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 Sunna in Education

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PostSubject: Sunna in Education   Thu Jan 31, 2013 6:15 pm

Parenting in every time a difficult task no doubt, and harder than today benefit from the development of the mind of contemporary her; since influenced many of the owners of educational trends - even Islamists - the writings of the West on to detail boring the reader, separated him and his impact educational, with the absence of taking the hand jam supposed industry From this research due to pedagogy in him correct climate of Education.

You can imagine that some Islamic scholars concerned by order of Education, go out in search of more than seven hundred and paper, says in his introduction: It feels intellectual insomnia; because he could not take what he wanted; but it needs to be more research and study!

This talk when considering the proper summit in severity, and the summit of insomnia real; as parenting work extends to every one in the Muslim community-based order of God - the Almighty - with different layers of this community, and with varying cultures of his sons, and the varying abilities absorptive, and died Capacity inform them.

It also needed this talk jurisdiction certain class of educators only apply and activate telecom agenda educational, and non-educational from the masses of people there is no need for him to learn how to educate his children; for it - and easily - not able to do so only after reading the lengthy details and minutes positions Education Day a child is born until he reaches the amount of men! And this is not what he is able to do - to time constraints and other concerns - until this campaign debt; advocates to God, and science students, volunteers and scientists, as well as colloquial Muslim who wanted to bring up his son or his daughter to Islam.

We do not deny any importance to benefit from the experience educational book, research and article, or even in the fact that we live all, whether in ourselves or in others, do not deny as well that in the wombs of these books and research benefits Istvidha educator and regarded by them, but we feel that the highlight those details and attitudes cross on a journey of parenting, with neglect of assets that earn breeder breeding machine, dependency تغنيه in understanding each position and the duty to act with him, we see all of this a replacement for the one who is the lowest in Him who is the best.

But even if we saw in these books and research crowd for two things together; any: put assets educational in place first, then Thacatha detail pop them or appropriate, it would have been much closer than what we see in many of these research today, interest in the details and particulars sing about already mentioned the understanding and application of assets and colleges, or make those details and particulars vivid examples of the assets of proper education in the life of jam or marmalade.

We also note that the majority of these research care behaviors and acts boys than returns educators themselves, and this is something that a lot of speech and thread useless, and we if we are limited to the words and deeds one child in one day; whether his words positive Fathmd, or negative, whereupon, the books in this lots and lots, what is likely if the words and deeds of the types of children extends for many years?!

Yes, from education to read and understand the mentality Jr., with the knowledge of the motives of his actions both positive and negative, but this does not mean Altersl, even branched us talk interspersed boredom to the reader, and narrows its place, and forget his work, which he began to educational discourse.

Then another alert is the most important, is that the perspectives and goals and assets upbringing as Muslims, fundamentally different from the premises and goals and assets Westerners, and based on this, it is not right to draw them even molecules and details of Education; since the these positions backgrounds fundamentalism may not correspond never with our origins educational .

An example of this planting breeder Western principle of absolute freedom when child-west, and his positions on the child and perceptions through that principle, and we though we give the child a space of freedom, but we Nqidha, and make slavery our origin in this instead of freedom, then comes freedom approval of slavery.

If we need to know that branch applications for asset, not as some of us think of a paradox in two.

Some researchers justify this by saying - peace be upon him -: ((word wise goal of the believer, where he found it right to her)); (Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah, and Albani said: very weak), and so far as in this modern search for wisdom in Mazanha , and the West in the field of education in particular is not Mazan and there is wisdom.

There is no doubt that the use of books is the Islamists in education possible, but only with caution and warned; not even tucked us poison in the honey, and with alarm that in our heritage as sing, if prolonged researcher himself and better consideration and forethought, and before all this hired God Mulah.

The whale Sunnah transmitted to us a lot, if not: all educational assets that qualify jam in the difficult process of education, sometimes explicitly and implicitly, in addition to the public in personal assets Muslim successful; Kgma and dream and compassion ... And so on.

The duty of the researcher is realization and activation of those qualities in the matter of education, and striking examples prophetic stances, and the Salafist effects, and true experiences of living.

Because my article not a search educationally full; Vsahir only some of what narrated from the Prophet - peace be upon him - in this section, with the development of assets or asset learned from this position, and stimulate expansion in the door; may be that the practical guide Rashid.

• Aisha - may Allah be pleased with her - said: A Bedouin came to the Prophet - peace be upon him - said: accept boys? What accept them, said the Prophet - peace be upon him -: ((Ooamlk you that the removal of God from the heart of mercy?)); (Bukhari and Muslim).

In this talk of the great principles proper education assumed in the jam, which is the need of mercy and compassion in educational work, and can include thousands of educational issues and positions under this origin; shaking children and Maangthm with, and get them to sit down and play with them ... So everything was picture mercy and compassion.

• Ibn Abbas - God bless them - said: "bit when my aunt (auspicious) stood Prophet - peace be upon him - pray at night, so I pray with him, I got up on his left, he took my head Voqamna on his right"; (Bukhari).

In this talk out another pedagogy great, a role model; son of Abbas has prayed for he saw the Prophet - peace be upon him - he prays, and so every son follow the example Bakdute in good or otherwise; and it must alert jam on the need to set a good example and risk-Kidwa bad, and that includes worship and transactions and ethics.

• On Omar bin Abi Salma said: "I was a young boy in the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - was my hands wander all over the dish, he said to me the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him -: ((Oh boy, the name of Allah, all right hand, and all eat with)), there remains that Tamte after "; (Bukhari and Muslim).

In this talk out another important, a need for educational guidance in situations and events; so it proved in the mind of the jam, and explained to him the public educational guidance; So Omar said in this conversation: there are still those Tamte.


These - as mentioned above - just signs and examples of the Prophet - peace be upon him - in order education difficult, draw them in assets and colleges educational, make jam deeper and more aware and knowledgeable condition and if jam, as entrenched has perceptions can the leadership of this educational process without complexity, or distract his mind, or negligence in its own right
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Sunna in Education
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