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 An article in the parents about the phenomenon of begging

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PostSubject: An article in the parents about the phenomenon of begging   Wed Jan 30, 2013 1:07 am

In the name of God the Merciful
Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon His Messengers (r)

A phenomenon in our society, is currently begging, which unfortunately spread to not color Last significantly exaggerated, and unfortunately also appeared even for workers companies hygiene, vendors and policy auto pawns police and others, and when you walk find hints of individuals represented by words (every year and you Tayyip ) It is of course the right word to be invalid, and begging became a general phenomenon everywhere Is the liquid from the River to create Islam?

We have listened to the fatwa from Al-Azhar on this question, and confirmed all scholars that the Muslim failure to give the beggar is not a river, because these beggars prefer begging for work and Astunon disabilities to Ihtervoa this profession

How many people with disabilities but they have dignity and do the work or sell things and did not beg

The question here is where imams and religious role in leaving these beggars to sit in front of mosques, where the role of governments, where the role of the people themselves, where police in pursuing those beggars who abuse the country's reputation.

I gave up a Western scientists because of Zakat and increase of 2.5%, this brand Western studies work and said: that if every Muslim has to perform his zakaah mentioned for poor was no one in the world, and I am giving this world because of this issue

The fatwa is not permissible to give zakat, or charity for anyone who is unable to work, and there is an example of him our Prophet (saas) in this story

A man came to the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) asked him charity, Apostle Faqallah: What do you have? The man answered Halas and Qab. Fballa of the Prophet (r) Bdrhmin, said the Prophet (r) of the man who bought this DRAM food for your family, and AED other access by and go to Tantab not show me your face fifteen days) man departed and Ahttab and returned to the Prophet (r) after fifteen days has garnered ten dirhams said to him, Prophet (r): This is better than to come issue a joke in your face on the Day of Resurrection - The Messenger of Allah (r)

And there are two opinions Vqhien:

First: that of sincerity someone gave a beggar, he should not repeat this mistake and gives it to those who


Second: to re-give alms for those who are unable

I believe that Islam is pleased and not indigestion, be sure to give alms and Zakat to deserving

There are some people who deserve charity but smoke or drink alcohol, for example, Fberoaa give them what they need these people food and sustenance is necessary so as not to give them money and buy smoke or booze or something like that

Talk I heard from time, but I do not save it well, but its meaning says that the Prophet, peace when prisoners to heaven and saw the people of Hell found folk Akhaddhun faces Bozaverhm even rending asked of them was told that these people who were begging and asking for money from people and are without a need, what most of them these days find them begging and they have enough and fills their need and need the people of their home
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An article in the parents about the phenomenon of begging
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