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 Healthy food to avoid high blood pressure

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PostSubject: Healthy food to avoid high blood pressure   Fri Oct 05, 2012 3:35 pm

Healthy food to avoid high blood pressure
The high blood pressure from widespread diseases in the world, and statistics indicate high proportion of people with hypertension in developing countries, including the Group of Arab States
And with overweight and obesity between males and females.

Factors related hypertension:
1 - Increase of sodium in food:
There is a clear association between high blood pressure among members of the community and increase the amount of salt intake. In one study, about that show a statistical relationship between high blood pressure and the amount of sodium posed in the urine when 10 thousand people in 52 centers from various regions of the world, and found that reducing sodium intake by about (100 ms equivalent) per day leads to lower blood pressure by 9 ms mercury. The studies also showed that 5030% of people with high blood pressure respond to reduce the amount of salt in food.
2 - Genetics:
She can infection among members of some families, which confirms the importance of the role played by genetic factor.
3 - Obesity:
It is known that every 10 kg increase in body weight leads to a height of 6 ms mercury in blood pressure.
4 - Calcium:
Epidemiological studies have shown an increase in the incidence of high blood pressure when suffering a lack of calcium.
5 - Potassium:
I've found in epidemiological studies that societies that consume guacamole rich in potassium members do not suffer much from high blood pressure.
Food system in cases of high blood pressure:
Dietary study methods to stop high blood pressure to reduce sodium consumption of 8.4 to 6 grams of salt and then to 4 grams of salt a day led to a reduction in blood pressure levels significantly.
The recommendations include a diet consisting of fruits, vegetables and low-fat milk and high-fiber cereals and simple cut of lean meat and a small percentage of salts.
Healthy eating habits:
1 - Avoid foods rich in animal fat, such as whole milk and all products of milk and butter and cream. Karima. And cheese, meat and animal fat
2 - Avoid fast food preparations such as fried potatoes
3 - Eating too much fish
4 - to refrain from hydrogenated vegetable oils as well as palm oil and coconut because they contain harmful types of fat
5 - to reduce as much as possible from the Food cooked in oil or ghee (fries and Mahmrat)
6 - Use grilling or boiling or oven cooking
7 - strictly refrain from liver and brain and flesh
8 - eat more vegetables and fruits of all kinds, whether fresh or cooked.

Weight Loss:
Even if they got rid of a few kilograms of excess weight, this will help reduce the incidence of blood pressure rises.
If you need to lose excess weight, it's important to do it slowly. Do not lose more than a quarter to 1 kilogram per week, starting with the goal of losing 10% of your current weight. This is the healthiest way to lose weight and offers the best chance for long-term success.

Nutritional therapy:
Properties of salt because it increases the body fluid and remains within the circulatory mixed with blood, causing high blood pressure that is produced by the kidneys and expel him For patients with high blood pressure should avoid the use of salty foods because they cause thirst and drinking a lot of water out
The effect of an anti-honey salt and benefits it attracts water and reduces the quantity in the blood and thus lower blood pressure
To resist the high pressure this trio fled in the daily diet
(Garlic, onions and celery).
Valcrvs helps the body get rid of the quantities of excess water and salt, garlic reduces arterial tension and helps to lower blood that passes by.
The lemon peel contains a substance (flavonoids), which showed effectiveness in strengthening the capillary walls of blood vessels and this article has been instrumental in cases of various disorders, including cardiovascular disease.
U.S. study confirmed that eating bananas protects against high blood pressure and because it is rich in potassium

That drinking excessive amounts of licorice cause low potassium and can cause high blood pressure and generally, the start and the severity of symptoms depends on the dose and duration, as well as individual sensitivity.
A study Britanihjdidh that eating fruits oranges, lemons and other fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C reduces the arterial blood pressure in people with the status of medium height around 9%, the researchers found that 500 mg of vitamin C daily functioning anti-high blood pressure and protecting the levels (nitric acid) in the body, a chemical that helps blood Arthaalawaah

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Healthy food to avoid high blood pressure
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