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 Multi hyperbole

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PostSubject: Multi hyperbole   Wed Feb 20, 2013 1:47 am

Extremism in the language is overstepping the limit, and began: overstepping the limits of what the law of God, whether overtaking on the side of belief or speech or action ([1]).

Has forbidden the Almighty for hyperbole, he said: O People of the Book do not تغلوا in your religion} (women 171) and said: {O People of the Book do not تغلوا in your religion is right and do not follow the whims of those who had strayed from before and Odiloa much and strayed from the right path} (Round 77 ).

Ibn al-Qayyim said: "One of the reasons idolatry hyperbole in the creature and give up his status

Even make the fortune of divine and Hbhoh God Almighty and this is the analogy actually in the United undone by God sent messengers and revealed his books denying the reply to his family "([2]).

And bin Abbas said: The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him: Beware of extremism in religion, for he died of those who came before you debt Balglu ([3]).

This warning of hyperbole in all kinds of hyperbole includes beliefs and actions as Shaykh al-Islam, but this was moderation which has characterized this religion from other religions that income distortion Fassar some bright and some other Maghreb, and see clearly that mediate and moderation in the various aspects of the Doctrine of Faith prophets, Jews lied apostles and tortured and killed, and Christians Gallois them to raise some degree to Mrtbhalelhah, is why God warned of this hyperbole and attributed it to the people of the book, as in the previous verses.

The risk of excess in the prophets and especially Prophet Muhammad r was filled with the Holy statement his humanity r and bondage to the Creator Almighty, God said: (Say I am but a man like yourselves revealed to) (Cave 110) and mentioned the Almighty in slavery in several verses he said: (Aqsaa night from the Sacred Mosque to Al-Aqsa Mosque) (Al 1) and said: (Voouhy to Abdo inspired) (star 10).

And between Him to the Apostles have nothing of the characteristics of divinity and Godhead Almighty said: {Say No to tell you I have the Treasures of God I do not know the unseen and not tell you that I king to follow only what is revealed to Say you blind and seeing are not then Ttfkron} (cattle 50) and the Almighty said: Say I do not have to myself profit or harm unless God wills, even if I knew the unseen to Acetkthert of good and what touched me so bad that I am only a warner and Bashir for those who believe} (customs 188) and the Almighty said: {not you order something} (Al-Imran 128) and between Shanh Kafr raise the prophets over their stay Almighty said: commands that you should not take the angels and prophets as lords Oaomrkm disbelief as you are Muslim (Al-Imran 80) as taken Sabean angels and Azira Jews and Christians Jesus.

He described the prophets including previously does not mean at all detract from their fate or stature but they dignitaries and lofty stature not how they Mbgua religion of God to humans and preachers first to faith, Almighty says: {Those who disbelieve in Allah and His messengers and they want to make a distinction between God and His messengers and say we believe some and disbelieve some and want to take between that way} (women 150) sentenced Almighty Kafr of raising prophets over their fate as to give them recipes singled out God as the rule of Kafr of lying prophet and one as infidelity one "Kafr all other prophets, faith and duty every prophet mission of God to the people Earth "([4]).

In forbidding hyperbole in his right r true that he said: "I do not تطروني as the Christians praised the son of Mary, I just I Abdullah, say Abd Allah and His Messenger" ([5]).

Saheeh was also reported to have said: "do not take my grave holiday" ([6]).

The man said to him: what God wills and what you will, he said: "Are you making me God just - Nada - but God alone" ([7]).

Models of hyperbole:

Despite the prohibition contained in the Quran and Sunnah for hyperbole when including it Nada God or give recipes or some recipes divinity upon r though it has been found of not understands it all, and his refusal in word and deed, not only this but argued headmaster and A. lectured for broadcast this spirit and vision deviant that has nothing to Islamic Sharia true pure lowest link, have varied methods of hyperbole and took forms nodal several Although she began seeds and ideas scattered here and there, however, the inertia and tradition and that tents darkness on the nation in the eras late was enough to sponsor those seed irrigation to grow and increase with the passage of days, it was not coming era, however, has increased innovation innovations AND DARK Hloca, and each wants to make himself a foothold in this thought innovated added innovations, to become the heresies ball snow rolling that begins the first mountain small light to reach the end huge large, And you read some of these fanatics Vtjd wonder so you probably can not continue to find delusions are closer to the follies and anti-Shara, and this becomes hyperbole room for speculations Both wanted to maximize the Messenger of Allah r according thinks increased the other and both wanted to reach to the level of the state and knowledge Alldnih withdrawal of the divine attributes and delivered to the Messenger of Allah, and in the end it becomes for this hyperbole limits standing with him, and which remains a barrier between the Creator and the creature, or to become God Almighty Creator without creating does not have the commands and prohibitions and all belongings divinity and Lordship will also appear this is something that comes.

Tomorrow tomorrow hyperbole philosophy not only in his verbal and even mystic as well, did not escape from this philosophy better Born Adam Mohammed r, and without modesty of some adopt curricula philosophical different fully contrary to prescribed r and what brought him to inflicted after that it r It is well known that there are currents nodal Aghtrvat of Science and philosophical convictions muddy, which varied between Greek and Persian, Indian and represented in the schools various Mhaúah and Gnosticism and Ahracah and Avlotunaih updated and drafted formulation suggests Basalamatha where replaced foreign names another Muslim, and named some of those ignorances Arabic names to conceal the real names and apparently those who do not know that what was said stems from the Quran and Sunnah The fact that this is not the case.

And here cite here are some examples of hyperbole hated and that conflicts with the sharee'ah important tried Qaúloh to Aoslmoh Water and fire do not mix:

1 - truth Muhammadiyah:

Says Nabhani which theorists to this thought curious about the nation indicating the meaning of this term curious about the doctrine of the nation, which emerged late affected thought newcomer says: "I know that what concerned the will right Almighty finding created the most prominent fact Muhammadiyah of lights and then skinning them worlds entire height and Sfielha .. . then Abgest him r eyes sex lives is higher on all races and the greatest father of all assets "([8]).

This means that God created Muhammad r of light, and it created before Adam even before the creation of worlds all, but things are all created from light r and these false cases to as evidence it is not from the Qur'an or the Sunnah and protested by Qaúloa this talk of the conversations are fabricated hadeeth " you a prophet and Adam nor Adam no water, no mud "and modern" It was Nora on the throne said: Aaghebrel I was so light, "and other Ahadith and reprehensible bond and died, and it is known that the inference is not only rhetoric on the right, which make maintaining Islam tremendous efforts in its statement and purification, but these took refuge only these subjects because they did not find evidence in favor of their opinion of the Koran or true year, as that approach those inferred Palmtwatr regarding streptococcal have established their ancestors minimum and أقعدوها to accept true conversations Sundays in this area and disperse them between assets and branches Streptococcus in this area unacceptable, and if their support innovations in violation of standard texts such as saying the Almighty: (Glory to my Lord I am only man messenger) and He says: "Say what you innovations of the Apostles).

2 - some of them claimed that the world created for the Prophet r says one of them as an expression of this doctrine:

Otherwise would have created the sun and moon ... No stars, no board, no pen ([9])

And Anda demanding these evidence right frank Empty opposition protesting a speech topic is: "not for you, have created the universe," Is it correct that evidence in the religion of Allah, how inferred speech lie wants Reza God Almighty minimum and again, how worthy of this view of God's love and forgiveness and his committee is lying it opposes saying: (I created the jinn and mankind except to worship) have between God in this verse that has created the jinn and mankind all including Messenger r only to worship Him alone and then come these and distort the path of the Islamic faith, which is the unification of the Almighty to become a reason for creating all creatures but is for the Messenger of Allah to send them!!! They Anthawwa this delusion to miss the meaning of monotheism and worship people to their whims and desires and their graves and may enter in through this innovation lots and lots of fads, and I do not know how I passed this belief on some Muslims as if they did not read the previous verse was probably ignorance applicable effective role.

3 - Description of each of the Prophet r and help him journey, including not only God may be glorified and many examples of this in their words say one of them:

Not the father of the king and lord ... And Adam between the water and the mud and standing

If Ram is not be otherwise ... And that no matter in the universe Sarv ([10])

Another said:

O my refuge Mnagdi O Mnaúa ... O Maave I mean my Rajai

O Naseer mayors O Mgera ... Oh Khvara O iddah Curative

Realized realized Ogt Ogt my patrons ... When Lord and compassionate found satisfied

You Goethe, Mlji Ghayathi ... And جلا Krepetta you lyric ([11])

Another said:

O Messenger of Allah, I am weak ... Vavena you a seat for healing ([12])

Nabhani said:

Mr. Abba Virgin help me ... You know what Hawwah conscience ([13])!!!

The owner says Burda:

O Akram creation of financial of Oloz ... Miswak when solutions incident Alamam

Another says: "The keys of the entire universe in the hands of the Messenger of Allah r, owner of the total and that the Attorney largest capable who owns the word Be" ([14])

He also said: "The Messenger of Allah r is Vindicator of dieback and pains and reagent for the nation all speeches, a Life Giving a motive for the dilemmas and useful for creating and Lifter arranged a keeper and Nasser is defended scourge who cooled Hebron fire is who gives and gives and his force and his neighbor in Alkonnen" ([15]), what kept him?!!!

The articles polytheistic which tend this trend many ([16]), a legacy of centuries decadence, with the Koran has reacted these allegations all is reported previously some of the statement Alqrata and prophetic faith of Islam and calling for the unification of the Almighty, and the more we here verses have an attachment to, they said We say:

We have between God in the Quran that:

Is the one who will save all the anguish and said: Say God delivereth them from every distress then you attribute partners unto Him} cattle 64

And all blessings from Almighty said: {and you blessing it is God, and if the distress seizes Valais تجأرون bee} 53

And it is a tax detector and said: {God touches you, affliction, none can remove it but He, and if He touches fine is over all things} cattle 17

And that all that only God does not have a whit said: {Say claimed who زعمتم without God have no whit in the heavens or in the earth and them which of the trap and its them back} Saba 22) and ordered Nabih that shows that the damage and guidance in God's hands alone Say I do not have you hurt nor rational () Say I will deliver me from Allah a will find without refuge} (jinn 21.22) and meaning, says Ibn Kathir: "Any I am only human like you revealed to me and the slaves of God is not to it is something in Hadaatkm nor Gwightkm but the reference in it all to God Almighty and then also told himself that no God Agerh one any if Asath it and no one can save me from punishment "([17]).

The notes clearly verses amount التشنيع and censure and reprimand those calls with God other and hoped for, and to whom God called in woe and anguish when he saved him, which is where if it engages with God other, how in God you from calling is of God in both cases thin and thick Ellis saddest off.

As the Almighty that he is capable alone and the owner alone and respondent call rain detector bad and that makes these qualities on the other glorified be a polytheist and have taken a god other than Allah Almighty says {security answers distressed if advocates and the evil, and makes you inheritors of the earth King with God rarely recall} (ant 62)

And sincerity Lord فقليلا what remembers those that God is the creator of the Creator who holds the reins of the heavens and the earth, and that the whole matter to him (Say that it's all God) (Al-Imran 154) {and God secrets of the heavens and the earth, and to Him is due the whole thing Vaabdh and trust in Him and Lord unaware of what ye do} (Hood 123).

One of the extremes vanities in the right Prophet r fun who opposed and contradictory legitimized, it And let it work this doing the right thing, it is a daring great to say to God vanities and aberration from the road, which is no less severity for those who Atnqson the ability of r who was one the sons of this Thought or close to him or who favored foreign cultures not all Valielmoa that they may have gone the wrong way and they will soon realize the right but I'm afraid to be too late.

God bless Muhammad and upon his family and companions
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Multi hyperbole
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