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 Rope between people ... And rope of God

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PostSubject: Rope between people ... And rope of God   Mon Feb 18, 2013 1:42 am

In the name of God the Merciful

I almost cried when I saw those "snapshot expressive" which repeats Al-Jazeera always Kahl says that Tunisian youth to bear their responsibility towards the nation .. Then wipe gray head with his hand, he says a Ikhngah voice crying: "For we pyramid .. pyramid .. for this historic moment."

The truth is that these words affect myself a lot because I share his same feelings, I lived - lived as many of my generation - waiting for this moment, which he named is "historic" and I always call it "moment Lord" which pleases the God of wisdom knows not teach that liberated national, and shifts his nightmare tyrants .. And Osedkkm say, I did not expect to see it with my own eyes and so quickly ... But God's kindness and mercy towards His slaves.

We students we thought we will liberate the homeland over the years, and how much I had spent sleepless nights أنسج in my mind what I would do if entrusted to me the task of "rebuilding the nation", you put the details and frills on my picture after being liberated ... This has not been in vain or a waste of time, but it motivates me to work and sacrifice and jihad in order to achieve the dream .. "Free country."

How much we had spent hours with friends and companions path discuss the "road of freedom," each of us put way imagined it would lead to the elimination of injustice, and restoring the dignity of the nation, not giving him the others that congratulated his hopes but are quick to direct the arrows Monetary deadly way proposed, and demonstrate how abort tyrants effort working in this way, and then will get us nowhere ... Then put through another and another ... Even if we tired you always say to attend: I am sure it "divine moment" out on the accounts of human beings, and subject only to the will of the Lord King Mighty arrogant.

This is not about the wisdom of at myself, but I have learned from experience .. It is our professors have gone before us in the driveway and experienced the laws of the universe ...
We rally Kavrakh young about Professor "Mustafa famous" it God's mercy which tells us through advocacy and freedom, and we admire our minds tender how such a man who spent flower of youth in prison for more than twenty years, did not receive his efforts and Jihad generation whole fortunate victory on the ground Indeed, how can it be optimistic to this degree .. Says in confidence and if he sees tomorrow to victory "content", and that freedom is coming, "inevitably" .. The Othaglna (when?) .. Sighed and raised his finger to the sky and said: "For the moment pleases God."

We have lived all waiting for this "divine moment" ... We have seen ... We saw how God willing, for my nation to be free, Family tyrants to increase their oppression .. Then remove "Albuaziz" seeks his living Viosr quest in "policewoman authoritarian" spit it Vaitir his mind and sets fire to his body .. Then, following the events no one expected to lead to something .. Even take off his tyrant God first, and cast into his heart the horror of an unarmed people Pfeffer Bmilirath to the dustbin of history .. Then fall apart the contract .. And Egypt, the heart of the nation arise and inspiring Arabs and Muslims.

Even the "Friday of Anger", no one expected any result, even those young people who blew up the revolution did not expect the result ... The hand of God was moving events undisputed ... Break the will of tyrants, and prove people on غضبته despite bullets and Molotov cocktails, and God sheds darkness "stupidity and Tkbarham" shall be recruited to destroy them ... Did not I tell you that it "divine moment" extends "the rope of God" to the nation after being interrupted by each rope sling people?!
When God told us about "the children of Israel" told us they spent Almighty law ..
He said: "hit them humiliated people everywhere except rope from Allah and a rope from the people" ..
And argue that God wanted to know that there Hablan: rope people around them and their strength, and their cunning and their work and their plan ... Habla Almighty omnipotent mostly befitting بعزته and his might and strength.
Then did not leave us our Lord so confused between the ropes, but assured us that extends sincere umbilical each worker, and every Mujahid Sadiq, increases in D cord a break Ahbl amount of people ...
Even if cut off from dedicated personnel all the ropes, leaving them only Atalqgua hearts faith in God, come "divine moment" the long-awaited .. Shall be victory ... He says: "Even if Astaos Apostles and thought they had lied came to them our Vnge victory of starch Our punishment is not mentioned for evildoers."
I have cherished faith in God in Tunisia and Egypt was a victory ... Our hearts still related to some Ahbl people in Libya and Yemen delayed victory ...
Hey guys my ... The Thoratkm still lush, fresh, triggered by the Lord, and took care of .. Vaqtawa hearts "Ahbl people" .. And clung Bhablh Almighty rope from him would help you ... Shall be victory near his permission.
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Rope between people ... And rope of God
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