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 Pray for rain

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PostSubject: Pray for rain   Tue Feb 05, 2013 3:27 am

Pray for rain prayer is when people need to rain, Istsagon Lord say: "Hey Lord Asagna" means: We revealed rain to irrigate the land and irrigate our trees and watered Dwabna, this reason call بالاستسقاء, derived from the irrigation water which is watering,
Prayer called distress; because they ask the Lord to that Agathm, rain and relief is the answer and the administration request,

This prayer years, and many scholars make is stronger Sunan this prayer,

Imam if wanted to Istsagoa that sets them days, and say: your time today Doe dragged the ascites, ask the Lord for rain, then they will emerge and praying for rain.

May be Istsaga some individually or Istsaga people in the country alone, or members of the household or so,

God said: {I said forgiveness of your Lord, that he was ever Forgiving * sends rain to you مدرارا * and your money and help boys and makes you gardens and bestow on you rivers} Surat Noah.

It confirmed Sunnah prayers for rain and show a lack of God with urgency in supplication 0

The etiquette of prayer may draw:

Repentance and devotion and exit to the prayer in humility and said knife and supplication, male and forgiveness.

Time of prayer for rain:

Some of the scholars that the time to go out to pray for rain is time to go out for Eid prayers only that Abu Bakr ibn Muhammad ibn Amr ibn Hazm went to go out to pray for rain is after noon. The Prophet, peace be upon him came to pray for rain in the morning when it seemed the sun visor after sunrise.

Recipe prayer for rain:

Recipe prayer for rain كصلاة feast, I mean: it begins with the prayer before the sermon, this is the correct view, begins to pray two rak'ahs, described by Kirkotai feast, opened the first seven takbeers after Altharima, stands between each Tkbertan as much as to say: "Allah is the Greatest, thankfully much etc., as well as the second opened by five enlargements, recite the reading, read where whatever, whether read Bsobh and Gash or بغيرهما, raise his hands with each enlarged from additional takbeers and after prayer began preaching to them, but it stated that sermon one, Eid sermon sermon two khutbahs sitting between them, and the ascites فيخطب speech and one, although prolonged and sat second and speeches, he may do so; because sitting between Jumu'ah order to relieve himself after the first sermon.

Sermon standing on a high place, makes him a place up two notches or three, ordering them to repent, ordering them to repent because the sins cause penalties, and repentance erase sins, repentance is quitting sins and offenses, and has three conditions: firstly quit guilt, who says: I repent He continues on his guilt does not accept his repentance, second: regret and remorse for past sins and asked God for forgiveness, III: treaty and a pledge that it is not due to sin again, but off it and leave the rest of his life, ordering them to repent sincerely

So it should be on every capable keen to perform prayers on Monday in response to the command of Allah Almighty and following the Sunnah of His it completed the delivery and then Ajabhda'oh Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, may God prolong his life in obedience,

We ask Almighty God to have mercy on the country and the people and respond to the prayer of everyone and that makes staying mercy and comfort for a while he listens and responds
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Pray for rain
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