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 Benefits of fruits

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PostSubject: Benefits of fruits   Wed Feb 20, 2013 1:08 am



Moisturizing and easy fruit of the intestines. Useful in acute inflammatory diseases; relieves fever; beneficial to the liver, kidneys and bladder; if easy work; and calms cough; facilitates secretion of phlegm. It is one of the richest fruit vitamins and the popular proverb says: Take apple a day keeps the disease from you Dom. Contains vitamins (a b 1 b 2 w) and apple several prescriptions addresses.

Apple cider vinegar and treatments and he is the author: Wash apples thoroughly with water; then cut into medium-sized pieces; and packaged in the vessels of pottery; or plastic jar; immediate and covered with a piece of cloth; kept in a warm place. For forty-five days where leavened; after him and pressed and packaged in glass bottles and sealed.


Rich in vitamins (a b w) and contains a proportion of minerals such as iron, calcium and copper, a body builder and generating blood. Figs described in several treatments


Orange has many benefits; It contains nutrients of sugar; iron; phosphorus; vitamins (B1; 2) a goes Bafattiamin (w), which helps to stabilize calcium in the bones
Orange Assistant digestion; considered Mshahya if eaten human food before; orange juice effective in cases of bleeding; stop vomiting of pregnancy.

It is advisable to eat oranges; rather than drinking juice in patients. Orange is described in several cases



Has the ability to repair tissue; is rich in vitamins (a b 2 b 2 b b) and minerals such as iron and calcium. And potash. And phosphorus. And protein Alkrbuhedraúaat. It is also rich in vitamin (w) is also taken his drink.


Of the richest fruit vitamins; and has been instrumental in building the body. And strengthening and repairing tissues; and treatment of many diseases. Contains vitamins (a b w) and minerals from potash, lime and soda, Almagnzaa, acid lime and iron silica and phosphorus acid.


Nutritious fruit is rich in coal materials; give your body heat energy; whenever maturity bananas turning a large part of the Nchaih sugar bananas contain vitamins (w b b 2 b 6 12 d). That Mnalkhbz meal banana milk contains Jamea elements necessary for human growth


Is the first major food of the population of the desert; food for being full and rich in minerals and vitamins (b 1 b 2 b b) It is rich in phosphorus; as these materials strengthens the nerves and soften blood vessels; and moisten the intestines.


Integrated totality of food sources. Every clique which specializes in certain parts of the vitamins or minerals or other materials from metals. But if we want to take advantage of the vegetables must be put Bramja her to the needs of the body and amounts of food


The food and medicine at the same time, as does many amounts of vitamins. It is rich in vitamins (a w d b b) and minerals sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine and sodium. And potash. And Almngenesm. And calcium. And iron.


Eaten raw uncooked. The drink, which is rich in vitamins (A w b 1 b 2) contain tomatoes on Alphuswfor and iron salts.

Learned from tomatoes for rheumatism and urinary sand. And kidney stones. And vesico arthritis. For intestinal Afnat. Indigestion. It helps to put the waste. And Omkavhh constipation as took قشورها. Either Almshalb. A substance that tomato Tqtts. Help secure sliding intestinal process. If wetted stomach. Facilitates passage of fecal blocks. The juice is her blood and this easily absorbed into the circulatory factor most important elements necessary for restoration.

If we are to address the authority of a rich tomato. It should not add lemon and vinegar. But suffice without salt and oil are added garlic and onions


Types of vegetables that contain vitamins (w) and the iron and calcium, and appetizing food and helps digestion. He bones tonic and diuretic.


Occupies a leading position is characterized by all the remaining food. It is also deadly germs plants and often eaten raw


Meet بخواصه with onions for being a killer of bacteria, as it enters the most foods eaten raw and cooked, a tonic exciting appetite and intestinal antiseptic and anthelmintic.


Painkiller. The juice is used in the simple case of hepatitis, kidney and urine distillation


Laxative of the gut and delicious


Food has sufficient capacity to nutrition. The presence of iron elements in the paper. And contains also Alyalkiprit. And phosphorus. And chlorine. Lime. And copper. It is rich in vitamins ((a s w)). And taken raw or Mtabokhas in the treatment of chest diseases as sugared syrup is useful in the treatment of jaundice. And urinary stones. And dysuria.



A symbol of fertility and growth, it contains a full food. Such as iron and phosphorus. And calcium.



Green good food and delicious fruit. The dried beans Victsp Kabiri nutritional value.



Mint utilized in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the stomach and digestive tract. Against headaches. A good taste and smell at the same time. And Houidkhal in a lot of preparations because of the quality of taste and its properties (to soften, and cooling) is available.



Potato is one of the richest food thermal capacity. Ntara to the content of starch and protein and contains many metals such as iron, lime, potash and vitamins (w)



Watercress plant contains article خردلية and materials once with vitamin (w) and contains iodine, sulfur and iron.

It has nutritional value as it contains vitamins (w) alarm is like coffee without having the opposite effect on the heart and nerves.



Eggs staple food human food and is very helpful and all its elements are absorb Slh. Which is equivalent to the meat in the power of food.

Egg yolk contains vitamins (A b b d e and easier types of eggs digestible is kind labeled (Vimbrst) and boiled type easier fried Himn.

Enters eggs in many types of cakes and cake.

Added to the drinking water to the chicken little vinegar Vicsabha Disease Mqguama and increases in growth. And then the months and praised the meat is cooked when cooking Bsrahosholh.

Thank God for the graces of God
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Benefits of fruits
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