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 Sports ethics encouragement

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PostSubject: Sports ethics encouragement   Mon Sep 17, 2012 10:20 pm

((Sports ethics encouragement))

Also, the taste of victory and victories only يتذوقها flavor of a concrete moment lived .. Van taste loss may be bitterly bitter pill when the tournament is great .. We have seen a lot of facts that took place in the League when it lost the local teams at home and outside the home ..

¤ thought fanatic mentality is controlled on the minds of most fans .. We find that the public losing team considered those phrases or slogans launched by the winning team as a public insult must be answered by all means .. and money happens dire consequences ..

¤ If how to develop the mentality of our fans to accept defeat?

For example!! We come occurred evidence in courts of Europe

In the league when tumbling results of any team we find the public of the Panel on after every game waving white handkerchiefs and only thus expressed his dissatisfaction with the performance of his team and the club's management must dispense with the coach and improve the situation .. In the season before last I got an incident in derby months in the world in the Santiago Bernabeu stadium between (Barcelona vs Real Madrid) when he was a player Milan Italian current Ronaldinho playing in Barcelona that game gave the Barcelona review fantastic led this player feat What was the audience riyal only that stopping the disease warmly applaud the performance of the star in the center of riyal stronghold .. Recognizing that awarded as a result of that game for the visitors ..

¤ Here we find that the foregoing What is not mature mentality reflect on sophisticated mathematical thought of every fan in the league ..

The thinking is encouraging in the work of any act that would lead to ruin after his team's loss, this is encouraging is the first enemy and foe for his club by the club, who lost to him .. And everyone must be expelled from the staff of this club to Laser printers and sports distorts this castle and return them invalid decisions in her at all ..

¤ very possible to ask the President of any club fans of the meeting before the start of any league and warn them of deterrent penalties that may reach their club in the event of committing any act anti in any game and advise them that the club does not want to, but walk towards winning championships and titles which bears the slogan of fair play away from intolerance
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Sports ethics encouragement
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