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 Multi honey

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PostSubject: Multi honey   Thu Feb 14, 2013 9:27 pm


{Comes forth from their bellies a drink of varying colors, wherein is healing for men ...} [Nahl: 69]

The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and his family (healing in three things: drinking honey .. cupper .. and cauterizing with fire, and cauterization)) [Bukhari].

The child's body was found submerged in a bowl of honey and

In أهرمات pyramid pharaohs in Egypt .. And that, if anything it shows what the wonders of honey made this child's body during the 4500 year does not rot nor تعطب .. And that the power of God, which was deposited in the honey healing of all, how has not been scientifically proven that the bacteria do not live in honey because it contains (potash), which prevents moisture from bacteria that are the substance of her life,

Although we did not hear or hear news of the scientific credibility of what the benefits of honey, we are absolutely certain that the words of God right .. Because the creator of the honey bee and the Creator of all things.

{Not know to create a gentle expert} [King: 14].

Came at the age of Ibn Majah raised from the hadeeth of Abu Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him: ((from licking three غدوات each month did not suffer great affliction)).

Installation of honey verse creativity of the right to the Almighty

Vitamins found in honey may be the only way the human body needs vitamins, namely: A, B 1, B 2, B 3, B e, b 6, D, K, and E and folic acid and Alnicotnik acid .. These vitamins strongest and purest vitamins needed by the body, and is absorbed easily within an hour of eating honey .. Unlike vitamins available and sporadic in other food, which is slower and weaker than vitamins honey,

There are also metals and salts in honey as iron, sulfur, magnesium, phosphorus, and Elka to Seyoum, iodine, potassium, and Alsoyum, chlorine, copper, chromium, nickel, lead, silica, manganese, aluminum, and boron, lithium, tin, zinc, titanium .. The irony is that this component of the soil from which the creation of man.

There honey enzymes and acids are very important for the human body and his life and vitality, such as yeast amylase, and yeast invertase, yeast Alkataler, phosphatase and yeast, and yeast peroxide .. The acids are quite honey formic acid, lactic, الليمونيك, tartaric, oxalic, and Alberocalotahek, and Algelelaunak.

There honey hormones powerful stimulant effective antibiotics pious man of all diseases, and kill the mightiest bacteria and microbes, and discovered that honey substance deuterium (heavy hydrogen) anti-cancer.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Albariq 07-03-03, 03:31 pm
Some diseases addressed by the honey


Add a cup of honey Vaseline ®, and rose oil, and painted the place sensitivity in the morning and evening, while avoiding allergens eggs, mangoes, and with paint spoon wash day.

To a woman's beauty and splendor face:

Paint the face with honey and the body is in a relaxed state, and frequently praise quietly and a quarter of an hour, then wash face with warm water and dried and then painted a little olive oil, and repeat this process continued for a week, then it will radiate the face that God Almighty freshness and irritation. . But for a woman to brewing not show her adornment except to their husbands and male relative., Otherwise they are sinful .. Because the veil and the duty of every Muslim woman.

Of wounds:

Painted wound honey with تضميده and avoid wounds wetness, and tend only every three days .. And you'll be surprised, my brother wound Bandmal and full without abscesses that God Almighty .. And be careful not to be adulterated honey.

For burns:

Come honey and mix with the amount of Vaseline ® and anoints him burn in the morning and evening until the skin peels off burned .. And you will find the power of God Almighty that the skin like he did not burn before .. Or hit the egg in a spoonful of honey and painted this place burn daily it useful as well.

To kill lice and their eggs:

Anoints the head injured honey with a massage permeates assets hair. Preferably if it before going to sleep, with the head covered, and in the morning wash with warm water with combing and repeat this process for a week continuously for cutting Dabur all the lice and their eggs .. The Cleanliness is next to godliness.

For the treatment of insomnia:

A glass of warm milk, sweetened with honey spoon and drink large hour before sleep, and soon will sleep after a quiet sleep fun until Fajr, God willing.

Psychiatric and madness:

If Daum patient to eat honey, and handed back to bite bees, with fat sting honey, and continued on that though every month once, with eat honey and chewing Hmmah Kalalk, with paint head diet queens little will expire in God Almighty only and congratulated in his life and discharged of these diseases.


Drink on an empty stomach daily cup honey, as well as in the evening, and read Surat Al-Jinn on a cup of hot water sweetened with honey and hits, and then the patient sleeps .. And continue to do so for a week .. It will

Completely eliminated the impact of headache the power of God.

For all eye diseases:

Icthal patient with honey in the morning and before going to sleep, with one spoon after that day .. I have tried personally when I was Petrakuma .. The irony is that ophthalmologists say (trachoma) does not go away what they see as the failure of their medications .. The medicine of God Almighty (honey bee) was removed after several efforts experiments.


I was not personally suffer from any disease and thankfully .. And to the large eat honey .. And suddenly interrupted him and you have had Balomibia gone, فاستعملت a doctor grain signal Filagel was Tdharna what caused harmful side effects .. Including pH, stopped for the treatment program and used garlic and honey, ending acidity and with it الأميبيا .. And swallowing clove of garlic on an empty stomach a glass of sweetened milk with a spoon honey for five days was everything and thankfully was over .. And certified that: "The honey best friend of the stomach" .. And say that the most dangerous enemy of the stomach and the man is the chemical drugs, God forbid.

For the treatment of diarrhea:

The interview Habib Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and his family peace and always reminds me of the greatness of the benefits of honey .. This man who came to the Prophet peace be upon him and his family and him and said to him: My brother استطلق stomach .. Ordered him to the Prophet Muhammad and his family and him that watering honey .. The man was in no hurry to heal his brother returned to the Prophet, may Allah bless him and his family and him, he says: I Sagath honey did whose only Asttalaca increase him .. A man may see the Prophet, peace be upon him repeatedly .. Each time, the Prophet, peace be upon him says to him: "deemed sweetness" The last time the Messenger of Allah replied God bless him and his family: (Believe God .. and lied belly brother) .. As was mentioned in the Muslim .. This man does not stand up to digest honey, and thought that it is like water tells thirsty after drinking it directly, and forgot that honey food and medicine must be patient it even hour to digest to lead its effectiveness .. The man returned to his brother's house until he found his brother had healed completely like a decoding of the headband.

Valesl of effective drugs to treat diarrhea as proven.

For constipation:

Contrary diarrhea .. Taken him a glass of cold milk dissolved a spoonful of honey bees in the morning and evening, it softens the stomach and يطهرها cleansing.

Vomiting (Trash):

Bring good cloves and sweetened with honey and drink a cup before each meal it stop vomiting and prevents nausea.


Taken half a cup of honey and a cup of hot milk and Amzja together, with dried banana flour Akeco as one teaspoon in the morning and evening for a month, and you will see screamed your feelings of well-being with the help of God quite sore and will not afflict scalpel wounds, God willing.

For Chest Diseases:

Taken radish juice with a spoonful of honey bees in a glass of warm water in the morning and evening, it eliminates the respiratory diseases, and completely cleans the chest, as well as if taking that Decker (Ahry) boiled in water and sweetened with honey is the strongest and most active of the lungs.

For the treatment of evaporation (sepsis Halitosis):

Two tablespoons of honey taken and dissolved in water and boil on low heat until steam and consists inhale through the mouth of the through suppression inverted over the pot and repeat this meeting with the continued chewing beeswax .. And you will find with the demise evaporation days fully the power of God Almighty.


The same process with the previous oral inhalation with gurgling water dissolved the honey and a pinch of salt and within three days will be lost hoarseness, God willing.


Inhale steam boiled honey and onions before bedtime with a spoonful of honey drink after eating, and is a boiled honey and grated small onion and put it in a bowl of water on the fire until it evaporates.


Pressed dill and deliver as much as a cup in half a cup of honey and boiled together, then kept in a jar and painted it removes quickly impetigo, God willing.

For gum pain and strengthen teeth:

Mix vinegar and honey Eetmdamad morning and evening, as well as honey and gum massage using Kvrhh siwaak teeth and honey greater Kalmajun and protector of the teeth from decay and tonic of the gums and teeth together.


For the treatment of varicose veins and Egrahtha used honey Kdhan three times daily with massage gently, and drink a spoon as well as after every meal and continue to do so patiently until varicose veins disappear completely, God willing.

Putrefying sores and gangrene:

Taken a cup of honey and a cup of cod liver oil and Amzjan well and painted from this (mixture) After cleaning the wound with an antiseptic (a honey in warm water) and heal it with gauze and repeated daily this process with drinking honey with plenty day as a cup.

Of malignant tumors:

Bee glue used to it .. And bandaged tumor glue with constant cleaning and change daily taking one teaspoon in the morning and evening before eating.


Honey is taken as a cup and Skenjben Ansal much vinegar teaspoon of each, and cast with honey in a jar of water and melted well and drink it on an empty stomach daily it with the help of God and through the weeks ending completely tragedy asthma.


Rose as much syrup blends of honey and hits a cup in the morning and evening, and painted the chest and neck with olive oil milled in honey before going to sleep and continue to do so even Aaaver God is over all things.

To strengthen the heart muscle:

Spoonful of honey taken from time to time and dissolved in a little boiling water where pomegranate peel, it supports and strengthens heart very well if taken from the royal jelly as three drops and the amount of amber, it strengthens the heart and very ينشطه.

For the treatment of inflammation of the heart muscle and chills:

Drink on an empty stomach daily cup of cold water Local two spoons of honey, and continue to do so until the chills and it may only be a week, God willing.

To compress the heart:

After every meal every day for a month only eating a spoonful of honey and later you can drink a glass juice or juice Islands wheat germ, and Mark every disease from him, thank you and thanks to God Almighty.

For Thabat mouth and tongue tumors:

Placed a spoonful of honey in half a cup of hot water and Itagrger three times a day, it eliminates it in a few days, God willing.

For ear pain:

Mixing honey in water with a pinch of salt and dripping into the ear a day before bedtime.


Drink honey dissolved with a teaspoon of black seed oil in a cup of warm water, with paint as well as a mixture of black seed oil, and eucalyptus oil, and olive oil, and honey in equal parts together, before sleeping with winding place of pain cloth from wool without pressure, as well as bite Bees relieves rheumatism completely in place of pain and then painted with honey place sting


Hits boiling Alkndr (frankincense Aldkr) local honey in the morning and evening, as well as for by cauterizing simple top and bottom of the navel as much as ever, it fitter for the liquidation of rain completely with diet from eating meat and dependence on oats, wheat bread .. And for a period of three days.


Shave their place and cleans so well rending then paint the name of bees and pasting them daily dressing changes at the same time limit for a week only.

Kalou (warts):

Placed Glue bees after heated on الثألول (Dimple) and binds tightly and leave for three days until الثألول falls roots .. And improves recurrence.

For renal stone:

Cooking paper hibiscus Barre then add the three tablespoons honey, spoon margarine beef, and drain well after mixing together and drink it a cup at renal colic it wondrous effect, God willing and continue on it for a week until crumbles gravel and expel thanks to God
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Multi honey
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