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 U.S. study: Muslim quarter of the world's population in 2030

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PostSubject: U.S. study: Muslim quarter of the world's population in 2030   Tue Sep 11, 2012 3:08 pm

U.S. study: Muslim quarter of the world's population in 2030

Is expected to increase the number of Muslims around the world by about 35% in the next twenty years, to rise from 1.6 billion Muslims in 2010 to 2.2 billion people by 2030; implying that the overall percentage - compared to the rest of the world's population - will reach the quarter , for a higher percentage of Christians between 30 and 35%, according to a new study published by the Center "Bio" American religion and public life, Thursday.
The study showed that titled "The Future of the Muslim population in the world," that the annual growth rate of Muslims will rise over the next two decades to 1.5% versus 0.7% for the peoples of other religions by 2030.
According to statistics from the American Institute, the percentage of Muslims now amounting to 23.4% of the world population of 6.9 billion people, and within 20 years will increase the number of countries which will have a number of Muslims at least one million Muslim to 79 countries compared with the current level of 72 countries.
The study suggested that the Muslims constitute Twenty years later, 26.4% of the total population of the planet, which would then 8.3 billion people, or almost a quarter.
And based on expectations of "Bio" U.S. to demographic rates since the beginning of 1999 until 2010, as well as assumptions about how to continue these rates in the next twenty years, they also bear in mind the political changes that have occurred in the political climate in the United States or European countries, which can greatly affect the patterns of immigration of Muslims, for example.
"Pakistan is the most numerous"
The "Pew" who issued it to study the population of Pakistan, will increase to 256 million people to excel on the population of Indonesia, which is the largest Muslim country in the world now.
The study expects to increase the number of Muslims in the United States of America to 6.2 million Muslims, while Afghanistan's population will double, and is approaching 50 million people; to become the ninth Islamic state in terms of population, while the Palestinian birth rate the highest in the world.
The study said that about 60% of the world's Muslims live in Asia and the Pacific by 2030, and 20% in the Middle East, and 17.6% in sub-Saharan countries in Africa, and 2.6% in Europe and 0.5% in the Americas .
It is expected to become Nigeria, which has seen sectarian violence between Muslims and Christians has killed thousands of people over the past decade, a Muslim-majority country by 2030.
And will reach the percentage of Muslims in France and Belgium to 10% of the population, while Sweden will about 9.9% of the total population;, with high percentage of Muslims in Europe in 2030; up to 8% of the total population.
The study pointed out that the year will still account for the vast majority of Muslims; terms of their ability by about 87 to 90%, while may decrease the number of Shiites with the relative decline of the birth rate in Iran; where about one-third of Shiites in the world.
The study noted correlation between education and birth rates in Muslim-majority countries, women in countries where rates of girls 'education gives birth to five children, while the rate for women in countries where a high rate of girls' education 2.3 children on average.
"Muslims are the highest born"
According to the study, U.S. The reason for increasing the number of Muslim population in the world to high birth rates, including, as it is the highest among the world's population.
Although the increase among Muslims is the highest in the world, the proportion of this increase has become less than the previous rates, and falling slow compared to previous years, but this downturn will not prevent the increase of Muslims in the coming period.
In this regard, says Alan Cooperman, associate director for the center, "Bio": "They are getting, but slowly .. The increase in the last twenty years more than we expect for the next twenty years."
Despite the increase in the number of Muslims in the world, Christianity remains the most prevalent, and will continue to be followers, the most numerous during the next two decades, according to the American Center.
The number of followers of Christianity in the world, about two billion people, or between 30 and 35% of the world's population, and is expected to increase the number of Christians in the world to 2.2 billion people by the year 2030.

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U.S. study: Muslim quarter of the world's population in 2030
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