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 .: Pineapples:.

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PostSubject: .: Pineapples:.   Wed Feb 06, 2013 2:34 am

Of the best materials that reduce weight especially if we know that pineapple contains an enzyme called Bromelain

Which helps to digest proteins and fat burning and to reduce
The weight should eat a whole pineapple a day once.

Pineapple home:
Areas of the equator, Central and South America, some part, such as Hawaii, Thailand

Not up to us and clear, as it was away from Europe and Asia, regions that are interested on plantings

Installation of pineapple:
- Water
- Sugars
- Viamnaat especially C, A, B
- Metal salts, such as potassium, sodium, fluorine
- Yeasts Albrooji

Uses and benefits of pineapple:
- Yeasts pineapples have been used in the treatment of burns and curl up vermin, but this did not prove effective, and is currently used in the food industry delicious Kvakeh, and as used to lubricate the meat harsh
- Battling cold and Awada because it contains vitamins, especially vitamin C
- Breaking thirst and heat in the summer and due to excessive water in the composition it prevents sunburns
- Generates urine, and prevents the formation of sand and gravel in the kidney, bladder and urinary tract are all
- Used by those who follow a diet because it contains no sugars high, and because it is a diuretic, and spewing excess fluid out of the body
- Prevent the accumulation of fat inside the blood vessels, particularly the arteries, so it prevents atherosclerosis
- Easy to digest and prevents Qbodh stomach
- Activates the functions of the liver and jaundice struggling
- Via enzymes that contained Albrooji, prevents tumors and tissue swelling and inflammation and there are many medicines contain these enzymes under the brand names for many pharmaceutical companies
- Struggling sores and burns
- Boasts fluoride prevents tooth decay and preferably be given to children during the growth phase to protect their teeth and gums

Disadvantages pineapple and side effects:

Eating pineapple frequently leads to: -
- Digestive disorders such as, intestinal diarrhea, nausea, vomiting
- Skin rashes
- Blisters on the edge of the lips and mouth
- Constriction of the muscles of the uterus, causing miscarriage

Pineapple interaction with drugs:
Prefers not to eat pineapple in patients who use blood pressure: -
- Pharmaceuticals pressure
- blood


Pineapple fruit with high nutritional value, it is rich in vitamins A, B, C and contains a number of minerals such as manganese, potassium, iodine, calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, iron and magnesium. He good food, easy to digest and diuretic and anti-venom and useful in cases of stomach ulcers as it atomizes gravel and calms inflammation and described in many cases such as anemia, indigestion, arthritis and atherosclerosis, but it does not benefit people with diabetes because it contains a large amount of sugars. Helps pineapple to digest protein at a phenomenal pace, so recommended capturing with meat dishes because it helps the stomach to digest, especially dishes are rich in protein, and can be dealt with pineapple grilled with fish or chicken marinated or could be something Pineapple slices alone and add lemon juice and honey on it and then covered with a layer light cream fresh. Pineapple also helps get rid of the cold and to facilitate the work of the stomach, which strengthens the facial skin by fat juicy, and strengthens the vitality in men

And is described as a treatment for obesity because of the numerous food in it and easy to digest. The pineapple is rich in "Baba├║an" that help to recover from disc disease within a very short period, and supports physicians in drugs combinations of disc disease pineapple as an essential element of effective
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.: Pineapples:.
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