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 Football history

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PostSubject: Football history   Sun Feb 03, 2013 1:21 pm

Greek historian Herodotus, who visited Egypt in 460 BC. He found the Egyptians playing reel made of goatskin or straw. And Irklunha foot, even if paid by the team to the line width yard pitch calculated target. Says Homer in his epic Odyssey that the Greeks played football and was her name Harbmaston she was part of fitness programs for the soldiers of Sparta. According to the ancient philosopher ((the Julius Bulukus)) in the second century AD that football has moved from Greece to Rome, and Soorha in his writings including roughly its current form. Other historians say that the Chinese knew football from ancient times and was called ((Torcho)).

And if the dispute severe on the origins of this game and its roots, the modern football originated in Derby, England in 218 AD where Played people of the city to celebrate winning the Ktibah Roman invasive, based historians current on what he said historians Glover and Wiczsatvin in this regard has been stabilized football in the islands British and has become quite popular even kings fought the British.

In April 1314 King Edward II issued a law prohibits practicing football because the city has become unpleasant noise. In 1349 Edward III decided the same thing because the game divert young people from archery and arrow that underpin the military power of the state.

Modern football evolved and grew up in England, specifically London. Was the desire of the British to change violent rugby as an official sport to sport organization does not contain violent as containing rugby. Remained sport developed plays no formal laws even wrote some teachers and school heads in the nineteenth century laws and provisions even allowed to play football between different schools.

Off the current game is directly dependent on the efforts made in the mid-nineteenth century to standardize the rules of football many that were practiced in the private schools of England In 1801, a meeting at Trinity College in Cambridge, in the presence of representatives from the schools Eton and Haaroo and school rugby addition to Winchester and Chrospara It was agreed on what became known as the Cambridge Rules football. During the fifties of the nineteenth century formed a lot of non-school related clubs around the world English speaker. Each play football according to its own laws, which do not differ from each lot. Foremost of these laws, the laws set by the Sheffield football and founded by students Haaroo former and in the year 1857, which led to the formation of the Union of Sheffield football, in 1867 formed the first point of Governor competent in the sport of football in England, and in 1862 he John Chalers Therinj from Ibingham school devise a set of rules of football that influenced the modern rules of the game.

These efforts have contributed to the end to form the FA Cup and in the year 1863 and held a meeting for the first time on the evening of October 26, 1863, in London. The only school that had representatives at the meeting were school Carterhaws. After this meeting, held more than five other meetings between October and December, which resulted in the first set of rules for the game of football. At the last meeting, the Secretary General of the Football Association of England and who was a representative of the club Blackheath Rugby, withdrew his club from the Football Association after the adoption of the Union to remove bases from the rules of football: the first is to let by running the ball using the hands, and the second is blocking opponent (as it does in Rugby). The rest of the English rugby clubs did not follow the Football Association, but instead in 1871 formed another union is the Rugby Football Union. Continued eleven clubs remaining under the responsibility of Mr. Abnezir Cobb Morley in the ratification of the fourteen original rules of the game of football. Despite this, the Sheffield United football they continue to exercise the game Behm until the seventies of the nineteenth century.

Rules of the game today allocated by an acronym for any of the International Football Federation. Council was established in 1882 after the interview the Football Association in Manchester, and the Football Association in Scotland, and the Football Association of Wales, and the Football Association of Ireland. The Organization of the Football Association International, a global organization founded in Paris in 1904 and stated that they will abide by the rules that codified the IFAB. Because of the immense popularity of the sport has joined the organization with IFAB and FIFA in 1913. Council today consists of 4 deputies from the FIFA organization and one deputy from each British organization of the four organizations
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Football history
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