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 Role models and their impact on educators

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PostSubject: Role models and their impact on educators   Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:31 pm

Role models and their impact on educators

Essam Khedr

A good example is one of the most effective means and the most likely to succeed and most effective in the lives of educators ... The words remain just words and educators approach remains mere ink on paper .. And remain suspended in space .. What did not turn into reality in fact moving earth .. Unless translates to the actions and behavior of fixed criteria, then this approach turns into a reality, and turn these words into the behavior and morals only then words bear fruit in the lives of educators.
The science of God Almighty - which puts it top miraculous approach - it has to be from the heart of man carries this approach and turns it into reality, so that people know it right .. Then follow Him
Must therefore set an example ..

The good example key element of paramount importance in the construction and education .. Nor are they alone ensure the building and upbringing of people, there are other aspects must Mraatha in the educational process, but these other aspects do not bear fruit also without good example of, but may come the fruits of counterproductive if you find bad example. Vakaddoat predominantly theoretical or intellectual side and weakens then the practical side, the spiritual and the lawsuit is a temptation for learners and المتربين .. For these figures negative impact on the educational process, where it becomes commonplace to read and learn and then speak or write, it does not matter then be our souls and our hearts and our business and we have made to the same degree that suggests our words or our reputation.
Such figures do not affect Moaazha in hearts as Malik bin Dinar said God's mercy (if the world if you do not work still works his sermon for hearts and still drop Safa). And Abdullah bin Mubarak said: It was said to Hamdoon bin Ahmad: What is wrong with advances more beneficial than our words? Said: because they spoke Ezz Islam and the survival of the soul and Reza Rahman, as we speak Ezz souls and asked the world and the satisfaction of creation.

The call of Islam did not know in the history of the East and the world function or thinker who has nothing to do with labor troubles and giving and giving .. What drives the nation in fact they are the preachers and educators who do what they say
These leaders educators prominent in their knowledge and thoughts with a few worship and Bzlhm and sacrifices and the weakness of their behavior can not be grown in the shade strong call changed the nation, but they are in this composition serious kill those who around them a lot of meanings Semitism beautiful serenity hearts and strength and sincerity of love and brotherhood and good worship and demand for them and righteousness and piety, and giving and giving and sacrifice and call for life .. Yes kill all these meanings when seen by those who are leaders, educators referred to their knowledge and ideas.

The good example of the greatest aids to build habits, morals and behaviors's good Almterby She even to facilitate most of the effort in many cases, and Islam is not a real transformation has been either by the teacher or Almterby until it turns into concrete action in real life.
It was - peace be upon him - a role model for people in the reality of the earth .. They see - which preached them - is where these qualities and all Fasedkon energies live these principles because they deem eye view or read it in a book! See in human beings Vtthrk have souls and eager her feelings and trying that Anhluwa .. Each as much as endure that draws all as far as likely entity to climb. Neither despairing nor walk away and call it a dream Mterva savory roams Balavham .. Because they see it moving in reality and the reality of the ground as they see virtually no Amani behavior in the imagination.
It was Allah bless him and largest example of humanity in its long history. And was an educator and guide his personal behavior before it is his words narrated way - peace be upon him - God created this nation by the Almighty says, "You are the best nation on earth to people, evolved the good and forbid evil and believe in God," Sura 110
God has sent him a role model for the worlds .. He knows where to place the letter. I know who create a gentle expert has God made him the example Alridh of humanity brought up the gift and see in person the Holy live translation of the Koran, فيؤمنون this religion to the reality you see their eyes investigators in real life.
It was - peace be upon him - an example God set them rolling over generations and God does not offer us this example of the impressive passive and meditation abstract prayer beads imagination he offered us to we achieve in the animate ourselves and animate from doing their upbringing, and then remain vitality outpouring heralded not turn into renewed imagination wander in a grain of life without a concrete and realistic affected not following the example.
Islam sees that Kidwa teacher essential and fundamental basis for breeding from childhood to carry the Secretariat of this religion.
Must permission for a community of role models in Mrbém and their leaders realized those principles and weaves Ali breeders منواله.
Yes the breeder to achieve in himself what he wants to achieve in others, Viahd same care and the advantage of transparency, and respect the truth in attitudes, and devotion to faith, and unless derives leaders call, educators Norm stem from prophecy and morals of ethics prophecy, and become like the Sahaabah Nujoma guided them in the darkness These days, the call will remain incomplete.
This teacher or that basis - example - which is one of the most important foundations of education, which will benefit us greatly but after that we see applied already and tells us more to see applied in the top picture because it will give us the idea of ​​the extent to which you can reach him this element to measure its best him every time and try more.
And by the example represented in person - peace be upon him - will not be repeated in any other generation, but we have a detailed biography of his life - peace be upon him - like District in our midst. While the impact of the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - in person in the building of this generation feat unique is his at hand requires us to be Kdjil first and this has happened for a generation followers he has not seen the Prophet - peace be upon him - but he heard his as we read or hear We.
Says Shatby (if say signed a verb watched him and certified) approvals 3/317
Believe and God How many advocates and educators set enthusiastic and revived us a love of work, perseverance and grandfather and patience then what were then fallen from our eyes and the eyes of their followers in the moments because of the word or conduct was not commensurate with their status Kkaddoat to others and that made Ahmad ibn Hanbal Imam of the year only بصبره in ordeal and revive the doctrine of advances.
Here is Abu Jafar al-Anbari owner Imam Ahmad when told to carry Imam Ahmed Maumoon in the first days of affliction (Across the Euphrates If he sat in Khan, greeted him and said: Hey, you are today the head and people يقتدون your swear While I answered to create the Koran Ajapennek Bajapetk create of God's creation and if you did not answer the reluctant create people many, however, the man - I mean safe - if not kill you die, and must die Fear God nor Tgbhm to something. Making Ahmed crying and says: What I said was terrifying him and started to say: What God willing, God willing) the virtues of Imam Ahmad 314.
The days pass tough on Imam Ahmad, and examined the most exam did not forget advice Anbari Here is Marwazi one of his companions enter the days of adversity and say to him (sir God said "do not kill yourselves" Ahmad said: O Mrozi out, see anything you see. Said I went out to a spacious house morally Caliph saw countless people but Allah and newspapers in their hands and pens and inkwells in their arms, he said them Marwazi: anything you do? said: look at what he says Ahmed Venketbh, said Marwazi: your place
Went to Ahmad ibn Hanbal said to him: I saw some people with their hands newspapers and pens waiting what Victbonh says he said: O Mrozi astray all of these! Kill myself nor astray those) virtues of Imam Ahmad 330

We recall here some of the most prominent aspects to activate the role models in life Almterby and make good levels effective in the call to God.
1 - Belief in the idea:
The faith educator idea that moves through them and believe beguile the most important reasons for the stability Almterby and walking forward in the way of the call can not under any circumstances be brought to fruition the educational process if they are from people who have blurred or shake the idea that they hold or the lack of clarity in the health of the road that they follow and we are here not talking about the health of the idea or right way we are talking about more sense both Wim regard the idea carried by the breeder or with respect to the health of the route.
It goes in the way up through the satisfaction Rabbo and paving people Lord of the Worlds should be seeing this road quite clear landmarks, methods and goals, and then actually believe in the same eligibility to practice the process of construction educational with his brothers to seek actively to understand and clearly the idea that stems from it.
And faith in the idea held by educator and a good understanding of the health of the route does not consist in same Almterby until he or believes in what he says, and then translates this into action .. It says Qutb God's mercy: safe you first your idea, secure hard to believe extent! Only then the others believe
Otherwise they will remain mere verbal formulation free of spirit and life! No life to the idea of ​​not taking on the spirit of man, and did not become a living being a bear on the face of the earth in human form

2 - learn science:
If science is necessary for every Muslim, Valdaih Kidwa is more people need to learn the science, said Omar bin al-Khattab - may Allah be pleased with him -: (learned before تسودوا) open Bari 1/165
Sovereignty in the call need to be aware of making sure the example of the health of his steps, and corrects the other steps.
The breeder should be a certain qualities qualify for this dangerous mission, should feel the person who receives the education educator top of it and that it - nature - in the position of taking the receiver, not in the position of a peer and not in a position higher than the position of the breeder.
This is a psychological fact automatically work their souls! You to receive must be convinced that you are in the position of the receiver, and only if you feel the situation above or equal then why to receive from a particular person of the people and height is a comprehensive cover many issues may be louder spiritually, morally or be superior scientifically is on here, For educators to pay attention to building themselves build scientifically sobering strong so as not to stand educator at a certain point and then stop calling as a whole and can not give their best or interested development talent and capacity inimitable because what then became not enough for adults revolve call in a vicious circle on topics not out of them because their leaders and educators do not have what it takes advancement advocacy and progress it forward and then, on what the movement wants to succeed to be one of its breeding scientific cadres are understanding and depth and only failure and walk in the shop and actually tell us about the calls over the years but generations eroded The ranks are falling because I do not have leaders, educators what it takes to move forward in the way of advocacy and begins those leaders and educators in the education of a new generation are convinced they will not be able to reach them to complete the construction phase for the advancement of this nation.
The adult education is one of the most difficult and the finer things in the educational process of taking measures against adults who became a degree of awareness, culture and science in need of leadership and leadership feels adults before they smaller than their leaders and Mrbém and they in a position receiving them not in the position of peer not in a position direction.
It is not enough to be personal Educator largest of the recipient's personality - the first axiom of Education -
But to be him the proceeds of its comprehensive concept scientific giving it to others through his knowledge collected and persevered through his realism and through movement of this religion.

3 - Avoiding permissible:
Imam says bin values: he said to me one day Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah (Allah sanctify his soul) in a bit of permissible: This is contrary mattresses attic, although not left a condition of survival. Then Ibn al-Qayyim says (Valaref leaves much permissible to keep the maintenance, especially if it is permissible برزخا between Halal and Haram) perceptions walk 2/26.
It's maintenance that we want to advocate Kidwa which carries the ascent in the perceptions walk فحذار you ascend that Tsthoak some attractive views of Earth, sits for a moment looking out backwards to satisfy the desire of the female after four to ascend, if Tahoe to the ground after he stepped.
And the ascent of these learned how mastered (Yahya bin Yahya), who gave him Imam Malik penalty on that title (sane people of Andalusia) and so he moved to Imam Malik, a small and heard him and they understand (and the owner likes it called and mind, recounted that he was once when the owner inter owners as it is said: elephant had attended,
Went holders owner to look at him other (ie, remained Yahya place), said his owner: did not come out, you see the elephant, it is not in Andalusia, said to him Yahya: but I came from my look at you and learn from Hdak and knowledge were refugees see elephant Vojb its owner and called (sane people of Andalusia) jurists layers 152
It is permissible to watch a strange animal .. But time preacher Kidwa breeder narrower than that occupies something out of it in the permissible earns nothing from behind something to cause that operated day and night.
It is permitted to buy an expensive car, with attractive landscape latitude displayed, but .. No breeder knows Kidwa behind followers see him look contrary to his words that he was saying to them and still, for asceticism and the wickedness of the world and the temptation level decreases receive when those followers without feeling Educator
And many things permissible Nqtervha in front of Nrbém, then complain of negative (non-native) they occurred
Without our knowledge we are the perpetrators of the emergence of the negative because of a permanent accounting oversight for the same so that they are fever, which is about to fester its pitfalls.
For educator to be aware that, under the scrutiny of those who does upbringing, Faihasp same on every word or conduct small or large, so avoid it at other times and in order to be at the level of role models who does not deviate him, and this is only possible accounting permanent with a sense of lasting that position by example .
As we are not surprised when called (Haj) to dangerous consequences of this deadly poison
And explain that that (mostly souls to follow in its desires and its delights and customs than emulate in worship, which does not have the luck 0 if it deems it from the world and that I realized that Muharram or hated or fad, says Perhaps for this world, science passport so have not seen him or licenses where scientists if it considers it is the best in science and good commits something, the less its ugliness (Alastsgar and complacency) بمعاصي God entrance to Ibn al-Haj 1/107.
And educators want to see those who are on their upbringing meanings Commissioner who speak them, they do not want to tell them, Take Guli and leave the actual, but want to see actions match the words.

And in his biography - peace be upon him - a series of incidents and examples which showed how he used Allah bless him and set a good example in raising his companions - God bless them - as a way distinct from the rest of the missionary methods.
* In Khudaibiya Having finished the Prophet - peace be upon him - the issue of the book of the Companions said - God bless them - (do Vanhroa, then Shave)
The narrator says: (I swear he has them one man even said that three times, and when he does not have one of them, he went on Umm Salamah, told her what had people Umm Salamah said: O Messenger of God: Would you like that? Out then not to speak to anyone them even تنحر Bdntek, and calls Halqk Faihlq you, so he went out did not speak to any of them even do that: to slaughter Bdnth, called shaving Vhalgah, When the people saw that, they Venhroa, and make them shave another, until almost one kills another mine) Zaad Ibn al-Qayyim 3/295.
From this example we can see how effectiveness of silent Education in Educational followers.
* Breeders should also clarify some actions carried out by - especially bearing bad exegesis - those Erbém with interesting jam activating the principle of good thinking in the Muslim community with based on their upbringing.
Jam sometimes may be forced to speak with a woman who is his mahram before Almterby did not explain to him these behaviors, it will make it applies exactly what he saw from his example, thinking that it is the right thing.
No TFT breeders first generation - peace be upon him - the importance of this matter when came descriptive - God bless them - husband Prophet - peace be upon him - to the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - visiting in i'tikaaf in the mosque talked him an hour and then she stood up Prophet - peace be upon him - with heartfelt, even if they reach the door of the mosque at the door of Umm Salamah over two men from the Ansar Vsalma the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - said to them, the Prophet peace be upon him: "the Rslkma but is Safiya bint neighborhood "And they said, 'Hallelujah, O Messenger of Allah, and size them, said the Prophet - peace be upon him -: (The devil is the son of Adam amount of blood, and I was afraid to shoot in your hearts something) open Bari 2035.
Ibn accurate feast (and this sure in the right scientists and of exemplary is not permissible to do really requires Poor give them and that they had a savior because it caused to the Champions use their knowledge, and then the scholars said: The ruler that shows the doomed to face judgment if secret denial of the charge)
Open Bary 4/280
* In nostalgia, and Muslims fleeing soldiers and enemies throwing arrows
Is was their leader and Mrbém only Buazam stability in such a situation? The hundreds of words, sermons and speeches stability do not do peace be upon him especially the soldiers in a state of fear and panic. They need in such a position to jam-Kidwa leader who return them to serious that they deviate from that.
This is Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib - may Allah be pleased with him - an eyewitness tells what did commander Kidwa breeder in that precarious position said: with the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - on nostalgia, Vlzimt I and Abu Sufyan ibn al-Harith bin Abdul Muttalib Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - did Nfariqh and the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - on the mule his white donated his scalp Ben jet lepromatous, when he met with Muslims and infidels Crown Muslims backs Vtafq Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - running Bgleth by infidels, Abbas said: and I take بلجام mule Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - Ocfha will both accelerate and Abu Sufyan take passengers Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - said, the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - any Abbas club owners tan, Abbas said - and was a man notorious - I said the highest audio where owners tan. In the novel and Astnasr sat down and said I am the Prophet not lie I'm Abdulmutallab) Muslim 1775, 1776.

Why was the result of this attitude of the Prophet - peace be upon him - Leader Educator
Abbas says: I swear to was Atafthm when they heard my voice always cow Atfet children, said: Aallbeck O Beck).
The responsibility of the commander Educator great responsibility before God Almighty and in front of their followers .. Must not be melt in situations that should appear where both in solving problems or in relation to confront people in any order of things call, it has been peace be upon him encourage people race in hardships things Anas bin Malik - may Allah be pleased with him said: The Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him the best people and the finest people and was encourage people, I have panic people of the city one night he went people before sound, Vtlqahm Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - due was beat to the sound is on a horse to Abu Talha bonds in the neck sword, he says (not you take you take)
The one stands aghast to these incredible courage, stems people before sound just hear him, ones find Kidwa breeder may predecessors but has returned and they at the beginning of starting, that this call silent courage that emerged blind son Maktoum - insist on jihad and carry the flag and fight to kill, They went lame - Kamr bin lust - crying because he was relieved of jihad and then urged to post Mujahideen say (I hope that Atta Barjta this paradise and fight to kill.

The first example of the first educator Muhammad - peace be upon him - is that emerged over the generations Alasorarafna in which the meaning of patience, endurance and courage.
This is Yusuf Bin Yahya Bawīti, Khalifa Imam Shafei, (The opinions contained on Bawīti of Sultan, it is without a supervened in creatures known many recitation, not a day passes and night often even sealed and seeks its envied and which he wrote to Ibn Abi Daad Iraq wrote to me and to Egypt to test him any ask you Qur'an is created or uncreated a fad Isolationists, and was headed by Ibn Abi Daad - Vamthanh not be any creation of the Koran - and said to him: Say with me and you, he said: (It emulate my hundred thousand had no idea meaning
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Role models and their impact on educators
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