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 olive ,fig and Methaloathonidz sustance

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PostSubject: olive ,fig and Methaloathonidz sustance   Wed Jan 30, 2013 1:52 am

Hallelujah .. Thank God .. No God but God .. And God is greatest

From a
Appalled what I've heard about the scientific miracle of the Holy Book of Allah

Prof. Dr. /
Taha Ibrahim Khalifa

Professor of medicinal plants and drugs at Al-Azhar University
And former dean tells the following article ..... Almithaloathonidz

Is a substance
Secreted human and animal brain in small amounts. A protein substance sulfur
So can easily Union with zinc, iron and phosphorus.
This is
Article very important to the vitality of the human body (lower cholesterol - metabolism -
Strengthen the heart - and Illtaltnevs).
And increases the secretion of this article of the human brain
Gradually starting from the age of 15 until the age of 35 years, then at least excreted after that until the age of
Sixty. So it was not easy to obtain rights. As for
The animal has found a few percent.

So catching tended to search for in
Plants and a team of Japanese scientists searching for this magical material and
That have the greatest impact in the removal of the symptoms of aging, did not find this
Almadhala in the two types of plants .....
Figs and olives.

The great truth of God as it says in the Holy Qur'an: and figs and olives
(1) developed years (2) and this country Secretary (3) We have created
Man in the best stature (4) then Rddnahosfiel

Think in the Department of Almighty God بالتين and olives
And link this section by creating rights in the best of molds and then replies to the lowest of the low.

That have been extracted from figs and olives, it was found that use of figs alone or
Olive alone did not give the expected interest to human health, but after mixing Article
Learned from the figs with counterparts from olives. D

He then Japanese scientists team standing at the best rate of
Vegetables extend to give the best effect.

The best ratio is 1 Tin: 7 Olive

Prof. Dr. / Taha Ibrahim Khalifa searching in the Koran
He found it mentioned once figs The olive was explicitly mentioned six times
And once an implicit reference Vissourh believers {tree graduated from Mount Sinai sprout
Fat and relish for the eaters {

Prof. Dr. / Taha Ibrahim Khalifa
Send all the information collected from the Koran to the Japanese research team.

Be sure signal to mention all their findings in the Koran more than
1430, announced the head of the research team is Islam Japanese research team has handed over
Patent to Dr. / Taha Abrahi Makhlifah.

In the health and well-being

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olive ,fig and Methaloathonidz sustance
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