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 Sadness and depression

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PostSubject: Sadness and depression   Mon Oct 08, 2012 7:49 pm

Most at the hands of all sad in this world, and sent a message of hope for all pessimistic, depressed and send to the desire to help them out of the barn depression, to all those who say: What do we do in this world? To those who wish for death, to those who suffer from severe psychological crises, and to languish under the ills of the world, to all these people, each and every one of them to ask: Did you ever think that touched the door of the visitors did not disappoint those who? Do you have resorted to shelter him only to him? You risk you enter the door wide compassion, who does not return from his door demanded mercy? Have you checked what the Messenger of Allah to his companion as took their horses Quraish and the horsemen thereof on the door of the cave, though one of them look under his feet to Ibzarethma, "as narrated by those who disbelieve the second two as they are in the cave he says to his companion not grieve that God is with us Allah revealed his knife him and supported soldiers could not see, and make those who disbelieve word lower and the word of God is the Supreme and Allah is Mighty, Wise "(Repentance: 40).

Gain hands

We are exposed to the trials and misfortunes of what I did at hand: (What ye suffered, is because your hands have earned, and forgives many) (Shura: 30), and we all afflicted, either love of God or test it, or to mitigate the sins God said: "We shall test with something of fear and hunger The lack of money and lives and fruits and preached the patient "(The Cow: 155), is to make sure you with certainty that we will not get out of them only ordering the Almighty and to resort to? Did you read in the book Lord saying says of: "Say will not happen to us except what Allah has decreed for us is Maulana Allah let believers put their trust" (Repentance: 51), you know it is not what you are in. reagent other Almighty what associates? Will I heard your heart words of the Lord: "And God touches affliction, none can remove it but He, and if He touches fine is over all things" (al-An'am: 17).

Did you know that there is no sadness happen to us except Oaradhana mention God? God said: "It is introduce remembrance, his life of hardship and We shall raise the Day of Resurrection blind" (Taha: 124), Stay away from sin Sgaúrha major as well, though sinned فاجلس between you and yourself, and ask forgiveness for thy OTB him, though mispronounce forgiveness, and I know with certainty that God loves those who repent, but missed The parties concerned, and make sure that God's mercy is great, and the door to open, "wrote Lord himself mercy it's the work you worse ignorance, then repents after and fix it, Most Merciful" Repentance acceptable, and more than forgiveness, the Lord Ghaffar: "I said forgiveness of your Lord He was ever Forgiving sends sky you مدرارا and would help you with money, Benin and makes you gardens and bestow on you rivers" (Noah), and Sunan Abi Dawood from Ibn Abbas, said: The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: "It is necessary for forgiveness God made him of each are فرجا, and a narrow way out, and living in does not count. "

Doaa anguish

If you know yourself that estimated the reality inevitably, and eliminate a foregone conclusion, and you can not reply, it has dried up pens, folded newspapers, and all is stable, Vhznk does not offer in reality nothing and delay, and no more than a thing or decreased, Vtfael that next best God willing, and start your day with prayer, arrived prayers on time, and more than Noaflak prayer link in God, and connected in God is a lump, was narrated that the Prophet peace be upon him was if his party is alarming to prayer, God has said: "Seek help in patience and prayer" , Vthag God and he is certain that nothing will befall you except in a book known, and delegated everything going all to God, and I know that God saves everything, and no one lost livelihood, no man, not even an animal.

Nor grieve not Takerb and you have pray that your knowledge Messenger of Allah, and you will find in صحيحي Bukhari and Muslim from Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him he would say when anguish: "There is no god but Allah Almighty Halim, there is no god but Allah, the Lord of the Great Throne , there is no god but Allah, the Lord of the heavens and Lord of the Earth, Lord Throne ", and you'll find in Sunan Women and the book of Ibn Sunni Abdullah bin Jaffar Ali may Allah be pleased with him said: Guenna Messenger of Allah peace be upon him these words, and told me that came down my anguish or severity that say: "There is no god but Allah Karim great Almighty bless God, the Lord of the Mighty Throne, thank God," In Sunan Abi Dawood from Abu reel may Allah be pleased with him that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, said: "Invitations distressed: Oh mercy I , you do not want anyone to myself the blink of an eye, and rectify for me all of my affairs, there is no god but You. "

Address of your life

Remember that you Lord, and he will not let you down, and repeated between you and yourself, and make them the title of your life, not تنسها moment, especially for the moment anguish, for He freed all anguish, (security answers distressed if advocates and the evil, and makes you inheritors of the earth, King with God, little remember "(ants: 62), and you'll find in Sunan Abu Dawood and Ibn Majah from girl names Umays God bless them said: The Messenger of Allah and peace and blessings: (not teach you some words Tcolanhen when anguish: God Allah, my Lord does not associate with Him anything) , just to remember the fact that you Lord will يضيعك has turned half the distance to get out than you are in, and the other half in Aaataravk you unjust to yourself, and you some reason you are in, and in the book of Ibn Sunni for Saad bin Abi Waqas may Allah be pleased with him said: I heard the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him says: (I know the word not say it in distress only Faraj him: the word brother Yunus peace be upon him: (cried in the darkness that there is no god but You Glory I oppressors of), testified that there is no god but Allah and pleaded guilty and admitted it was wrong, Fasthak Farajallah.

To them, sadness and recipe and are bound to go distress and sorrow found in the book of Ibn Sunni Ash'ari may Allah be pleased with him said: The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: (from infecting them or sadness he should leave these words, saying: (I am your servant I'm your servant I'm your nation in your fist, forelock hand, a past in your judgment, justice in taking the; ask each name is you have named yourself or downloaded in your book, or taught to any of Your creation, or accounted for by the prescience have to make the Quran Noor chest, and the spring of my heart, and evacuation sorrow, and go placebo), man of the people said: O Messenger of Allah, aggrieved who unfairness of these words, he said: "for Vcolohn and Almohn, it of Qahin seek what God therein go sadness, and prolonged joy."

And preached the patient

If instil order Patiently, Lugu your determination, and stress of your determination, and recalls the words of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: (strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than a weak believer, both are good, be careful what benefit you, and seek the God nor Tadzn, If anything befalls you No less: if I do such and such was such and such, but Say: God forbid what He wills done, if you open the work of Satan), and if Astsabt on yourself is not Tstsabh to God Almighty, and let him make it easier for you what استصعب you, and chanted prayer that knowledge him Messenger of Allah peace be upon him and say: "Oh God, not easy but what made him easy, and you make the grief if you like easy), and I know that patience is a remedy of all distress, and if injury from catastrophe a few was the mother of many echoed the words of Lord in His Holy Book: (and preached the patient who, when afflicted with calamity, say to God and to Him we return, Saabiroon from their Lord, and mercy, and those are the rightly guided. "

If the distress and sadness of religion you can not performance, says to God in every order, and I know that the Messenger of Allah has taught his companions words facilitate what you failed to reply of debt, even if they like a mountain came Tirmidhi Ali may Allah be pleased with him that Mkateba came to him and said: I failed my writing Voni, said: Do not teach you some words Almnihn Messenger of Allah upon him, if you like Mount Sir we have a tool for you? Say: "O LinkBack URL for حرامك, Ognni Pfdilk me who."

In Sunan Abi Dawood Khudri, said: The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him one day the mosque, if he saw a man from the Ansar said to him Abu Umaamah, said: (O Abu Umaamah what I see you in the mosque in prayer time)? He said: concerns to Zmtna, and debt, O Messenger of Allah, he said: not teach you talk if you have said go Allah Almighty distress and spent your religion? He said: Yes, O Messenger of Allah said: (Say if you become and if أمسيت: I seek refuge in You from worry and grief, and I seek refuge in You from disability and laziness, and I seek refuge in You from cowardice and greed, and seek help from the predominance of religion and conquer men), he said: I did that, took away imaginary God Almighty, religious and spent about me.

Finally: Always remember that it is not and no strength except in God, and I know what was narrated by Ibn Abbas reported that the Prophet, peace be on him: (from abounded concerns and Gmovernm, Vlakther to say: There is no power except with Allah), and proved correct (they treasure of treasures Paradise), At-Tirmidhi: (it is one of the doors of Paradise), is sad or distressed was with him the treasures of Paradise?
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Sadness and depression
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