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 What is leadership? What are the qualities of a leader? And driving patterns?

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PostSubject: What is leadership? What are the qualities of a leader? And driving patterns?   Mon Oct 01, 2012 5:10 pm

What is leadership? What are the qualities of a leader? And driving patterns?

Entrance: You as an employee to exercise leadership, but need to exercise this leadership depends on the size of the authority granted to you and the independence of the position occupied by the work you are allowed to do. We all exercise leadership on a daily basis if not on the clock. After all, when you're dealing with people of diverse cultures, or multiple nationalities, or people from the various clans in the work, you have to be skillful in the movement from one type to another of driving patterns. To help you understand the process of leadership, and the differences between the various leadership styles, and how they can be used, we will show first definition, and we will hit examples of leadership, then expand into the concept. What is leadership?
Simply put, the leadership is the process of influencing people and directing them to accomplish the goal. When the initiative to organize a group of friends or co-workers to collect donations to help the needy, or to spend the weekend with each other, or to equip a simple party for a colleague, in these cases you will appear appearance leader. When your boss tells you desire later Bmnaqstk in some outstanding projects it appears as a leader. At home, when you select the work to be done child, and when and how it will do, you're showing that as a leader. The main point here is whether you're in the position of supervisory or administrative or not, will exercise leadership over what some sort. Goal: Your goal in this area of ​​development professional must be to know and make as much as possible of the qualities of effective leadership, and to learn the different styles of leadership and how and when to apply each. qualities of leadership:
Select psychologists and administrators many of the characteristics of effective leadership. The most important of these stated qualities (from my point of view) with a brief explanation of each.

Sense of the importance of the message: faith in the ability of the person on the leadership and passion for work as a leader.
Strong character: the ability to face the harsh realities and unpleasant situations with courage and feet.
Sincerity: presidents, colleagues and subordinates, the organization and the family.
Maturity and good views: common sense, ingenuity and taste, insight and wisdom, and to distinguish between important and unimportant.
Energy and activity: enthusiasm, willingness to work, and initiative.
Packages: confidence in the decision-making urgent and ready to work.
Sacrifice: sacrifice Brgbath and personal needs for the common good.
Communication and conversational skills: eloquence tongue and power of expression.
Administrative capacity: the ability to plan, organize and direction and control and the formation of work teams and evaluate the performance of ... Etc..

The preceding list is not an exhaustive list of all the qualities, but a model for some of the most important qualities in a good leader.
You may know people feel it is a good leader and want to study in leadership style. If access to this person at hand, it may be worthwhile to meet him and coordinate a meeting to discuss these qualities in addition to his beliefs about success and how he accomplished. Will be lucky if any mentor. Driving modes:
Leadership include the research and exciting the leaders working to accomplish their work well whatever the tasks assigned to them. And can even perform it efficiently, you should be aware of all the factors affecting the situation, and then choose the appropriate leadership style to this position.
When we talk about leadership styles, we mean the method used by the commander to act in the powers available to him to lead others.
Examples of leadership styles:

Tyrannical Tayeb

Has little confidence in the capacity of members.
Believes that a material reward alone is the one who motivates people to work.
Issued orders to implement without debate.

Listen carefully to what followers say.
Gives the impression that democratic.
But take decisions individually (personal) always.

Involve members in decision-making.
Explain his reasons for the decisions it takes.
Expresses praising or criticizing others objectively.

Confidence in his leadership weak.
Does not specify any targets for his followers.
Few contact Balolarad and interact with them.

Method in the Democratic leadership is more effective and productive manner, which is closest to the spirit of Islamic law, because it leads to the generation of new ideas and bring about positive changes and establish a sense of collective responsibility. Leading components of the situation:
There are three components at least constitute a situation that will face when they take a decision about leadership or patterns. These components are:

You - the leader.
مرؤوسيك - they who will assist in the completion of the work required.
The same situation - the objective to be achieved, and the work to be done.

Thinking of all of the elements prior to the decision on leadership style referred to as "leadership position", a theory developed by Dr.. Individual Fiedler and which are based on the most appropriate leadership style depends on the situation faced by the leader.
Now, let's take a simple look for each element of the leadership situation.

You: Your ability to influence مرؤوسيك have a significant impact on the outcomes of work to be done. The larger was your influence whenever the probability of more satisfactory output. The more you know about them, the more your ability to lead them. For those of you knowing مرؤوسيك.
مرؤوسيك: others will not be a leader. And others will not do the job. Vqotk derived from them. Their needs must be of concern. Qualified staff educated confident of their abilities will be a good response with the dictatorial leadership style. They are looking for independence to demonstrate their ability to complete work on their own. You must know their needs, you can motivate them and encourage them.
Status: in work which provides individual decision-making may be dictatorial leadership is appropriate. On the other hand, the work that allows creativity or in a place that requires the participation of all members of the work may be the Democratic leadership is appropriate. Knowing how and when to use different leadership styles appropriate to the current situation is a sign of the supervisor or manager expert learner.

Elements of leadership:

There are five elements leaders should be planted in the hearts of members, namely:

Control the course of time, and grabbed the reins, not let it control you, and spent every second in the service of meaningful work.
Focused on the real achievements of the concrete. More interested in the results of your interest in the same job, and try not to lose the image college Balanamak in work, but look to the outside and big goals.
From power factors not reflect vulnerability factors, both with regard to your person or in respect of others. Know the strengths and weaknesses you have, and accept them, and be able to accept the best when others without feeling that they are threatening your position.
In your business focused on key areas are limited and few, and that of the consistent hard work would come with great results. Do-it-set priorities and stick to them.
Put your full confidence in God, and be ambitious in what aspires to achieve, does not satisfy the little easy possible, and as long as you are working for God's sake do not be afraid is God.

Scale administrative efficiency: we can use this questionnaire calendar persons to determine the suitability of their leadership. The greater the number of degrees earned by the individual, this means high efficiency leadership.

Leadership: enjoy some distinctive talents for leadership, and they are the focus of attention around them, and often occupy center stage and are expected to apply for leadership in any business. We also find on the other side are people unhappy to be followers of the duties are entrusted to any kind. Between the two types of human beings there are people driving abilities to varying degrees. Based on the feedback of the performance of a particular person How does this person compare the company he keeps?

First-class leadership (5 points)
Often lead (4 points)
Average efficiency leadership (3 points)
Tends to evading more than driving (colon)
He enjoined not deviate from dependency (dot)

Originality of thought: Some people are independent, creative in their thinking, and their "opinions" in most things. They analyze and interpret things and are coming to an authentic ideas and suggestions about the course of action. While there are others who do not share them, and often they are looking for solutions to others, before they had worked their thoughts Vliatmd your appreciation for the person on what he is doing actually works.

Authentic thinking Extraordinary (5 points)
More creative than the average person (4 points)
In the level of the majority of people (3 points)
Tends to rely on other ideas (colon)
Does not show any interest in authentic thinking (points)

Personal charm: Some people enjoy the ability to spread the joy those who around them, while others succeed bad impression Paljfa and arrogance among those they meet. And thrown his personal intentions welcome everywhere and would receive invitations from each side and frequently his friends and acquaintances, while individual personal seldom sought by the people, and is often accompanied by neglecting the others. What is required here calendar person in terms of attitudes toward the flute and people's attitudes towards him.

Most people accepted in the community familiar with and compose (5 points)
Enjoys good popularity (4 points)
Average - a welcome moderate but not outstanding (3 points)
Few People (colon)
Leaves a bad impression for most people (point)

Contact people: some people able to speak in a manner attracts the attention of others and to communicate his ideas spontaneously and clear, while on the opposite of that, there is talk slowly and reluctantly and in a way that is attractive. And between people of varying degrees of ability to communicate and connect with others. What is required here person than any other calendar. Do people understand what he says quickly and easily? Do you listen to in an easy and fun when he speaks? Try to remember specific experiences in this regard.

Witty speaker (5 points)
Above average in ability to express and communicate ideas (4 points)
At the level of the majority of people (3 points)
Speaker is good (colon)
On a very low level in the modern (dot)

Amin and unreliable: Some people trusted the others, and consider the trustees in all situations, and possess the respect of everyone. The interview is a person who has no secretariat or can be counted on to something. The study of the candidate as required know you personally and on the basis of what was known about him and locate it in the balance of confidence and strength compared to those around him.

Enjoys a high degree of respect for people and their confidence (5 points)
In counter depends on them (4 points)
At the level of the majority of people (3 points)
Reliable in some cases (colon)
Unreliable (points)

Points are collected determine how efficiently the person nominated to lead. And lies submit this form to more than one person to answer them and then collect grades and extraction medium. Statements in leadership:
Reflected the ethics and efficiency of the leader to men of their choice, and who appear and gather around him, show me the commander will tell you about his men, show me the men will tell you of their leader, and this in order to get the loyalty of your employees qualified, be president sincerely efficient. Arthur. Nyukmb
Men are the ones who make history and not the other way around, in the periods in which neither progressing nor develop leadership remains totally dependent society. And occurs progress as they become favorable opportunity for the leaders of the two parts, wizards can change things for the better. Harry S.. Truman
Difficult to follow a leader has no ambition or such. James Bourne
, Who leads the men must make a decision quickly ... Labors ... Speak easily and clearly and explicitly ... Collaborates help ... Works great confidence ... Sincerely ... Sincere .. Believer has the goal of high principle and intelligent and efficient. Dodge
The greatest leaders .. Who care about surround themselves assistants and aides smartest of them and they are frank to admit it. And are willing to pay for these competencies
The basics of leadership change things ... Changed by another creative person!!!
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What is leadership? What are the qualities of a leader? And driving patterns?
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