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 Grace of the human mind

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PostSubject: Grace of the human mind   Mon Oct 08, 2012 5:26 pm

God created man and create his mind, he realizes things, and distinguishes between beneficial and harmful, and the good and bad, and good and evil, and make the focus of the mandate on the existence of this mind, if disturbed mind rose commissioning him. God has commanded that uses human mind, which blessed him with that will benefit him, used in thinking about it from the great creatures of the front, and behind him, and his right, and left, above and below, but keep in mind the creation of the same, Vanksm people in it into sections, and the best of these sections of what he described as God saying says: Those who remember Allah standing, sitting and lying on their sides and reflect on the creation of the heavens and the earth, our Lord, created this void Glory us successful punishment of the Fire. [Al-Imran: 191] evil these sections of God said including: The Dhirona Hell many of the jinn and mankind that their hearts do not understand and they have eyes can not see and they have ears do not hear those like cattle, but are astray those are the heedless. [custom: 179]

Reveals this to reflect on the creation of Almighty God of the attributes of true believers, men of understanding, and sound-minded adult .. The Muslim should take care of him, the man with the length of time and inattention may Athbld sense, Fagvl consideration and reflection around the great creatures in the universe.

Servants of Allah: The reflection in the creation of Almighty God to increase faith in the heart and strengthens and consolidates certainty, and brings fear to God and veneration, and whenever human more caps and meditation in God's creation and more note in God and his greatness was the greatest fear of God as He says: but fear Allah slaves scientists [creator: 28] This was Ancestors of great this They were reflect on the creation of God and ponder the verses and urge it, someone says: What long idea man but never understand, and do not understand but science, not science but work. And the other says: if you think people in the greatness of God to Asou.

Servants of Allah: If consideration slave to what Almighty God created this universe of creatures great and verses large, it is in all his verse indicates that the Almighty God and one full knowledge and ability and compassion, it is verses created the heavens and the earth, it is considered to heaven in the beauty and perfection The height and grandeur, he knew so fully ability Almighty: it you most created or sky built lift thickness Fssoaha, Pluckers :27-28] and the sky we have built hands and verily Musaon, Almariaat: 47] Do they not look at the sky above them, how we have built and beautified and their Chicken [ s: 6]

Abu Dawood and others from Abbas - said: The Messenger of Allah -: ((Do you know how between heaven and earth? Said: Allah and His Messenger know, he said: two hundred years, and with all the sky to sky march of five hundred years and stepped up - any thickness - all sky march of five hundred years - and between the seventh heaven and the throne Sea between below and above as between heaven and earth and God above and not hidden anything from acts of the sons of Adam

And among His Signs: the creation of the earth and make God of mountains and the sustenance of creation, which is known only to the Almighty God. Look at how budding God and wire us the ways and make the line of above and blessed it and measured therein its sustenance and is pleased to slaves making them them Zlola walking in tracts and eat of his living, and see how Allah made it a decision to create not disturbed nor shake their only God Almighty: In the earth are signs to be convinced [Almariaat: 20] and have told us God in his book that he created this heavens great and this earth and all between them in six days, began to created the earth in two days and make the line of above and flicked to serve him sustenance in another two days Those four days and then turned to heaven when it was smoke, and fashioned it as seven heavens in two days and inspired in each heaven its order Those six days .. He glorified if willing to create the heavens and the earth and what is between them at the moment: but ordered him if he wanted something to say to him, 'Be YS: 82], but the Almighty wise estimated things their causes. Recounted by Ibn Katheer - may Allah have mercy on him - that he was asked a Bedouin said to him: What is the evidence on the existence of the Lord, and said: O Hallelujah The Bar to indicate camel, though the footprints to indicate walk, Vsme with towers, and a land of Fjaj and seas with waves not indicate that the presence of gentle expert?!.

And among His Signs: What broadcast in the heavens and the earth creature, in heaven the angels do not Ihsém but Allah Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah and Ahmad hasan isnaad from Abu Dhar - said: The Messenger of Allah -: ((أطت heaven right for her to تئط what the position only four fingers and the king and put his forehead in prostration to God))
Came in the correct Prophet -: ((that house over the globe seventh heaven overtook him every day seventy thousand angels do not return him until the Day of Resurrection)). Abu Dawood and other bond properly Jaber - that the Messenger of Allah - he said: ((authorized me to the latest from one of the angels of God from the throne campaign between the lobe of his ear to his shoulder march seven hundred years

In the land of the genera animals and types of countless kind, as well as types and individuals and see first how this land of humans from the sons of Adam, not thousands or even millions, but billions of billions, however Volsnthm and colors different not find two people are alike in all respects as He says: among His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the difference of your languages ​​and colors in this are Signs for all creatures.

Many said the son - God's mercy -: ((All people of the earth, but the people of this world since God created Adam to do time: all have eyes and Hajpan, nose and forehead and mouth and Khaddan, not like one of them the other. But must Evargah some azimuth or body or talk openly or subtly shows the reflection, though compatibility group in the recipe of beauty or ugliness has to be a difference between each of them and the other)). A. E.

Then see what on earth varieties of animals that no يحصيها but God Almighty! Km on land only varieties of these animals? How in the seas and oceans of the animal species? It nevertheless different races, shapes and conditions mismatch beneficial for slaves who know him Kamal grace of God to them and them harmful knows his rights as himself and his weakness for God's creation, and these animals scattered in the wilderness and the sea swim praise of God and sanctify him and witness uniting and Lordship.

The seven heavens and the earth, and therein, and nothing but praise, but understand not their glorification.

Each animal from these animals and all species of these animals create a great wisdom did not create anything of this universe in vain definitely: We created heaven and earth and all between void that the thought of Unbelievers woe to those who disbelieve from the fire, was to ensure that God Brozk these beasts and knows Mstqrha and warehouse: what creature on earth but God subsistence and knows Mstqrha and its warehouse in a Clear Book.

And among His Signs: This wind gentle sent by God Almighty charge the clouds heavy water-bearing many marketed God this cloud then compose himself Vijmah even accumulates mountains Faihjb sunlight for its density and grievance earth Swadh and accumulation and deems gather and join some to some fast, God willing, and if he wants to Ivergah quickly became sky صحوا At that greatest significance to the greatness of the Creator and its bank and Mdberha therefore swear Almighty - a glorified if I swear some creatures indicates that the greatness of chunked it - as He says: The Almariaat give up, meaning Almariaat any wind: Valhamlat and Kara, ie: skyscrapers carry Qrha of water. These winds and clouds geared something God does not exceed the creator commanded him and origin Almighty.

Bukhaari and Muslim in their Saheehs Anas - said: hit people years at the time of the Prophet - any intensity and effort from famine and lack of rain - said: While the Prophet - sermon on Friday, a Bedouin stood said, 'O Messenger of Allah: wealth has been destroyed, and hungry dependents, and cut off avenues Pray to God for us. He raised the Prophet - his hands, Anas says: What we see in the sky trace of a cloud - any piece Sahab - says: Fu my hand put his hands even revolted clouds such as mountains and then did not come down from the pulpit until saw rain Athader on his beard -. Hallelujah great! Ascended Prophet - the pulpit and in the sky trace of a cloud clouds and came down only rain Athader beard!.

Glory to God! If he wanted something, He only says to him they would.

Says Lance -: Matarna today, and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and the next until Friday other. He took the Bedouin or else said, and he said: O Messenger of Allah! Demolished building, and sinking money, Pray to God for us. He raised the Prophet - his hands and said: ((O Hawwalina nor we O on the hills and Alzerab and valleys and trees reared)). Says Anas -: What gesture of his hand-to-hand from heaven but delighted, Vtmzk clouds what we see something from him on the city and Sal Valley months did Iji a part, only happened Paljod: God who sends the winds raise a cloud Phippsth in heaven, how he wants and makes it a piece you see the rain out of which, if struck by whom He will of His slaves if they rejoice though before that they descend from him in despair see the effects of the mercy of Allah, how Yahya earth after her death that verily the dead is over all things.
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Grace of the human mind
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