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 Risk of tongue

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PostSubject: Risk of tongue   Fri Feb 01, 2013 4:11 am

Thank God who created man and taught him the statement and forbade him from lying, backbiting and slander praising what placed the credit for charity and I bear witness that there is no god but Allah King Judge and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger pro Koran Allah bless him and his family and companions and handed recognition of a lot but after
O people, fear Allah Almighty's view {not stand what you have no knowledge that hearing and sight and heart of each of those it was responsible} (36) Al-Isra said peace be upon him (of guarantee me between the timid and between his legs guarantee him Paradise)
Servants of Allah / know that there is no word speak out but are registered you as he says {include the removal of only has sergeant عتيد} [/ color] (18) AL BC and verse {will write what they said} (181) Sura and speech his three cases:
First case / be in the remembrance of Allah and Lallah This raises owner havens 0
Second case / be angry with God like backbiting and gossip and false speech and the like, this reduces owner in Aldrickat 0
The third case / be other speech is permitted, which does not pay it no button Even though it is permissible religiously but his family mourn the Day of Resurrection on wasting their time in such talk, especially the people of the councils which begins and ends did not mention the name of God in which he said the Prophet him (he sat folk council did not mention the name of God when did arrive on Nabih only they had the period) any loss and regret and so it was silent good, he said peace be upon him (Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, let him say good or remain silent) Nawawi said: I know it should be on the taxpayer to guard his tongue all speak only words appeared where interest and when ripen speech and left Sunnis constipation him because speech is permissible may drag to haram or disliked and safety can not be matched uh 0 the talk exit easy and devastating consequences How many word killed its owner in the world, how He says the Hereafter as تلقونه tongues and say, mouths what you had no knowledge and تحسبونه Hina which is when the great God} (15) Al-Nour risk of tongue
And Maaz bin Jabal may Allah be pleased with him that he asked the Prophet peace be upon him for the work enters the grandmother and Abaeidh for fire, recalled him, the Prophet peace be upon him a number of ordinances of religion and acts of kindness and then said to him (not tell an angel all) Moaz: Yes, O Messenger God? So the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him himself and said tongue (Restrain this), said Maaz: we be held responsible for what we, O Messenger of Allah? Said (your mother be bereft O Mu'aadh Will people be thrown into the fire on their faces only harvest of their tongues) and Sufian bin Abdullah Thaqafi said O Messenger of God told me something sit him said (Say Lord God then upright) O Messenger of God, what is nothing I fear Ali said He took the same tongue and then said this 0 so that the tongue out of it mortal sins عظائم perish the owner, including:
1 - say to Allah without knowledge he says Say but denied Lord immorality, both obvious and hidden and sin and oppression, and join none with God what He has given no authority, and saying what God does not know} (33) fads فرتب God taboo by bones He began Balokhv then greatest Valoazm began Balfoahac It adultery and usury and the like and then sin and oppression is oppression and corruption in the land and kill selves infallible and these sins is greater than the immorality and then said Shirk is the greatest then said to say it without knowledge is greater than the polytheism order verse, and why exit Kharijites Isolationists to retire and declined to reject the deviation many communities, but because of those who say Allah what you do not know and Lifton people Bohoaúhm and opinions 0
Risk of tongue
2 - It is tongue lesions false speech Almighty said, and avoid false speech} (30) Al-Hajj said Almighty and who do not attend the false and if they passed thoughtlessness passed Krama} (72) Al-Furqan In modern said peace be upon him (not أنبئكم greatest sins? Said Yes, O Messenger of Allah said (involvement in God and disobeying parents and was leaning sat down and said (not false speech) is still repeated until we said, 'Would minted 0
3 - It is tongue lesions backbiting He says not backbite one another loves you eat the flesh of his dead brother فكرهتموه and fear Allah, Allah is observing Merciful (12) Al rooms Prophet peace be upon him (Do you know what backbiting) said Allah and His Messenger know he ( mentioned you your brother that he dislikes) said what about if what I say about my brother? Said (if it says has gossiped although not the what has Bhth says) 0
4 - It is tongue lesions gossiping He says هماز Mchae بنميم} (11) Surat pen and said peace be upon him (do not enter Paradise نمام) passed Bcypran said (these are the يعذبان and يعذبان in large wear it much either one of them was walking gossip and the other was not veiled from urine)
5 - and tongue lesions lying narrated bin Masood may Allah be pleased with him that the Prophet peace be upon him said (that truthfulness leads to righteousness and righteousness leads to Paradise and the man of incredible and respect the truth until he is God friend, though lying leads to immorality and immorality leads to fire and the man for telling lies and striving to lie until he is recorded with Allaah as a liar) and told him blessings and peace of qualities that junkie (if there is a lie)
6 - It is tongue lesions curses and insults and curses said peace be upon him (cursed insured killers) and said peace be upon him (The slave if cursed something stepped curse to the sky فتغلق gates of heaven without then fall to the ground فتغلق doors without then take right and left if not find Mssaga I went back to that cursed was eligible for and only returned to who says)

فاحذروا Servants of Allah the risk of tongue narrated bin Hibbaan from Abu Huraira that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said (The slave to speak the word what verified the where down in the fire as far as between the east and Morocco) in the novel (the man to speak the word what he sees out anything wrong Aired by the fire in seventy years) and was the predecessor know as much danger tongue Vimeskun tongues delving no benefit has entered Farouk days If a friend is prehensile tongue and said what is this? He said: This Ordna peril said bin Masood may Allah be pleased with him: not something deserving of long imprisonment of the tongue 0
But know that the tongue may be a reason for boosting its owner if launched as pleasing to God Almighty as male God Almighty and prayed and invited to his religion and so said peace be upon him (still tongue wet from Allah) and He says people who told them that people have gathered you Fajhohm increased their faith and said God and yes agent (173) they returned with Grace and bounty from Allah no harm ever touched them and followed God bless and Allah is} (174) Sura and wholesale فاللسان double-edged sword He says Seest thou not how Allah coineth good tree good root is firm and its branches in the sky (24) to bear fruit at every permission Lord and hits God parables for men that they might remember (25) and such a bad tree malicious uprooted from the earth, from the decision (26) proves God who believe firm saying in the life of this world In the afterlife and mislead God oppressors and Allah does what He wills (27)} Surat Ibrahim and there a prayer saying Muslim forgive him what it was he said in his council Abu Hurayrah may Allah be pleased with him said the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him (from sat council Vkther it to cover with said Before the Glory this is your first visit I bear witness that there is no god but You forgiveness and repent to you only forgive him what was in his council) Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, and Bayhaqi in large invitations and horses in a modern pendant lamps No. (2433)
O Make you stating you thankful you Oahen you Mgnen and Oazna from the evil of ourselves and demons, O Hearer soon advocates If this is your first and praise I bear witness that there is no god but you forgiveness and repent to you
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Risk of tongue
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