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 Energy Drinks‎

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PostSubject: Energy Drinks‎   Thu Nov 08, 2012 9:27 pm

What is the most important risk and damage to energy drinks to children and adults and girls

Predominantly chemical compounds are not useful nutritional or health effects are similar to drug addiction
Energy drinks ... European countries prohibit sold in public places!

Have major damage
In recent years, filled with markets and shops drinks stimulant (energy drinks) are needed to be considered into deliberation where Accept by many, especially of young people have succeeded advertising methods for drinks energy to control the mind of the consumer is probably unprecedented especially among teenagers a class looking at all areas of self-assertion in physical strength and success, especially in school life and recall strongly stamina and alertness based on the search for the sources that provide it.

Which led to the resort many to eat energy drinks where addressed eagerly Finder vitality and activity and energy of students and young people and athletes who practice different kinds of sports as covered by women and girls, housewives, employees and businessmen all of whom hoped to find in the energy drink as close as possible recourse to for energy and activity it has long children and adolescents.

And warns a lot of research and medical bodies use energy drinks to children under the age of 16 years for the great impact and harmful for this age group because they contain ratios large of caffeine, which is focused in the blood and when break a drink consumed body caffeinated where فتقل percentage in the blood after rid the body of it is either into a state of anxiety and be similar to the influence of drugs and that in itself is a kind of addiction. It is no doubt that many questions have begun to arise about energy drinks to the point that some European countries banned sold in public places, and Hsrth in pharmacies and these countries France, including what prevented just like Australia, Canada, Norway, Malaysia, Thailand and sold in France and Canada with a warning from drinking more than a pack a day, and does not recommend the Federal Ministry of Health in Canada consumption of these drinks women and children, pregnant and lactating women and people who are allergic to caffeine.

Nutritional value of energy drinks:

The energy drinks are mostly chemical compounds are not useful nutritional or health of humans and food be considered harmful behavior where it is working on energy saving empty of nutrients but calorie contents and rarely have some added vitamins.

And is a drinks based on the idea of ​​stimulating the nervous system and the league through its contents of doping substances and alarm such as caffeine directly and substance Altaoren and herbs such as roots Gansing, and Ajawarna and others, and to increase the durability and physical activity and these vehicles do not give energy real like carbohydrates, fats and proteins , but cautions or stimulate the human body through the influence of these compounds, it is known that most of the energy drinks falls within the components carbohydrate and water dissolved the carbon dioxide and contain vitamins and minerals, has been added to chemical compounds such as Altaoren and Alonciol caffeine and ephedra and hormones.

Health guidelines:

The energy necessary for operations physiological human body has created God Almighty sources safe and available in its natural form as a food secure and multi-source back to the body benefits of food secure and provides needed energy enough for him without the body is exposed to any complications. Overall Consumers should take caution when dealing with these drinks, and the need to see the phrases warning on the packaging, where committed competent authorities manufacturers of energy drinks put health warnings on the packaging before marketing and the best drinks natural that benefit the body, such as fresh fruit juices and eating healthy balanced diet, this is the correct way to activity of the body and its energy.

Therefore, the Ministry of Health to study the subject and its health effects on consumers has formed a committee from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Saudi Food and Drug Administration to develop health standards for maintaining the health of the consumer. Has given the Saudi Arabian Standards, Metrology and Quality (saso) and the Saudi Food and Drug (sfda) attaches great importance to this subject.

The General Administration of nutrition awareness and warning of the dangers of energy drinks through the following:

• writing scientific articles, published in the journal Nutrition and Health about the dangers of energy drinks.

• give a lecture about the dangers of energy drinks in the scientific meeting "medical foods claim" that his administration under the auspices of HE the the zapper Health held in the King Fahd Cultural Center dated 01/27/1430.

• participate and take advantage of the opinion with the competent authorities, "Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality" (saso) in issuing Gulf standard "requirements traded energy drinks."
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Energy Drinks‎
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