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 The role of the mosque in the building of civilization

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PostSubject: The role of the mosque in the building of civilization   Wed Feb 06, 2013 2:53 am

We desperately need to be re-extrapolation of our history and study the success factors of our nation in the leadership of the humanitarian nearly a thousand years and building a civilization witnessing its enemies by their children.

Any school and the University of intellectual, scientific, and social ones that continued in the output of professors of humanity in science leukemia, and mental alike nearly a thousand years of scholars and Mohaddessin and scientists in medicine, engineering, mathematics, philosophy, astronomy, literature and other science religion and the world rarely meet such a figure tremendous them in one civilization Let all of you to be the product of a single school.

The school the above mentioned security is the mosque in its destruction depth, a concept is absent from many of our nation, the mosque, which represents the meeting point of the nation and the standardization and Appearance practical unity, so it was the first work of Professor humanitarian Muhammad peace be upon him is to build a Muslim mosque in Quba in its early days he spent in the city, and after moving from Quba to the city was his first as well as building the mosque peace be upon him, and carry stones hands Alkarimtin was the Prophet's Mosque School Islamic call first and Dar Islamic state grand, and it was the school and the university and the headquarters of the Shura Council, and held banners, and processing armies , and managing the affairs of the nation, large and small.

The mosque in the Islamic concept of pure is the headquarters of the Declaration of slavery exclusive to our Creator (and mosques to God do not let anyone along with Allaah) As the worship in the Islamic concept of inclusive human life Abed Allah Almighty say my prayer and my sacrifice and my dying to God, no partner has so ordered I am the first Muslim} (cattle 162-163) and including that of science in Islam is a prerequisite in the performance of true worship in its comprehensive concept must then that the mosque serves as the dissemination of science and even become a beacon and scientifically destination.

He has the mosque turn education since its early days and urged the Messenger of Allah on this role Scientific saying peace be upon him: (from tomorrow to the mosque did not want only to learn good or teach him was reward pilgrims fully pilgrimage) was narrated by al, this destination educational explained and him Allah upon him in his speech to differentiate between him and the ritual dimension of prayers in mosques.

Not only the educational role of the mosque to men but rivaled by women as narrated by Bukhari in his Saheeh Khudri may Allah be pleased with him said: women said to the Prophet: (Gbanna you guys so let us days of yourself, Vuadhen days to Ekayan where فوعظهن and ordered them) and the opening of the mosque chest for women experiencing the lessons of science to ensure women's right to receive an education and the involvement of men in life, I was impressed by Ms. mother of believers popular Aisha Ansarriet on science, she said: (yes women female protagonist not modesty that prevents them debt Atfgahn).

The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him oversees the science workshops that were spread throughout the Prophet's Mosque, especially in the early morning as happened Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-Aas that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him over Bcilan one where prayer and Iqbal on God and the other the flag, Voqarhama and sits in the House of science, and encouraged the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him to use the means available at that time to clarify the meanings and lessons, whether visual or audio, for example, the report narrated by Ibn Mas'ood said: line Messenger of Allah a line with his hand and said: (This way of Allah straight) line for his right and left, and then he said: (This means not matter unless he is demon calls him) and then read (although this Srati straight, follow him and Ataatbawa ways scattered you about him) (An'am 153).

Had educational tools available to us in our time and found in the era of the Messenger of Allah peace and blessings be upon him to urge the use and was the first to use Allah bless upon him.

Continued mosque in development and growth, generation after generation to lead his duties in the manufacture of life to become universities and beacons scientific and intellectual leader, and many examples remind each such mosques millennium - and so called because it went on its founding more than a thousand years - such as the Mosque of Amr ibn al-Aas heart Fustat intellectual and paved the scientific movement in Egypt, which was witnessing hundreds of angles Scientific, and the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus and the Mosque of Baghdad's Mansour, and collector villagers in Fez, Morocco, who excelled in the education system of university and democratic education and teaching methods which was his precise conditions for appointment and functions of teaching and the allocation of Chairs and holidays honorary, and has had a housing university private Students, professors and specialized libraries for students university Vqsdha Muslims and non-Muslims from around the world, especially from Europe, such as Rev. Grbert Doryak who became Pope of Rome, and was teaching begins before dawn and even one after midnight, the Zitouna Mosque in Tunis has excelled in various fields of science leukemia, and mental The library included colorful more than two hundred thousand volumes, as well as was the case with Al-Azhar mosque, which began like a mosque to worship devotional and soon became universities with various sciences and graduated scientists giants in all areas of life.

Participated all these universities the great encouragement to students on the principle of discussion and debate and experience it, making it unusual that violates the student teacher in the opinion in the context of literature customary, and this created a school great called the mosque - its destruction - generations will remain miracle world Mfajrth, and her preferred Each minimum legitimate science or human or cosmic, which formed the basis of scientific and industrial renaissance in the West.

And enjoyed centuries fifth and sixth Alhjerian expansion in the construction of separate schools for mosques which led gradually to the holistic education in workshops mosque to be limited to forensic science, and began weakness scientific creepeth in the nation, and which increased the acceleration of weakness and collapse disasters three in history Nation of Islam over three centuries.

The first is the burning city of Fustat in 564 AH and the second is to sabotage and burning Tatars to Baghdad, the epicenter of Islamic civilization at that time in the year 656 AH The third disaster is the fall of Andalusia in 897 AH.

The loss of Muslim leadership Scientific has been lost leadership of Islam to humanity and inherited Europe scientific heritage left him sons and Kdrōh right amount raised their fate to يتسلموا Muslim leadership scientific and lead humanity, and became Almsmlon scrambling in ignorance and lost their Islamic identity they started separating between religious education and secular education, a concept strange when generation giants Muslims , and separated so the spiritual dimension, moral and educational mosque for worldly sciences Weak achievement in science world in which the strength of life, and the work of colonization on reducing Islamic education comprehensive worked Britain Azhar and France Qarawiyyin mosque, as well as the case of olive Tunisia, and means scalable and neutralize these mosques university weaken endowments, and graduated generations who painted without Sibghatullah and without dye school of Islam, and walked away Muslims more and more about the concept of totalitarianism scientific and architecture land and pursue all living life and built and even when I lost pigment mosque has fidelity to receive science, and ridiculed by other nations Science isolation for spiritual values ​​and what is best for the human psyche.

The weakness of the role of the mosque is a reflection of the weakness of the Islamic nation will not be Islamic awakening only when the mosque turn destruction and promotes Bosalipe and means educational commensurate with the needs of the times and requirements to become the heart of Islamic life again, a duty modern terms is not the duty of teaching generation without it.

That efforts were made to re-role of the mosque in the building of civilization and industry life, and these efforts are doing the Islamic Society of Boston to establish the largest urban center in America includes a mosque, a school and library reference for researchers and a center to invite non-Muslims and lecture halls.

The mosque will be built, God willing, conveniently next to the Medical City and major universities such as Harvard and Boston University on the land provided for Muslims at a nominal price for the first time in the history of America, and this will be our next topic, God willing.
(Not good for the last of this nation except as Magistrate First)
Reference: Mosque and its educational role through the ages through scientific throat Abdullah Alola
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The role of the mosque in the building of civilization
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