological, and business remaining after his death, and takes care reform himself and repair his nation, and Bjtahed so too diligence to save his time and his money and his faculties, between science into action, and an invitation to tender, and charity to charity, and cooperation to Takaful, however not narrow himself as God has permitted - and imagine those ignorant - but gave her as much need of entertainment and help her to carry out such duties and acts of worship, with the intention of calculating pay and worship in all of this.
Fourth, to fall into sin and guilt:
The up pressure this scourge psychological at this man and feel of a narrow and boredom that is thinking of removing this case and the mitigation of suffering in any way and style, even if by committing the outlawed and the act of land, on the grounds that is permissible is not sufficient for him to not bring him as desired by His Excellency and tranquility!
So you see them for example is located in the hear the songs and music, and watch the channels Alvadanah, drink and smoke shisha, and the endorsement of companionship deviant, and the practice of immorality and evil, to be up by it to the use of drugs and praying - we seek refuge with Allah from this - and so comes from bad to bad worse, all it happened because he did not seriously consider treating this pest in the beginning the correct ways and methods that are consistent with sound religion and reason, but stopped in the indulgence that brought him to this ill-effects.
A method of treatment:
The treatment of this phenomenon is present and accessible to those who want, and resolved it the same in all seriousness, it is not enough for man to be interested in wellness, hoping for salvation, with little thought to take about it practical steps, and radical reforms, especially since this means is linked to its success and the appearance of its effects by taking the means other as well. . . Ie, to return a Muslim to the fold of Islam, his religion and to apply it fully in all areas of his life: faith, worship, manners and curriculum, and the thought and feeling, and what did not achieve the full return, any step in this area will not bear fruit the image desired .. That it is means of treatment:
First, identify the target:
This may have the most important means of treatment, as most who feel the scourge of boredom because they were trapped by their goal in this life on the physical aspects of them, when you ask them: What is your goal in life? Answer you that his goal! And his desire to be an engineer or an officer or a professor or a lot of money or a job is high, or other goals worldly, or ambitions, self, or find that one of them may limit the goal to a fraction of slavery and obedience to God, and the space the major of his life and work of the many performed was directed from the bondage of God to slavery itself and desires and the devil and Eptga of taboos and evil, swerved in this sense means the money and title and the husband was born to major targets in this life, and the obedience to God and bondage which is the target of the creation of man has turned him into a secondary means is not important That is why the first condition required available to get rid of this sick and all the scourge of psychological that makes the Muslim goal and purpose in this life to worship God and obey him in its comprehensive concept and not partial or narrow, so that the control of his life within the circle is not beyond the limits of God's commands and orders his messenger peace be upon him is not do not say, and does not take nor give, nor loves nor hates, but what was God and please Him according to His law and the Sunnah of His Messenger, and then find, God willing, for the life of taste, but its existence value, and will go with him all the finds from feeling bored and bored in a different pan of his life, nor tell all, as a Muslim should fall ill, something of worry and grief, or distress and boredom also affects other human beings, but it is distinguished from others that these cases do not pass it only for periods of a few and short, and it also calculates pay and reward and expiation of sins and evil deeds all that fall ill even a thorn that pricks him, as stated in the hadeeth.
Second, do the duties as required:
Every Muslim I really do not claim you find and thankfully performs duties Muslim does not leave any of them, whether prayer, or zakat, or fasting, or pilgrimage, or other pillars of faith and the rest of the duties, but when seen one of us in how the performance of these duties noticed the same it is not on the face required to undergo a thing of the shortcomings and mistakes. Among the most important example is the ritual prayer which became the other either at the proper time consuming, is performed when awakened from his sleep, especially the (Fajr and 'Asr), or finished or finished work of Huh and playing. Or consuming the substance and reality is performed by Blarouh, standing, sitting and prostrating rukoo and, does not make sense does not know what he read in his prayers and read what the imam, it feels a heavy burden, and works hard wants to get rid of them
If you were to pray with you in this situation do not be surprised to feel a little boredom and boredom is something of the death of God for falling short, and the way out of it. To reconsider in a column Dink maintain residence at the time with the group and their performance ability, humility and confidence, and studying the meanings of reading them, and with humility and Tzlla and a prayer to God Almighty may God accept full from you not to respond to you, or does not accept them only a few, We seek refuge God of negligence and failure.
Third, competition in good deeds and acts of worship:
And even increase Muslim faith and enough is the evil of this lesion is harmful, and gets happiness in this world and win the bliss resident in the Hereafter, it behooves him not only the obligations imposed on it, but required that the rush to do what will bring him closer to God and Ihbbh him and please him about it, because the heart if the contact with God and filled with His love and fear him, no longer of illusions and sorrow and unrest subject in it, and as much keenness Muslim acts of worship and a lot of them as much as you win the believer Paradise of God in the land, namely Riyadh intimacy, tranquility and happiness, as expressed by one of the righteous when he said. If aware of the kings and the sons of kings from where we are happy to Jaldona them with swords.
Perhaps the most important acts of worship and drawing closer to the Muslim should maintain on a daily basis as an initial stage to increase the faith and overcome this obstacle as follows:
A - maintain regular Sunnah prayers, which are ten or twelve Ashrrkaah, it is maintained by God built him a house in Paradise, as stated in the hadeeth.
2 - share the commitment to read from the Koran, either four, Aust, or ten pages, and not leave no matter what the concerns, and is keen to aggravated every month so that the page up to read Jzekamil day.
3 - If one rak'ah of witr prayer in one mosque.
4 - Duha prayer.
5 - fasting days of Shawwal virtuous cast, and Ashura, and Arafa, and on Monday and Thursday
6 - charity from time to time, even a little.
Fourth, stay away from sin:
Sins in the life of a Muslim as serpents and scorpions emit deadly toxins, which leads to a lethal but something does not feel the effects of painful and time off Khsol worry and anxiety, and boredom, bored, lack of wealth, lack of pond in the old and tired and so on.
Fifth: dhikrs cushion and prayers:
This is important for every Muslim in general, and those who live a private mental lesion, because of the reasons for taking them to get psychological comfort and reassurance heart, God said: (not the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.)
If Vlogel to recover Muslim, leaving him, or deliver them from those who have not located them, he must holed a number of dhikr and supplications legitimate in the day and night do not tolerate in their introduction, as it has a great reward, and the bulwark of inter major mental illness experienced by many people today.
It is the most prescribed:
1 - reciting the morning and evening.
2 - Remembrance conditions and events such as calling upon sleeping and waking, and the entry of the house and get out of it.
3 - Remembrance after the five daily prayers.
4 - blowing on the body when sleeping three to read a devotion Al Mauztin
5 - Male cheer hundred times
6 - to read the verses and supplications known (ruqyah)
7 - frequent recourse to prayer and God save you that, from this evil and from every evil and misfortune.
Sixth: The fill time for the benefit of the work:
Can be likened to the heart in his glass lamp glows as long as it is closed, if broken! Income and the air spoil it installed and configured and then switches off the lamp as soon as Akrn.
Thus the heart it leads its role and reassure and calm as long as it is closed, if income is air, space, and opened up to sin without God and attached Ahtute worries and insecurities and dengue and grief. That is why the methods of treatment that does not live rights in a vacuum at all, but is keen to fill his time to programs and actions that benefit him good and benefit in the Hereafter, or help him and develops for success in this world, connecting all of that goal and mission for which God created, is keen to carry out duties , a competitor in good deeds and acts of worship, which is when to do so will find that the doors of work and giving and giving numerous to More, and his time to produce a narrow them all, and then will not see asks: What shall I do? Or for what I do? To work or work closer to the play and tamper with them to the grandfather, and interest, and claims that he is not busy as well as the business models that improves a Muslim to choose those most suited to its circumstances to fill out his time will be as follows:
A - attend classes the scholars and scientists Babysitting and visit.
2 - read and see in the books scientific heritage or contemporary books, and follow the conditions of the Muslim world through magazines competent Blvd.
3 - Joined rings memorizing the Holy Quran recitation in some mosques, scholars or teachers.
4 - to enter into the fields of business and professional work for the benefit of thoughtful and useful.
5 - Hits meaningful and kinship of the relatives and the relatives or the friends.
6 - to participate in charitable activities and the useful work for society, such as the Red Land, offices and communities, and institutions of relief, advocacy and others.
7 - Joined sessions, technical and scientific programs that are held in some quarters and interests to gain experience of administrative and personal skills.
8 - exercise away from taboo and contrary to morality.
9 - to learn the computer and take advantage of the scientific programs, and exploitation in the call to God. . Etc..
Seventh, a good environment to live in:
What's the best who say that the importance of good environment for a Muslim in this era such as the importance for providing the land fertile, and the right temperature, and good nutrition of some plants and trees, if not available with these components can either be doomed to damage, and either pay off weak.
Thus, if a Muslim in this age desperately need this good environment that will help him to apply the principles and ideals of Islam, complete picture, and help to do a lot of duties and acts of worship, and be the cause of stability and integrity, and remove him as experienced by most people today worry and sadness, boredom and anxiety. For the importance of these goals, it must are looking for and looking for cold water in, saying the summer or even more, because it, along with gaining the date of many and the interests of several of his religious and worldly affairs, without which is located in the loss of countless, and if God had ordered the Messenger of Allah upon him to uphold and ensure them a Prophet infallible, we are poor that surround us temptations from every side, the first such call, the Almighty said: (The patient with yourself with those who call on their Lord morning and evening, seeking his face no longer your eyes from them you want to embellish life). But Muslims are not good company on his mind and has no place in his interest and his thinking on the grounds that it knows itself and in the interest of indispensable material or moral. Some of them find the contrary live with his family and friends hardly Evargahm not Avarkonh, indifferent to be good or Talehin. And this and that both are wrong, because you want to be human, socially and if he wants to have a company of him that his choice carefully and precise conditions to benefit in the every aspect of his life is not a reason to be contrary to the corruption of His creation, and dilute the waste of his religion and his future, and his injury worries and grief, bite the fingers of grief and regret as it is to put some of them came to the dark prisons and Alzenanin seek refuge in Allah.
Eighth: The duty of advocacy and reform:
The occupancy of the soul, the duty of advocacy and reform for the people is a sponsor, God willing Taalyba.e. heart, and comfort the soul, and to eliminate the feeling of the concerns felt by many of the empty from such concerns advocacy, and limited their interests and their thinking about themselves and their needs of self, and Mlmathm own, and their future secular.
The preacher win this function to respond to the command of God: (Invite to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and good advice), and earned obedience to His Messenger, peace be upon him says: (Convey from me even a verse), and (because Allah guide your one man is better for you than red camels), Akram and of their obedience and response, and busy message of the prophets. . Ashraf is important, and most paid after self-repair and sponsorship. Those Nakson and underachievers to do with this letter under the pretext of bringing comfort to themselves, and cut off thinking about issues and things are indispensable for occupancy by, with what they are sin for failure to obey the Lord and His Messenger, they live in a vacuum deadly and boring they are, does not know the amount but Allah Where profits are fleeing from it compared to the loss of what they signed it?
VIA wants happiness, and the thrill of living, and longevity after death, The road to this easy and affordable, and best through advocacy that does not require you to have a knowledge of the, and jurisprudence overall matters of religion as a whole, no, but enough to inform others what you have Science and provisions, style wise and the way attractive, and to carry this concern and careful in any place and time, whether expressed by the good word, or sincere advice, or a good example, or giving the book and tape course, or significance for good, or other things that have impact effective, and the desired fruit.
IX: patience and courage in the face of fate:
Imagine many people - especially young people - that life should be full of its shores are always happy and easy, and the meeting, company, and excellence and success, health and safety, wealth and welfare, etc. of the hopes that he wishes everyone in this life, for this you see one of them if injured the opposite of what expectations of Dreams: afflicted boredom and boredom, sadness and wrath, forgetting that God Mount this life on something of the hardships and difficulties, and pain and trouble, and wisdom in order to be a motivation for a person to distract in this house mortal, and comment his heart in the Hereafter, and what they pleasure to look at Holy Face of God, and win heaven, the abode of delight, tranquility, comfort and eternal. The man with a strong faith so they when they get in any disaster, whether family, or psychological, or health, or financial, or seminars, or other, you see Sabra them, resigned her from the heart (moral) and praise Allaah for them, they were not in religion but in this world, and it is not greater than this incident, which occurred, and because he hopes the reward from God, and hope in the vagina and the director of them soon. . So he is comfortable with the heart, a quiet conscience, satisfied and decree of Allaah, but viewed from another angle, it is expected to have occurred because of the sins and shortcomings in the truth of God Almighty, increase at that of repentance and forgiveness, and insisted to return to his Lord, and this is better many, a great gain, so the key to the future and a reason worldly and otherworldly best.
Tenth: purposeful recreation:
The most effective ways to cure the boredom is: recreation methods permissible in appropriate times and places. Other either because he does not know a thing as recreation and relaxation under the pretext of his work relates to the permanent turn, leads him to tire himself and narrowing.
Or to find keen to recreation and recreation and a lot of it, even lost his pleasure, and became for him something boring, exercise routine, and that his focus and his ilk in Troyham on one side or both sides and two by the soul and the body, they see them turning in their program between the golf ball and the types of sports, to tables eating and drinking, to boards of speech and laughter, and nothing but that of other useful software that is not more than would ease to the practice of the Sacred and say and hear.
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Boredom ... The scourge of the times
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