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 Before that waste

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PostSubject: Before that waste   Thu Nov 08, 2012 9:19 pm

In the name of God the Merciful

He told me erupts in anger from the reality of educators says Ali complained ignored for young people, but said that the great danger nation Sidahm in light Tgavlhm for education of the young.
And leave you with these questions from a young man dragging groans remorse for those lost years of age is looking for incubators Education and fear of loss before it finds.
Questions and stood in front of bewildered at times, and admired at other times, and eager to talk sometimes third.
Says the young man:
I ask you, O educators ...
Where are we?
Why've moved?
Not overlooked and step down from your sons and your brothers youth? Do you think we have reached the advanced stages of science and education? Or do you think we do not need for your information and guidance? Or is diverse media that you thought it saturated our desires and tendencies? Did you know that education is a fortress against every enemy nation intends evil? As you ask yourselves why crushed those countries and Islamic civilizations and most recently Iraq without any confrontation or defense? Where your patience with us? Where is your love for us? Where sincere redirected to our journey?
Or is the world Okhztkm us Bmtaaha themselves and their money and their children?
As you ask yourselves why we the young people between illusion and pain, and between lust and suspicion, and the loss and blackouts.
As you can see the large number of our mistakes, and not discipline our passion, and ignorance in the field advocacy and educational alike? .
Do not you know you you are responsible breeders us by God, the Lord of the worlds?

After that outpouring المتلاطم of questions that young man I knew how to shorten educators on the educational performance of their role and the need for that young man and hundreds of other youth containment and education.
It is a message to all of the bears are this religion ((God of God in young people and care for them and work for them, understand the power of the nation, and the title of glory, and the process of the splendor and prevail citizen and farmer
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Before that waste
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