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 Benefits Dates

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PostSubject: Benefits Dates   Tue Feb 12, 2013 1:57 am

In the name of God the Merciful

Dates mine of vitamins called dates mine to frequent the contents of mineral elements such as phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium, sulfur and chlorine as Dates contain vitamins: a b 1 b 2 d as well as sugars easy simple in structure and features dates several health benefits, notably that tonic the liver and laxative and increases in sexual power especially with pine, also handles rough throat, one of the most plants feed the hull, and eat it on an empty stomach kills worms
It also works well Kmqo of muscles, nerves and the nape of aging, and fights anxiety nervous and activates the thyroid gland and unrelenting blood vessels, it also moisturizes the intestine and protect it from weakness and inflammation, and strengthens the chambers brain is struggling rotor زوغان sight and inaction and laziness and generates urine and cleans the liver and wash kidney
According to dates soaked against coughs and bronchitis, while struggling fibers constipation and its salts adjusted acidity of the blood that cause kidney stones and gall bladder and gout, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure does not preclude dates only obese and diabetic 00 dates of the best food in the country warm and cold is easy to digest (digest During almost an hour in the stomach) and helps the body get rid of constipation because it has fiber Slioseh help bowel movements الاستدارية along that dates food is fruit and syrup, candy and medicine
And is composed of 21% water, and a large number of vitamins, 1.2% protein, 18% fat, and 73% sugars, and 3% fiber
One kilogram of dates gives the calorific value itself that gives kilogram of meat, and three times what gives a kilo of fish, and moisturizes the intestine Faihfezha of inflammation and weakness, which is rich in sugar grape and fruit sugar and cane sugar, and contain material cut blood pressure for pregnant women, and provide the body heat and vitamin Assistant growth strengthens the nerves, and gives iron necessary for blood and phosphorus is important to think about and helps to calm and psychological comfort so he prescribed for nervous and Taúra mood also eat on an empty stomach kills worms.
For a full meal of dates prefer drinking milk with him.

Dates and benefits

Dates from more kinds of fruit spread a healthy food center and a natural, and is characterized by dates on many of the food its proximity nutrients beneficial to the human body and feeds on fruit of many people around the world, Valtmor rich sugary 65 to 75% as it is rich in minerals and several vitamins .

Sugar Dates:

Distinguish type sugars dates as rapid absorption goes directly into the blood after absorption and then to somatic cells does not require absorbed into the digestion complex as in the materials carbohydrates and fats therefore see that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him was fast before praying on fresh dates van were not fresh dates Vtmirat not Tmira sense Hassoat of water and this matter from the Messenger of Peace Huda best wisdom as fasting marred shortage of some types of sugars and its energy supply
As well as some of the vital elements important dates and is known as a quick digestion and absorption and contains Algelolkoz and also fructose, which absorb the bowel wall is fast and easy.
Also, wet start dates or health of useful things as fasting stomach be quiet relaxed throughout the fasting hours Faihbz healthy to start with food material easy to digest rapid absorption.
Also Dates are different kinds of good source of potassium, iron a moderate content of calcium and contain a high percentage of phosphorus, which is the stimulus for strong intellectual and physical well Valtmor rich in vitamin A and medium in vitamins B1, B2 and low in vitamin C also features vitamin A, which resides in the increase where weight is a growth factor and The interest in strengthening the optic nerve and the fight against night blindness, either characterized vitamins B6, b2, b1 located toning it also nerve-Molina of the blood vessels.
The fat and protein in dates فتتواجد rates very low .. And dates is very important for children as a substitute for sweets Industrial that are harmful to the teeth, and helps them to strengthen and improve their health and eating dates with meals rids the body of toxic waste resulting from the metabolism ..
As we know that dates are favorite food in the desert to the possibility saved well and stored a long time without exposure to corruption and offers brands a day either fresh with meals and hospitality with coffee at all times or used in manufacturing food products multiple such as date palm dried and preserved under vacuum and also can be made of them jam, syrup, milk with dates (molasses) and desserts, pancakes, biscuits and other products.
Among the benefits of dates that his influence well to get rid of toxic waste that result from the metabolism of food in the body and has indicated scientific research that the residents of the oases and desert areas does not spread, including cancer and refer the reason that they rely on dates as food key which is also rich in the element magnesium as mentioned a condom - God willing - from cancer.
We have also noted that alkaline salts in dates correct the acidity of the blood resulting from eating too much meat and starches, which caused the injury much of the genetic diseases such as diabetes, gout, gallstones renal and inflammatory gallbladder and high blood pressure, hemorrhoids This confirms the words of the Prophet peace be upon him that dates disease and diabetes goes where, and said: and العجوة (one of the dates) from heaven and heal.
As the dates of wasted medication and he rich in monounsaturated sugars that do not need to digestion and bilateral sugars and dates do not contain substances hinder the absorption of iron also increases the degree of efficiency of absorbance in the body, especially in children.

7 Dates source of dietary fiber:

The installation dates chemical as in (Figure 1) shows contain dates a good proportion of fiber which helps the intestines on the movement الاستدارية and make dates Melina naturally excellent and he is also rich in the element potassium, which helps to expel excess amounts of sodium from the body, which leads to store water As the dates diuretic and wash kidney and cleans the liver from toxins found within these organs as a result it contains a high percentage of simple sugars.
Among the benefits of dates they reduce the speed of nervous irritability resulting from an overactive thyroid gland and so if you are nervous or your son a fast motion and irritation and nervous Note the dates have the ability to reduce the activity endocrine of the thyroid gland, which leads to increase activity endocrine to irritability and nervous tension nerves From the above and whatever we say about dates, we will not give it their natural right as it contains many of the health benefits and food, but I like to mention that we and despite our belief the great pride in this Palm, for providing dates and fruits rich in benefits, but I like to make clear that we must address Dates naturally and not increase the acceptable limits because these fruits contain sugars and if we do not hold the movement and activity required the body may increase in weight and also a diabetic patient, it must deal with dates like any fruit where it should be within the alternatives basic treatment.

7 health benefits of dates
1 - food easy to digest and do not overtax the stomach.
2 - limit feeling very hungry, who feel the fast
3 - create Dates stomach for receiving food
4 - prevent injury to arrest (constipation).
5 - diuretic and wash kidney.
6 - cleans the liver from toxins.
7 - calm nervous irritability

Proved in the right with him peace be upon him: (could become a seven dates does not matter that day magic cm) another version: (from could become a seven dates of passing high it does not matter that day magic cm) and proved that he said: ( Beit Atmar the hungry people). And it was proven that he buttered eating dates, and eat dates, bread, and eating dates solely and dates liver tonic laxative for printing over in الباه and eat it on an empty stomach kills worms and also with many different kinds of benefits
First: that of foods rich in magnesium component that protect from cancer
Second: it has a significant impact on calming the nerves for people with neurological diseases
Third: the natural blend of iron, calcium, to digest body and received easily

Dates for Aenql the germs or microbes and mites inside Dates kills germs that might infect humans
The plant pollen addresses female infertility and dates sad heart rejoices
And pass Medina more than sixty varieties is the best pass in the world
And dates not possible, is the elixir of youth, the great secret and it activates the glands and strengthens the nerves

Prinia per Rams Bsarat it is sufficient for a full day effort

And protects dates rights of many diseases resulting from vitamin deficiency
1 - night blindness
2 - dry skin
3 - recurrence coughing and vitamin deficiency - a
4 - osteomalacia and vitamin deficiency - d
5 - Lynn Alihuz bones when a pregnant woman and a lack of vitamin _ d
6 - continuous bleeding and lack of vitamin - K
7 - Anemia
8 - gum disease and tooth and not Alltiam wounds
9 - malignant anemia and vitamin B complex deficiency
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Benefits Dates
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