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 Benefits of cinnamon

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PostSubject: Benefits of cinnamon   Thu Dec 27, 2012 9:52 pm

Benefits of cinnamon
Cinnamon when herbalists in Egypt the first two regular cinnamon and second cinnamon wood. The first type is sold powder The II is called Aldarchina (can from here Jet label our students) and is sold in the form of thin flakes. Regular cinnamon can be used dining Xfov or boiled in water. The cinnamon wood Vtnqa in boiling water, and some people Aamadgunha. Cinnamon wood clutch effect is much stronger than regular cinnamon.

Proved that cinnamon strong antioxidant very superior to most herbs is even better than preservatives that are added to most of the food stored. It is also a powerful anti many bacteria and fungi
Antiseptic and causing some viruses.

All this inside and outside the body, so nutrition experts advised adding trace amounts of many foods, especially meat chopped and baked sausages and sweets because they reservation and on top of that Tnkhaa good flavor.

And experience impressive setting of 2 liters of juice and polluting two million from Xolaa bacteria that causes botulism and added a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and mix well juicy Vvtkt 99 percent of bacteria immediately on the spot.

In spite of that cinnamon may harm patients ulcer gastrointestinal because they cause irritation of the membranes of infected, resulting in pain and slow in healing, but the medical study Japanese proved that cinnamon kills bacteria type of chronic ulcer condition that used under the supervision of an expert herbal remedy.

And stating cinnamon in the treatment of nausea, indigestion, and strongly help to digest fat. And prescribed to prevent nausea in the first months of pregnancy, but be careful of them in the last months of pregnancy because it telltale of the uterus and can cause premature birth, but severe overuse may cause a projection. Although some medical centers use cinnamon in combinations to facilitate birth, but it is under the supervision of a physician expert herbs.

And stating cinnamon drink in the treatment of fungal white Alkndida, fungi fester in the intestine and spread in the whole body and not just in the vagina in women as it was and think of reasons antibiotics and pills and alcohol and rheumatic drugs and drugs of class SA IDC, such as Advil. And treatment of reducing sugars and starches, natural yoghurt and natural yoghurt and fresh garlic fresh cut cabbage, thyme, cinnamon, but it has been shown that cinnamon kills strains Alkndida chemical resistant.

And stating cinnamon in the treatment of diarrhea because holding disinfectant. It also reduces swelling intestine.

And stating cinnamon in the treatment of microbial urinary infections.

Cinnamon and generally benefit in the treatment of infections in the body.

Has proven to be the smell of cinnamon improves cognitive functions of the brain

But beware of cinnamon oil, which is sold to the Downtown it is a caustic substance and not only be used to ease severe and under the supervision of an expert

And cinnamon encourage the body to burn fat strongly and so they are fighting obesity and atherosclerosis. And have been shown to reduce triglycerides and LDL cholesterol.

As for sugar Valqrfah is stronger herbs to stimulate the body's cells to take advantage of the hormone insulin. It helps cells to burn more sugar to the extent that lower blood sugar by twenty percent can be achieved by no more than a half teaspoon cinnamon may even be achieved by a quarter teaspoon cinnamon by the human condition and weight.

And has proven to be one teaspoon of cinnamon with every meal treated patients with insulin resistance of type II diabetes, provided their diet.

And cinnamon drink faster effect in reducing blood sugar of Ambassov as it stimulates circulation especially in the limbs.

And cinnamon prevent some complications of diabetes, provided commitment to food and exercise walking or some light sport movements.

And has been shown that cinnamon outperformed strongly in the treatment of type II diabetes on boiled basil and boiled linseed and green tea.

It is not enough to treat type I diabetes, but they severely reduce the body's need for insulin and compete in the treatment of the ring because each gram equivalent circuit half unit of insulin.

And cinnamon increase the conversion of glucose into energy at a rate twenty-fold by the American Research. They heated booster

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Benefits of cinnamon
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