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 Supporting the Prophet

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PostSubject: Supporting the Prophet   Tue Feb 12, 2013 1:36 am

In the name of God and prayer be upon the Messenger of Allah and after;
And duty to the nation to rise up in support of the Prophet peace be upon him and his religion, each according to his ability and being able to, and means of victory be one of two ways:
- I: presented his peace be upon him.
- II: pay suspicions and CHALLENGES around.

I: Showing his peace be upon him.
Through all available means, Palmqalh, and folded, and newsletter, and the little book, and the great, and audio-visual programs, and through schools, mosques, homes, and forums.
And the Islamic media: that dealing with this issue, فتعطيها deal fits with being a Muslim, and it is unthinkable that the neglect of human Prophet, peace be upon him, and his victory at a time detract from his place!!.
The weakest of faith to devote his peace be upon him of programs and time like all other programs, even standing small and large details of his biography and enacted peace be upon him, this man the greatest man in history, which is us, and we him, and we won it, and honor for him, it is fitting for us that do not know their history and biography, we do not know them very little, then you should focus when his side most importantly, is the fact his call:
1 - it came a mercy for mankind: We sent thee but as a mercy to the worlds}.
2 - it came to peace and security: {O you who believe, enter into peace all}.
3 - they came for the happiness of mankind, not for the misery, as promoted by the unbelievers and the hypocrites: {good work of a male or female, and is a believer فلنحيينه good life and recompense them pay what they do best}.
4 - came to get people out of the darkness of oppression and injustice to the light of justice and charity: {Book sent down to you to pulling people out of darkness into light permission of their Lord to the path Aziz Hamid}, and also said two quarters Ibn Amer to Rustam commander Persians, when he asked about the reason for their coming: "God Aptosna to take out the people, of the worship of people to worship the Lord of mankind, and the injustice of other religions to the justice of Islam, and the hardship of this world to the capacity of the world and the Hereafter. "
It says the Prophet, peace be upon him that Islam for the collection of all the best, and to prevent all evil.
And demonstrates the sincerity of this: bringing people into Islam in crowds, many of them without a fight, but the call alone, Without sincerity of those principles did not spread Islam, did not enter where people in crowds, but if true claim the enemies of Islam for the rest of Islam list, and his refusal to even his family, but it otherwise, every day people come in this religion for satisfaction.


II: pay suspicions about CHALLENGES Prophet peace.
All what is being said around him, peace be upon him is old, and all the curses and insults, has been answered by CHALLENGES answers, to put Orientalists.
And required reformulation methods appropriate soft, keeping ordinary Muslims from drifting behind those suspicions.

Then It should be noted in this regard:
Some what these الطاعنون proposing intending to tarnish the image of Islam, the Prophet, peace be upon him, is in the eyes and the rule of law: the right, and truth, and justice.?.
Kcolhm about Islam:
- A religion that does not correct the other religions, and transcend them, do not recognize the equality between them and Islam.
This have the CHALLENGES, which when Muslims of the facts, and which the Dallah words of their Lord Almighty:
- {The true religion with Allah is Islam}.
- {And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam will not be accepted from him, and he in the Hereafter}.
- {Slacken not nor grieve, you incline if you are believers}.
- And said peace be upon him: (Islam prevail, not second to none).
Yes, the fundamentals of Islam, that it overrides not second to none ..
It is religion that was favored by God for His slaves, did not Ertd them other ..
He accepted and does not accept other, even if they are Judaism and Christianity, ..
It is a comprehensive ring remains to do time ..
If there was a law of heavenly previous incorrect remain without distortion to the day of Islam was the best of them, and their followers left and follow Islam, because duplicator with all previous laws ..
How the case if the distorted Switched, has repudiated God, and the rule of Bdilal followers?.

Islam is the true religion, no religion is true elsewhere, distorted Judaism and Christianity as well, let alone what else, and Islam ring for all of the above, of all people, no religion other accepted by God.
The Muslims should know this and stick to it, and have no other option, if they want to remain Muslims.
If it comes to them makes this property to Islam stabbed and ذما, this religion is!!.

We can not pay a charge, cancel out of the origins of Islam, as some do, when allegedly Christianity, Judaism and Islam in the tidy either, there is no difference between them, wants to Ivb about Islam, then of invalidated falsehood, defense is on the right is not the realization of falsehood, but annulled, and our defense of the Prophet peace be upon him but have the report of religion as he brought, without distortion, not twisting what it says, it is not a defense, but service offering for the very it, and nothing glad for their hearts: that recognizes them Muslims healthy religion falsehood news God
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Supporting the Prophet
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