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 Four things to get rid of them while sitting on the desk

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PostSubject: Four things to get rid of them while sitting on the desk   Mon Sep 17, 2012 11:20 pm

Four things to get rid of them while sitting on the desk

Most of us spend a lot of their time sitting behind the office, staring at computer screens, immersed in our business .. So that is eight hours - at least - from work most days of the week can be mixed acts that harm our health! Read us about four things you should - finally - to get rid of them!

- Preoccupation with food: not eating at your desk is a dangerous thing (although those germs that you have to be wary of them!), The most dangerous is when mixed with eating! This could be a disaster for your diet. Unconscious eating (ie, eating without being hungry) lead to Afratk in food without feeling so. And eating and you are busy working on the computer also lead to it. Malhal? Go to a place other than your office or take a break from work and eat your food so that you will be able to focus on your business away from work.

- Put a man on man: You may not think about the seriousness of this but never while seated long as you work in this situation may lead to the accumulation of pressure on your feet. And this is not by, this position of the intersection of the feet lead to back pain. So while you work and sit long to avoid doing it and learn more about the correct postures and seating health.

- Earphones (Alheidvon) high voice: Sometimes during the tedious hours of work may need to ignite an atmosphere of enthusiasm and activity using a megaphone to your favorite music! But Beware of you continue to raise the volume, you will damage a severe ear drum! We not Nmnek use Alheidvon but we advise you to pay attention to the volume used, you have to reduce them as much as possible.

- Not taking the premium comfort of work (BRIC) never: Have you signed in a spiral of projects in your business? Very easy to forget to drink water, or re-fill your water bottle, or go out to lunch, or to relieve your eyes a little bit of computer or securities, especially when the delivery date of the project very soon! Is that you doing at work? We all know long disadvantages sit on health in general! Now an opportunity to learn more about the harmful effects of long sit, and to rethink that a few minutes of rest or lunch will return to you your activity and improve your health dramatically!
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Four things to get rid of them while sitting on the desk
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