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 Newthe life

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PostSubject: Newthe life   Sun Sep 09, 2012 2:01 am

In the next lines we put ten points claim it when it is available when a person has guaranteed - after the help of God Almighty - The renewed his life really the look that pleases him.

1. Select what you want
The law of life and year fixed universe that the world does not give everything, as well as it is impossible to find everything at one person. This created a sacrifice. For every person that determines what he wants in his life, whatever he wants, it wants money will throughout his life behind the money, and those who want science-old Vsikda in his request, and wants the King and Sultan will make its utmost to get that power. Thus to every person that determines what he wants and be sure that, if not impossible, it of course is difficult and very difficult to get everything, for as much passion and interest and faith will you specific goals in your life, do selected from now until moving in the light.

2. Stop complaining and grumbling
Yes, there is no time to weep, and the Roll up your sleeves and worked hard. Do my utmost in energy in order to achieve your goals. He stopped in the case of the complaint, as they say in the Chinese proverb: "Do not curse the darkness, but Kindle candle in it," Instead of wasting your energy in the enumeration disadvantages community around you or complain about the conditions that surround you, do you something positive and be you added to this reality rejects.

3. Accept yourself
Yes, accept yourself and be grateful to her and the Creator, you are unique world alone. And you no matter how little your size or smaller to your status, you have lots and lots, which may not be owned by someone else. Every one of us has the capability and capacity and no talent when other humans. And you can look at yourself and contemplate them you will find is inconceivable, therefore we put the Almighty Creator he said, believe those who say "In yourselves do you not see ye" have commanded us to reflect on the creation and the kingdom around us but before that we have to recognize the grace of God in his creation to us and how we honored on Many of those who create and preferring them favorable. Whatever you: weak, poor, lonely, orphaned or whatever your situation, you will find you have what Icoak after faith in God Almighty.

4. Services provided to others
Do not be closed, on yourself so that this will not lead you to selfish abhorrent. Messenger (peace be upon him) warned us of this and said, "The best people people's أنفعهم" Where are you from beneficial to others. Do not skimp on a fast what you have, whatever you have, money, note, health and strength, Voattabrha charity, my brother beloved charity and indents Yes God has bestowed on you. The goal is to serve those around you and thanked the grace and make sure that you Bbzlk what you have, it will increase and this True to the words of God Almighty "While your punishment to Ozidnkm" What better than to make grace and submission to others Thank you. Society will not benefit anything that I kept thank God Bulsank day and night, but when charity including from God to you, this is the best Thanksgiving, do not skimp on the one what you have, and I repeat my beloved brother, is not intended do not have money only but all owned or God has Eyak is the capital you have.

5. Take care of yourself
Did not you messenger Karim "The your body you really" must be balanced in your life and give each his right, do not strain yourself in work or study or any work whatever, just as there is a time to work you must have time to rest, preferably This was a time tabular in your plan weekly and daily, took a break, and attention hours sleep - without overeating or negligence - as well as a proper diet and diverse that ensures your body all the ingredients nutrients required, and get away from all that harms your health This is vital as well as not being extravagant in any something even if it was permissible. And do not forget to exercise any kind of sport, even at least walking. All that we are saying this is short crown who are keen to be adorned you can not be seen except our patients healed God and Aavahm and comfort and you health and wellness.

6. Meditation
Let you relaxing moments on a daily basis, no matter where and whatever time, and that we would have preferred that these moments would be either in the hours of sunset or sunrise or in the darkness of the night, this time self-claimed a knife and exciting every human emotion within the human kind. It was our noble before his mission goes to spend days tall contemplating the kingdom of the heavens and the earth in the cave of Hira. As they say, "hopes an hour is better than worshiping years" if meditation actually lead to the depth of your faith and Tqrepk more than your Creator and creatures of the universe around you.

7. Look for inspiration
You are not alone in the universe, and I'm not the only one who wants this goal - whatever purpose - there are those who share and from there went too and achieved this goal and succeeded actually accomplished, why not try to surround yourself with these successful or even those who want the same goal, and here he is God Almighty recommend Nabih (peace be upon him) says, "The patient yourself with those who call on their Lord morning and evening, seeking his face." We to take ourselves Balnajehan of in our specialty areas and achieve our goals, or seek to find inspires us in our way and pull أزرنا and strengthens our resolve and strengthens us to move forward in our way.

8. Make a plan
True, we say to the person, work, do any work, but we do not want to act randomly, but success is linked always planning, any action no matter how small, as long as, seeking the Face of Allah Almighty is God willing acceptable, but even take the reasons we have to plan our work and give out of attention and care it deserves. Need to know the goal of any business is doing and what are the means to achieve it, and what is available to you from those means and what is available, and what obstacles you'll meet in order to achieve and what are the opportunities in front of you to achieve it. Must identify your abilities and strengths and weaknesses you have. You must be familiar with the environment that will work for them. And you have a plan for any work time doing, what is accomplished in days is not reasonable to sharpen his motivation and tools to prepare them for the work takes years or months. Planning and the best ways to start is planning weekly, it gets used to plan his work during the week, could have planned for the month or the year.

9. Learning to deal with money
Money and a means and not an end in itself. But it is a means or a tool to achieve our goals and change our lives, we have to deal with him decent treatment, do not give him more than he deserves it becomes is in control of us and walk us, nor to Nbouksh right of Venhdrh or overload in spending is lost us in vain. Whatever amount of money you get as income to you, you have to spend it and save it, even a little, and are considering investing another part of it, and this investment has many pictures, this is not its field now, but since that money is the lifeblood of the material contemporary, we have to try to possess such means their legitimate ways satisfied by the Lord to bless us, and even live happy to remind ourselves that this money is fresh and sweet to take them gladly same Burke in which he has taken would explore the same it was a disaster, God forbid.

10. Enjoy
Holy Prophet did not see only Hasha Pasha, was smiling in the face of everyone, did not pout permission did cruelty in our faces and facial features. We have to enjoy our lives and laugh and smile and be humorous and fun part of our lives, the Messenger (peace be upon him) with all of his concerns call and message and concerns the state and leadership, wars and invasions was petting his companions and his wives and even children of the sons of the companions, and we all recall Mlatefth the boy as asking "Amir happened to the nughayr?". Life is even going want us something fun and joke permissible. Who said that religion is the intensity and gloom, and who said that the person to succeed must be strictly face severe words never laughs. Who said that? But we mention that we are a moderate nation "Fassaah hours"
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Newthe life
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