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 Everything about the game of the long jump

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PostSubject: Everything about the game of the long jump   Mon Oct 01, 2012 3:54 am

Everything about the game of the long jump

Long jump is one of the sports of athletics, and the player jumps to as far away as possible. Record for men is 8.95 m. American Mike Powell record in Tokyo, Japan Date of August 30, 1991.

While the record for women is 7.52 m, recorded by Russian Galina Thestjkova in St. Petersburg (Leningrad), Russia, in the history of the July 11, 1988.
This type of sports days Greeks where they need to cross rivers, ditches and barriers to their way during the war and peace, and its importance old was among the competition quintet in festive Olympic, as was one of stability, then the need for the capacity payment became lead of jogging and in the sixth century BC. , And was upgrading from a specific place pole lying or proved just before the pit, as was an old rider holds in his hands dissuade lifting weights to jump Relay weighted arms during the upgrade process. And the evolution of the long jump with the development of science and learning theories to become him by approaching and then place a contagious elevates him to help us to rise to the Imam and the top and fly to cut the distance and then fall in place is solid (sand pit). And entered competitions jump in the Olympic representation and since 1896 for men, ever since the first modern Olympics in Greece, either for women entered the long jump competition seemed cycle in 1948.

Rules of the game easy census, but difficult to implement and is reflected in:

Running first in the space with growing Tdriga in terms granted to speed hopped a greater ability to push the body forward.
Jump at the mark (red line) without touching it.
Competitor must not return any step backward after the jump.
The movement Allowathb differ from events track and field other, have agreed scientific sources that Allowathb gestures in different phases of flight for Allowathb other and this difference gives each way Altksama own like squat and hung up and walking in the air, so is an activity kinesthetic simple in its performance, especially in stages learned first and granulocytes and the most common practice not only in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtrack and field, but for the games and sporting events different, so accept the pupil school performance without teacher competitors away from art movements of various sports of technic your performance, where develops have the power upgrade from jump repeated in a hole jump, hence appeared important activity teachers and simplicity requirements long jump and the ease with his performance, especially in its first (the first phase of the stages of motor learning), should physical education teachers note that when developing their academic attention exercises for Balothb term, and in the Each instruction unit. And long jump competitions easier jump if we look at it in terms of exterior either if we analyzed the long jump technique, we find that the missile is based on the law, which advocates that the length of distance depend on the jump:
The starting speed.
Angle of departure for takeoff.
High center of gravity of the body at the highest point in the arc of flight.
Resistance wheel of gravity of the body is in the air.
The player must be available where the speed 100 meters runner and upgrade hopped high and player compatibility barriers.
The long jump technique consists of sequential episodes one after the other, as the interdependence and exchange sections stages movements are common. And we split the technical stages in this event into four main sections as follows:
=== First approaching === away: D The main objective of this phase is access Allowathb to good situation as quickly as possible starts this stage of the first step in getting closer and ending Barttam foot panel upgrade.
The purpose of the stage:
Access to adequate speed for a good upgrade.
Good preparation for the upgrade.
Considerations that should be followed at this stage.
* Rhythm without spasm.
Rhythm relative to the last three steps.
The last step short penultimate relatively longer, the penultimate third short (convergence between steps).
A relative decline in the body's center of gravity in the last three steps with no loss rate of speed gained.
The most suitable possible to achieve the maximum possible speed player identified by law athletics Bala least 40-45 meters.
ali elamiri ali-741 mohamed elkadi gzoula
[Edit] Second upgrade
The primary goal of improving access to force payment needed to propel the body forward and higher, which begins this stage start bumping feet upgrade for upgrading and board panel ends leaving them along the joints of the foot and knee and hip.
The purpose of this stage:
Access to the most suitable for the movement path of the center of gravity of the body (20-24)
The highest possible speed start
Achieve the highest point suitable flight
Considerations that should be followed at this stage:
Momentary collision of the highest power and less time.
The arrival of the man behind the knee angle upgrading from (170) to (145-150) in the second phase of upgrading
Pay a strong and active along the entire foot and knee joints and pelvis of a man upgrading.
Weighted strong and active free man Bfajz even up to the horizontal position.
Milan torso slightly forward.
Weighted mutual to both arms and in line with the ^ ^ mpki men.
Inseparable stage upgrading stage approach in any way, it is an extended phase. Despite the brief time it takes Allowathb at this stage but he passes through three stages connected, so in theory, as follows
Start-up phase setting foot upgrading upgrading Panel (invoked)
Survival foot stage upgrade on the upgrade board. (Vertical position)
Stage a strong push foot upgrade from the upgrade panel. (Payment)
[Edit] Third Aviation
This is the stage between upgrading and landing and are subject to the theory of projectiles in terms of range and altitude while maintaining the balanced development of the body in the air. This stage begins leave upgrading feet to upgrade and end panel landing feet of the sand pit.
The purpose of this stage
Retaining the balance of the body and take the center of gravity correct kinetic path.
Keep pace achieved when final departure.
Prepare for the economic downturn well.
Considerations that should be followed at this stage:
Completion of 2, 5 step walking in the air for applicants.
Completion of one step for beginners.
Allow awry trunk back at the beginning of the stage within five degrees.
Weighted arms in the form of mutually circles of the Imam.
For bounce worth upgrading, arm ease working full circle and right arm operates a third cycle.
[Edit] IV landing
It is the final stage of the flight take Allowathb situation better in order to obtain the longest possible horizontal distance This phase begins when the body prepares for landing in the sand pit and ending gathering body parts and landing in the hole over the place of the feet in the sand.

The purpose of this stage:
Do not have a space of oriented Paragliding good.
Considerations that should be followed at this stage:
Along the two men to the imam with the adjournment on the ground.
Mel trunk to the imam.
Weighted arms imam down successor.
Offset knees and pelvis to the imam at the beginning of the feet touching the sand.

Teacher can teach a skill long jump for schoolchildren and novices, either partial or total way or in a mixed way (college with partial) by what he sees as the teacher and depending on the skill level of the students. Types of technical methods for the phase of flight in the long jump:
Walking in the air.
[] Method squat
The easiest ways aviation and simplest, and can schoolchildren performed without the teacher, and the most important thing distinguishes convergence centers of gravity different body parts to the center of gravity body during flight, either disadvantages of this method, it is the landing of non-economic and which loses Allowathb lot of track center of gravity and therefore not advised to teach this method to school children and beginners.
[Edit] method of attachment
The old method of attachment also uneconomical, where spreading centers of gravity parts of the body during flight, and this is what flawed, either for the landing phase leads in an economical manner, it is not recommended teaching this method for schoolchildren and novices.

Considerations that should be followed in the long jump

Quickly access the most that can be especially benevolent in three steps, the goal of the first phase of the motor performance for the long jump (approach).
Good preparation for the upgrade without a loss in speed approaching gained, where the effect that changed the rhythm the last three steps, with a lower center of gravity to suit a good preparation for the upgrade rather than stride length and limit it.
Seeking a strong rise fast and attributed by the proper angle to elevate 76-80 as it works to give the center of gravity right track motor.
The upgrading of body takes the correct position with vertical D-man full upgrade and likely thigh man free until the horizontal plane and look at the front of each gives good situation to improve.
Getting high suitable for flight center of gravity helps Allowathb fulfill airline also suitable angle in the range of 20-24 and affecting boiled distance jump.
Circular movement of the arms and even higher than eye level with the direction of elbows to the outside and working to raise the shoulders to the top of that helps in the body's balance for takeoff.
Mel simple trunk and within five degrees helps the two men at the beginning of aviation achievement Technik walking in the air easily.
Movements of the two men agrees with arm movements during the flight phase, working on the continuation of the path of the center of gravity and keeping his balance, and that does not lose Allowathb any harrow of course the one who acquired in the process of upgrading (kinetic stage complementary to the approach).
The possibility of a player in the long jump D men with Rfihama ground as much as possible working with the movements of the arms from the back of the imam and the tendency of the trunk of Imam good preparation for landing (strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and thigh Treaty).
Knees bent and the removal of the pelvis to the imam after landing feet and Mlamsthma sand works on the passage of the center of gravity above the landing place, and gives the body the necessary equilibrium so that the body does not fall behind or to one side, which negatively affects the jump distance.
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Everything about the game of the long jump
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