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 Religion ...... treatment by Paradise

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PostSubject: Religion ...... treatment by Paradise   Mon Apr 01, 2013 1:37 am

Religion ...... treatment by Paradise

Religion ...... through treatment

Allah says:
{O ye who believe what you say what you do not do
Most hateful to God to say what you do not do}.

Brothers male and female members, supervisors and observers
And mirrors Munms customers from small to large

Present to you today a lesson titled debt transaction
And I hope that win admiration

Neptdi the name of God

Hassan treated ................ The way the Commission

1 - debt treatment: power in religion and good treatment
Religion ...... through treatment

"Religion treatment" are common phrases in circulation and when all Muslims
Which carries the meaning of true religion is treated with the Creator and with the people, but that religion
Hassan is not only the establishment of the rituals of Islam, but is also good treatment with others.

Is a translation and an expression of true faith and the depth of understanding of Islam and good embryogenesis morality
Good and therefore it is impossible in Islam to imagine worship without a moral impact.

2 - to show fear of God where we were and with whom we
Religion ...... through treatment

Which says: "Fear Allah wherever you are and follow the bad good تمحها and creator of people creating good"
(Narrated Altermive).
If treated for uncontrolled debt and behaviors Khazih and disgraceful actions
They are the cause of alienating Muslims and non-Muslims from Islam ...
God Vtqoy not linked to the place without time nor place without time or person without the person ...
But they are in every place and at every time and when everyone ...

3 - to Nguetd including the creation Koran
Religion ...... through treatment

If Islam is a religion of orthodox morality and religion treatment precious Vkdotna in
That is our Holy Prophet upon him which was created in the Koran where
Was always pray to God that improves morals: "Oh well done congenital treats congenital"
(Narrated by Ahmad).
The calls also says: "O Allah, I seek refuge in You from the misery and hypocrisy and bad morals"
(Narrated by Abu Dawood).
And he wanted his companions and his followers by saying:
"I love to and Oqrbakm me on the Day of Resurrection أحاسنكم council morals"
(Narrated by al-Tirmidhi).

Religion ...... through treatment

4 - debt transaction to consolidate the values ​​of love and cooperation
Religion ...... through treatment

If you missed good morals and transactions crashed pillars of social life
We lost the values ​​of love and cooperation
It was rumored in us the values ​​of hatred and bickering says Messenger of Allah upon him:
"Befall my disease Nations. Said: O Messenger of Allah, what is United's disease? Said:
Families and vanity and reproduction and Altnagh in the world and the hatred and envy even be a prostitute "
(Silsilah) In another account:
"I bear you Nations disease before you envy and hatred are shaving not say that it shaves hair and but flying religion".

The "debt treatment" aims to inculcate the values ​​of love, cooperation and strengthen ties and relations between people ...
And prevent disputes and lift the injustice and publishes justice and prevent fraud, deception and grudge and hatred.

5 - so we are not bankrupt the Day of Resurrection
Religion ...... through treatment

Characterized system of worship in Islamic Sharia newly-eminent moral Ethics
Framing all major worship which are the basics of drawing closer to God and curry favor with him
Such as prayer, almsgiving, fasting and pilgrimage but because of some bad ethics can be ridden بحسنات
Worship that brings us closer to God and in this matter, "he asked the Prophet, peace be upon him his companions, may Allah be pleased with them:
Do you think of bankrupt? They said: bankrupt us has no AED or chattel. He said: The bankrupt of my
Come on the Day of Resurrection prayer, fasting, zakat and may come cursing and throwing this and eat this money and the shedding of blood
This striking this gives of his good deeds and that of its attractions فنيت attractions before
Spend what it took from _khasaaah put forward and then thrown into the fire "
(Narrated by Muslim).

Our commitment to "debt treatment" is we أماننا be bankrupt the day of reckoning ...

6 - "debt treatment": safety valve of religion and society
Religion ...... through treatment

The "debt treatment" is a social necessity no society can be indispensable
When I lost transactions and good morals wounded religion and wounded him community
The disintegration of the differences and instability ...

The absence of good treatment when religious people may:

- Transforms family life conflicts and discounts and insults, and disobeying then to dispersion
And then dispersed to loss and deprivation.

- Transforms the workplace into the phenomenon of conflicts and hidden among users
Or staff where nest of hatred and envy and deceit night and day
And thus lost the interests of people and the country.

- Transforms our markets to discounts and insults and wrestling arenas may lead to crime
The murder and fraud becomes master of the situation and harbor trust between merchants and their customers and almost
Decay Secretariat is not found her on impact.

- Turns our streets into chaos not replace such thing as a system and not tolerance
Between drivers and pedestrians, users of transport and reproduce in its aspects
Various manifestations Deviation and tribulations

- Transforms our mosques of spaces for worship and shipment values ​​of loving spirit
Compassion and authored hearts to places of hassle
The controversy empty in the branches of the religion and its fractions.
Religion ...... through treatment

"Religion treatment"

Is the awareness and behavior ...

Is a commitment and an invitation ...

Is the way of the Commission ...

I respect respect and treat people as you like to be treated
Gained satisfaction Rahman good transaction

Walk on the trail of the created Koran Hassan
Transaction change yourself and around you

Mark your good tree roots
Firm and its branches in the sky

This concludes studied

Religion ...... through treatment
I commit you to God Almighty ...
Religion ...... through treatment
And to another lesson, God willing
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Religion ...... treatment by Paradise
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