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 Best Jihad Jihad self is the greater jihad

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PostSubject: Best Jihad Jihad self is the greater jihad   Sat Feb 02, 2013 3:16 am

There was a man Sheikh elder

Complains of pain and stress at the end of each day

Asked his friend:
Why all this pain that you are suffering from?

The old man replied:

There have Bazan (Baz kind of hawk)

Each day that Erodahma

And well Ernban necessary to Ahrshma

Running out

And two falcons Ali that Ocodhma and Odrihma

And live on that Ahazaretha

The lion always have to save it restricted in a metal cage

The patient to take care of him and اخدمه

Siddiq said:

What all this has to be you laugh

Because it really can not be a man takes into account all of these things at once

Sheikh said to him:

I am not joking, but what I'm saying to you is a sad fact, but important

Bazin two eyes *
Ali to Erodahma consider

To not permissible to look at hard and Activity

And Alernpin two feet

Ali that Ahrshma and Ahfezhma

Sir ways of sin

And Alsqran two hands *
Ali that Odrihma work so Tmdani including need

And other needs including brothers

The living is my tongue *
Ali that Ahazareth and bridles constantly

Not even utter the words of defective disgraceful

The lion is my heart *
Who found me with an ongoing war

I have to save it always constrained

So as not to get out of it things are evil

The sick man is my whole body *
Which always needs to waking and Enayati and my attention

This is the daily work exhausted Aavia
************************************************* ***********
One of the greatest things in the world

Is to set yourself

Do not let anyone else your surroundings makes you feel

Do not let any of your fantasies and weaknesses and Shahuatk Ikhrk and overpowers you

There are no greater than God created for him

It is to be king over yourself

Best Jihad Jihad self is the greater jihad

It identified himself knew his Lord
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Best Jihad Jihad self is the greater jihad
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