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 Reading food for the soul

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PostSubject: Reading food for the soul   Tue Oct 02, 2012 4:47 pm

Reading food for the soul and fun for the human mind finds than sailing between the shores of Knowledge and rivers of Science and scoop treasures and etiquette Without Borders
We need to honor the first verse revealed to the Prophet peace be upon Willem was urged to read
The Muslim community, we must get back our children to read all kinds to create wearied conscious generation Muslim intellectuals captures all aspects of life and pursue all that is interesting and useful reflects Maigrah of etiquette and knowledge of the behaviors and personality and intellect and serve his nation

1 - Reading crucial in building culture calls all the Islamic and humanitarian
2 - is a link between the human and the knowledge and science old and new
3 - still reading the most important means to transfer information documented in our full media means
4 - Distribution of the mind and incomprehensible
5 - to achieve the call to God for insight
6 - fun for the same mind and spirit
7 - Get on the conditions of the United and benefit from the past
8 - with her ​​sister literacy key to science
9 - develop an individual's ability to debate and enrich all councils wholesome useful
10 - Remember the time it died male and worship Unretentive his time but with the book useful
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Reading food for the soul
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