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 Motor Bicycles

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PostSubject: Motor Bicycles   Thu Dec 27, 2012 9:39 pm

What is the goal of the sport bike?
So I can put the right steps that bring you your goal.
But I will not answer the question asked and I will assume that the goal of the exercise bike ride is to lose weight.
Of course we all know that the practice of this sport useful for weight loss and fitness level patches and strengthen muscles.
There are, of course, several types of bicycles.
And Maehmna is kind designer athletic sports and equipped with increased resistance (degree of difficulty) for the degree of resistance and the difficulty gradient.
They are expensive, of course, for being just a bicycle.
My advice to you is quickly and very briefly:
* I assume that you have excessive obesity but ذلم do not advise you to practice this sport only after weight loss to be able to ride as is the case with the rest of the sports that disproportion of their excessive obesity.
It must be done through diet under the supervision of a nutritionist specialist to be calculated every step.
* When Rkopk the bike completely configure the status of the suit because the bike ride Bodah inappropriate may cause knee joint pain.
It starts first by choosing the type and size of the bike event, and end the Billz to seat properly the condition of your body.
* Does not try to never raise the degree of resistance only after obtaining the appropriate level of fitness. And good heating and create muscle exercises.
* The beginning of March to ride quietly and carefully, and choose a spacious place and enjoy the scenery around you until you Feel you play sports, but you just picnicking.
* Do this daily for a period of not less than half Saahyumia with diet.
* Cents to wear reflective clothing, especially at night.
Your bicycle must be equipped with Bmratin on the sides and wearing a helmet. (Not always of course)
* Preferred practice of this sport fun with hours Sunrise where the air is pure and the body will be ecstatic at the top of his tender and energy. This helps to burn more calories, of course.
* I'm sure you will love this fun sport, and make them part of your life.
There are a lot of tips, but because I write it from a construction would execute me a lot from the time and effort, but this is the most salient.
I wish to be had Avdtk something
To the meeting.
* You can dispense with the car and use the bike in some ((Almchaouir)) short
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Motor Bicycles
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