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 IPod and Mafany risk

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PostSubject: IPod and Mafany risk   Mon Nov 26, 2012 12:56 pm

First: What is the iPod?
Ensure idiomatically: Hotakhir time to sleep late into the night. He says and made the night a covering and made the day a pension} .. Verse. And he says: God, who made you the night to repose in and brightened the day to see} .. Verse, Ibn Mas'ood, may Allah be pleased with him said: (waterless us Messenger of Allah upon him the hills after dinner means Zgerna). He also said, peace be upon him: (God hates all Djazera Joad صخاب in cadaver night markets donkey during the day, the world of this world is ignorant in the Hereafter) Whole No. 1878. It was Omar bin Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him hitting people and say: (Asmara first night, sleep, etc.). The age of Almighty God to man a system of work and rest and started the night to sleep and rest and sleep and make the day to work and toil and activity, and sleep a great blessing from God and benefits countless enough that an essential need for the body man can not do without it, but our lifestyle trendy With electricity, proliferation and invention TV and means entertainers made us sift much this system and running afoul of what age God to us instead of going student to sleep early in the beginning of the night and the utility major goes to Maalhia and operated until after midnight with either a gathering of friends and talk about things pointless and useless and either front satellite that still works and broadcasts throughout the day.

Second: iPod types:
1 - Ensure in obedience to God, a Sahar Mahmoud him to ensure the public in the interests of the Muslims such as jihad, Rabat Fayaltgor and also ensure the revival of the night to do and recitation He says they were a little bit of night Miahjon and before dawn they ask forgiveness}. Verse.
2 - Ensure permissible: provided that they do not lead to a waste of duty and modern types ensure some travelers to downplay the hardship of traveling to themselves and do not doubt that some Muslim interests require that works at night such as in security and hospitals.
3 - Ensure in disobedience to God: in Kalsohr watching movies and satellite channels and the Forbidden Games Klab paper or the practice of staying up late at cannibalism the alibi and gossip and insults and slander ... And the like kinds of sins, a month blameworthy Muharram poet said: -
The young people, space, and one evil grandmother any corruptive

Third: ensure reasons:
Ensure many reasons and to remind you some of the root causes of this problem: -
(A) a private peer couples bad: The peers have a significant impact on the behavior of the individual and his thinking young person affected by the Coterie Society that lives with her line of thinking with their actions chimes becomes this young man guided behind Maigtervonh of behavior and practices, whether these practices are positive or negative. Has said, peace be upon him: (on the religion of one mistress, so let one of you of يخالل). Fjb you Dear Son to pay attention to those who sit with them and not be driven behind Friends apathetic including Iktervonh behavior and actions of private behavior ensure that will take you to other gaps of behavioral problems that may not ominous. So strive to be who he thinks and distinguishes discerning in choosing friends created and note even commendable positively affected by its behavior.
(B) free time: time too precious a commodity lost on in life should be exploited optimization in order to achieve you benefit if your spare throw you in the ocean iPod and loss without thinking logical thinking makes you work to arrange your free time arrangement reap dividends in your achievement of scientific In helping parents and closer links with them in connection Erhamk you made a mistake you will regret it in the future academic and career and health and social has said peace be upon him: (do not go away ahead son Adam Day of Judgment, when Lord even ask for four .. for old with Ovnah and youth Iblah and his wealth from where he acquired and spent and what work science) or so he said. So you, O son Karim to exploit your time with good for you and benefit you then you need to every minute, every second of your life and if there had to be something of recreation do not let the TV and watch satellite TV and Celtic only for this recreation but intended TV at a certain time and a specific command is not a violation legitimacy held accountable and be your other hobbies and sports, social visits and reading books Diversification in these things make you more ترويحا about yourself unlike watching TV sufficiency and channels that can Tziedk two and anger on Aill.
(C) watch satellite TV and the Internet: It is no secret one of us what the media impact of the actor, especially in light of technological advances stunning in this day and age and, linked the media closely foreign policy of the States became the media of the most diplomatic methods effective and influential because of its make an impact on the ideas and trends in public opinion. The Arab countries recently entered the era of satellite communication and direct broadcast an era carries a lot of variables increased the importance of TV we introduced new communication policies. The Arab world is the first target of the live broadcast and the biggest proof that the Arab region is now more regions of the world that is transmitted from the radio every direction Bath intellectual and cultural toxins in the hearts of the people of this region. Has revealed a lot of studies that rebellion of the Arab child on his family and the community will grow in the coming period due to the impact broadcast live television and will increase the gap intellectual between different sects and mimicry per Matkdmh these channels will affect this broadcast to show aggressive behavior and mental retardation, scientific and injury lazy because sitting in front of him long periods of time and you brother student some of the dangers of the live broadcast: -
1 - lumpy effect that undermines the faith of Islam in the hearts of his sons Jews and Christians of their goals output Muslims from their religion.
2 - the cultural and scientific impact and that it is clear that the rate of illiteracy in the Arab countries increased because of their negative effects while receiving incoming civilizations.
3 - the political implications were major powers in the past controlled the small states through military force and this may make it subject to its influence and colonize the territory now direct Valbut doing the job colonization of minds more dangerous than colonize land.
4 - Here more security implications associated impact of the crime, where earned films and serials, many young violent and aggressive ideas and deviant behavior is immoral.
5 - the ethical implications: where these movies and photos in the spread of vice and easy to commit Moreover accustom people to taboo such as being alone means mixing and adverse ... On the other hand they have an impact on it endearment people to travel abroad, especially as these channels broadcast propaganda films as propaganda alcohol and other intoxicants.
6 - Social Impact: -
A - Delay in marriage and the prevalence of divorce and the fight against polygamy and meetings boy the girl after the sermon.
B - the departure of the global women's fashion and the latest fashion and daring men in conversation.
- Log many exotic customs to the homes of Muslims and admiration Western style of life and that women's control over their men under the pretext of freedom and equal rights.
D - double the rights of parents and cut the ties of kinship and the dismantling of families and ignoring the rights of neighbors.
And there are a lot of other negatives and incalculable in this (lecture), which include: -
1 - alienation of mind and behavior as it becomes West is ideals Mahtzy in everything whatever came conflicting with the customs and traditions.
2 - walk away from the national media and replace expatriate these programs.
3 - influenced by the Arabic language which is the language of the Koran and the language of Muslims.
4 - to intervene in the affairs of other countries, leading to conflict between states.
In terms of the impact of the Web called the Internet Vlali God willing that singled her lecture independent talk around long but I say it is one of the real reasons for Sahar many young people in this age and the fact that it displays things negative and positive, the best use paid dividends are good for the human mind and culture, although Tah the way in multiple ways deviations are evil and وبال rights and his health and his mind and his religion and dignity.
(D) Ensure mundane interests: like Sahar some students in the memorization of courses and these should It Haklhm that make interpretation in order to hang a firm arrangement enriches ensure that leads to evil.
(E) the nature of the present era: that changed social conditions, the presence of electricity carries people to exercise a lot of activities and work and relationships that did not practice it in the dark until it became night people Knharhm.
(F) make most visits Alilah people and family is at night because of the nature of their work and study.

Fourth: ensuring health damage:
1 - multiple physical damage: -
God created the Almighty day to work and at night to sleep in the daytime distracted body energies to compensate at night than spend it, and not take a straight enough sleep leads to the appearance of symptoms and other diseases including: fatigue - headache - nausea - and redness of the eyes and Antfajhma - and nervous tension - and anxiety - and poor memory The focus - and irritability - and pain in the muscles and some skin problems Kalpthor and other ..
2 - Ensure and muscle efficiency: -
It has been proved through experiments conducted by a number of scientists physical education that jobs physical increases strength and decreases from time to time during the day where they show efficiency muscle to increase gradually at four in the morning and reach a range of maximum at seven in the morning shall continue until the eleventh hour at noon where it starts level in a gradual decrease until three o'clock in the afternoon, where gradually increasing until six o'clock evening and then return in the gradual decline again and significant decline begins at nine o'clock at night and has a range of at three o'clock in the morning.
3 - Ensure and the immune system: -
The lack of sleep causes an imbalance in the immune system, a first line of defense and last against the disease and when Iatl this device, this means simply collapse has embarked on this topic University of Toronto, Canada, on his study throughout the last ten years and the reason he said Professor مولدو Vska disease specialist neurological and psychiatric Faculty of Medicine There are many diseases it is hidden and unknown reason turned out to sleep and I said behind them and that this device programmer waking hours and hours of sleep that the rights and needs when Tgeyer occurs daily in this session to get the immune system interference and chaos.
4 - iPod and insomnia: -
Any lack of sleep, but is sleeping Almeshd which one is which between إغفاءة and attention and Insomniac his unremitting to Aistqr he turns towards each direction and wiling to sleep in various ways without the benefit of sometimes be thought busily subject ensure that was in front of a TV movie or on the internet or series or match. The extended insomnia night and nights degenerated forces and stop the mind of the person on the production and dominated the Insomniac pessimism and the tendency of the unit and hating communities makrooh himself then hates life .. The body needs to sleep quiet long enough to put nerve toxins that have accumulated in it as a result of antibiotics.
5 - Ensure and skeleton anomalies: -
Result of sitting for long periods in front of the TV and other especially if you sit wrong it affects skeletal damage and deformities in the bones and vertebrae leading to injury to bend in the spine ... etc.
He says O man Magrk Holy Lord who created Fssoak Fdlk} verse, and he says {We created man in the best stature} verse ..

Fifth: the commandments of education:
1 - The wasting legitimate duties such as underdevelopment for the dawn prayer group or eliminating at the wrong time without humble as a result of a sense of extreme fatigue that makes you wrestle drowsiness and this forbade the Prophet, peace be upon him for sleep before the evening prayer and talk afterwards.
2 - too swimming albacore in the beginning of the day: who stayed up deprive themselves this time, who said the Prophet, peace be upon him: (Burke my Pkorha).
3 - so you do not come to your school and you exhausted and late dear son Karim from early and get up early in order not to weaken your abilities and your performance and break down your interaction with your teachers and your guide and your colleagues often students stayed up and then come to school and then sit them on the chair and not pay attention to explain the teacher Furthermore Zllk come too late for morning lineup, as well as sleep in the classroom.
4 - The iPod leads to sleep at bedtime فينام Alsohran example, after the Asr prayer and sleep after the Asr prayer for need hatred advances.
5 - the night of sleep and daytime movement, labor and violation of that contrary to human encroachment that lead to poor health and a turbulent but hours of sleep night sleep may modify the weakness in the other.
6 - must do what you can accustom self to sleep early the original iPod usually labored oneself firmly defeated.
7 - sense of responsibility makes you Dear Son is keen on your time and not overdo it Va_i_ar your responsibility towards your religious duties and home and school and social life.
8 - Dear Son you selection of companionship, and comrades who can help to do good and help him so be careful to be affected by them without bad friends.
9 - your ranking for your time one of the important things that should work out and put your ultimate goal فترتيب time will benefit you ordered leads you, God willing, to the success and the farmer.
10 - Remember that you are role models younger brother or brothers in the house so be a good example be affected by your positively rather than be the cause of unhappy and Hqautem Tnajh affected by doing bad.
11 - very useful exercise activities useful Klab sports and reading books and magazines useful are the best way to spend leisure time.
12 - The iPod leads to delay school and brings you a lack of focus and attention and the lack of homework and come to school late and sleep in the classroom. Why? Because you spent most of your time in things that are not useful.
13 - Such councils may be heartbreak you doomsday for being lacking specific factors and causes of righteousness has said peace be upon him, warning of these boards: (What's met people who never Vtfrkoa for non-Allah only, as if separated from cadaver donkey was so Council anguish for them). Jaami (5508).
Blessings and peace upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon his family and companions ..
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IPod and Mafany risk
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