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 Father example for his son

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PostSubject: Father example for his son   Sun Feb 17, 2013 11:14 pm

In the name of God
Abdul Hamid beat him, Algeria
Father must have a practical example for his children:

The father said to his young son before going to sleep, "I will sleep, and you hit usual, doors, and only God Sadharpk".
Nam father, but the child did what his father forbade him, so the father of sleep angry, and said, "Do you think I will not should I smite thee?!". The child said, "Yes." Re father, "Why?!. Pain swear I Sadharpk?!" .
The child replied, "Yes, but you swore you would pay him baker account at a specific time, but you do not!".


1 - boys no matter how they are adults and no matter how it seems to us that they do not understand a lot, have a fair amount of mind and intelligence, Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.
2 - When young boys innocence and sincerity and frankness much Naftdha when adults unfortunately.
3 - When boy alerts us to an error from our mistakes or defect of our shortcomings or sin of our transgressions, he must accept him and thank him for this, both reformed our fault and Aaibna and abandon sin or not. Should at least thank the boy, and we accept it, but if reformed ourselves his advice is better for swimming and preferred.
4 - You must know that we have accepted advice boy, our value will rise him and prescriptive in the future will have value and meaning. And either Taalina and Zgerna boy did not accept the advice from him, then our value Stnaht has and Stnaht with our ideal and Osotna.
5 - do honest and right and true from the father is good for children - even if not accompanied by the words - a thousand words is not working father something of them, and it, I said I still say that the example process much more important than Kidwa anecdotal, and the act is often told much to say. Whatever you Father spoken tongue, your children will be affected by doing before and more affected by saying. This thing is certain, then sure, God willing.
6 - may never for a father to lie and asked the son to not lie, nor may never for a father to steal, and to ask the son that does not steal, nor may never for a father to watching Sacred and asks son to not watching it, as you may never The father smokes and son requested to not drink it, nor the father may never be coveted in the hands of the people and ask the son that Isahd in their hands, and so on ... Could hit hundreds of other examples.
7 - should boys religiously obedience to the father whatever violates saying to do, but the father - with it - to know that his reward with God will be larger as agreed saying he did, and the blessing of education, advocacy and the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice will be greatest whenever agreed words with acts.
8 - and clear, of course, that there are things that are well known to the public and private sectors of the people may be desirable or which must be different from young adults without any contradiction, without any embarrassment illegal or mental. Examples include (but not limited to):
- May wear small clothes do not wear big, so wear a small exposed his knee, for example, and the big must Lester in his clothing between the navel and the knee.
B - great eats certain foods borne stomach but hurt small stomach. In contrast addresses small specific foods benefit him but detrimental to the health of the Great.
C - may drink great coffee (without being addicted) [I said: You may drink no less: it is advisable for him to drink, and small, it is better to avoid them altogether.
D - may hear the great lessons or watching videos suitable for adults, but not suitable for young (such as tapes in which violence or horror or pictures of dead or wars or lessons Althagafahgansah from the point of view of Islamic or ...). Etc. ...
The generally taboo, everyone in front of both, with a note as provided Shara of the differences between adult and had not been informed.
And God only knows what is right
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Father example for his son
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