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 Prophet Father

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PostSubject: Prophet Father   Mon Oct 08, 2012 5:44 pm

Prophet was the father does not fall only on his daughter Fatima and accepted on her forehead. Day of his death was known he would die when he could not rise to kiss her. Girl needs to her father's lap but did not find him would consider him out of the house. Nor blame but yourself if surprised that she was married a customary marriage without your knowledge. You neglected was granted by love and compassion, friendship and closer.

The Prophet father does not come out of the city unless he went to see Fatima, and does not return to the city before going to see it. Visit the house of Fatima first thing and the last thing the Prophet do when leaving or returning to the city.

Prophet father while Attah Ali ibn Abi Talib to Fatima sermon. Was happening it will happen. Went home and sat in front of the Prophet does not speak of characters. Asked the Prophet peace be upon him: What brought you, Ali? Said: nothing, O Messenger of Allah. Prophet said to him, peace be upon him: You came betroth Fatima?

He said: Yes, O Messenger of Allah. He said: Do you have anything marry him? Said: I do not. O Messenger of Allah. Said: Alice

You armor who fought him? Ali: Yes, but not worth nothing, O Messenger of Allah.

The Prophet spouse upon you on the condition that accompanied improved. Prophet father did not write the list of movables and the nape of Friendship, who bought a man. While the pair humiliates your daughter, you say I want my daughter and take everything.

The wedding day goes Prophet to Ali and Fatima. Says to him: O Ali something does not occur until the ATIC. Ali says: I sat at the side of the house and Fatima in hand. Came to the Prophet and said: your hand, O Ali. Hand Fatima.

He took our hands and put his hand on her hand and said: Oh God, my daughter Fatima and I like people to me. Oh God, the supreme my brother and I like people to bless them and bless them and gather them in good. O Ali Put your hand on top of Fatima, and tell me I ask goodness and the good of what is to him, and I seek refuge in You from the evil and the evil of what is to him.

O Ali. Fatima. Folk quarterly rak'ahs, and come out the Prophet and say to them which attracts the door behind him: Ostodekma God What you Ostkhalafh do.

Advice of the Prophet Ali and Fatima

This snapshot of parental love. Prophet father did not feel comfortable and Fatima live far away from him, until he came Haritha bin Numan and his land next to the Mosque of the Prophet, who granted the Prophet land on which the houses of his wives. Haritha said: O Messenger of Allah Perhaps you want to listen near Fatima? The Prophet said: yes but most of us are you, O Haritha. He said: O Messenger of Allah take me like that leave me this land to you, and the house of Fatima exists today is the last house behind the house the Prophet, peace be upon him, said Prophet Haritha: high but ask permission first.

Prophet father entered the day on Fatima and did not find higher. Asked her with him said: is angry and left the house.

The Prophet said: Look me about Ali.

They said: is sleeping in the mosque.

He went Prophet, he found him sleeping in the dirt, so he removes dirt with him and say to him: Father dust .. He looked. Prophet looked at him and smiled. Did not ask him or ask Fatima why both Hjarhma.

Quietly told him: O 'Ali, let's promise to the house.

Prophet father wakes up before dawn to night, and is heading to his daughter's house and knocked on his door: O 'Ali, Fatima not prayed two rak'ahs before dawn?

Prophet father encouraged his children in the faith, because Assem from every sin.

Prophet father went to Ali says to him: Oh my back because he was tired of carrying water while you work.

He says Fatima: Oh my milling Thqgueta and dough, O Messenger of God over our server.

Prophet's daughter master of creation cracked hands of the dough. The Prophet said to her: We do not eat charity. Aspghani home and Salhak dumb, Fatima says: so we came back to the House if the prophet is coming at night and I'm in my bed. Said Mk.cma. Went with us in the bed between me and on until I felt a cold foot in my feet gathered رأسينا and said: O Fatima Ali. Not أدلكما better than server: God تسبحون 33 and God Tamedon 33 and God تكبرون 34 before going to sleep, enough for God server. Ali says: I swear God our strength and what we have left since that day. They said: The day two rows? He said: Not on the battle of two rows
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Prophet Father
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