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 A good example!

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PostSubject: A good example!   Mon Apr 01, 2013 1:43 am

[Align = justify] {unto you a messenger from yourselves, it grieves him that keen you most kind and Merciful} [Al-Tawbah: 128] ..

Watching the biography of the Prophet peace be upon him to find it a whale of all morals that complicity by فضلاء and Njaba humans and Nblaahm, and even to answer all beats in heart of questions may seem puzzling to those who have not had a taste of faith in God from those who disbelieve, and strange the matter is that some built our people from the Muslim God, they do not bother with this feature great ميزنا God by the fact that the Prophet peace be upon him a role model and a good example, although it represents a deterrent actual commission shall prejudice creating a Muslim, a base engine to elevate particular to higher matters and summits Acommqat.

As the Prophet peace be upon him Quran walk on the ground and was created by the Koran, and therefore find a lot of mainstream Muslims today if I asked them if it randomly: Who is your role model or just like you?!

I heard the answer: _ Prophet, peace be upon him! .

You know nothing about his? .

Vchristdzq though very little for his peace be upon him from his birth and upbringing and his worship and his courage and good character and his conquests and other to death.

You also hear from some of the words: this is not what the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him .. And that is only a clear indication that Muslims generally have a mental refer to the absolute example of a Holy Prophet peace be upon him ..


[Align = justify] Where this of Abundance Alcatherh in the ground every day in every time of the unbelievers all Osnavhm and diversity of denominations and sects and persuasions? .

Take, for example .. Christians who are today .. If you ask someone, or a group of them for his example in life as hot an answer only after thinking a turbulent answer may come after him is not as you want .. And forget (Jesus, peace be upon him) or (Jesus as they wish to express) because he is completely unaware of his and knows only dark part in Christianity look that one of the three Persons .. Three in one .. And that he is the son of God, which is crucified to save the human race from the consequences of the sin of their father Adam .. He came down the name of God sometimes or his son sometimes or so of myths ..

{Saying, 'We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah and killed him and crucified him, but they almost Those who disagreed when in doubt it is them by it learned only follow conjecture and killed him with certainty, but God raised him and Allah is Exalted} [Nisa: 158 ]

If you want something from him go about the birth of Jesus, peace be upon him You may be angry because he knows you want to undermine faith in the Son of God (they claim) .. If you want something from his never heard of in the special of them only famous words of Christ have "if صفعك someone on the left cheek Vader his right cheek and comes wants to take something from the owner give him the owner of the whole" that they do not support her proceeded not mind but it do not represent what the reality of Christianity never distorted nor is full Ksshm nor their Babautem and monks and their politicians - Bush and the unjust aggressor on Afghanistan and Iraq, the biggest example - do not bother with this text about Jesus have not they do in their reality, and reality Murr attested.

O People of the Book do not تغلوا in your religion and do not say to God only right but Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah and His Word to Mary and the spirit of it, believe in God and His messengers and do not say three finished better for you but God is one God Almighty to have born to him in the heavens and

[Align = justify] where are the Muslims thanks for the gift-Kidwa absolute Muhammad, peace be upon him and where work Psonth and pride? .

{Ye have indeed in the Messenger of Allah a good example for him who looketh unto Allah and the Last Day, and remembers Allah much} [Sura al-Ahzab: 21]

It remains for us to know that the three role models .. Absolute role model, a beloved Prophet, peace be upon him and second example: He died on the true Islam of loyal nation's predecessor was his beacon for those after him like the Sahaabah customers and those who followed them in truth .. The four scholars it after them and their sun glowing Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyya .. To another world who have died .. Advanced condition.

Third example: fit to follow him in this time of the good guys, that the neighborhood does not believe it sedition ..

[Poem = font = "Simplified Arabic, 5, black, bold, normal" bkcolor = "transparent" bkimage = "" border = "none, 4, gray" type = 0 line = 0 align = center use = ex num = " 0, black "]
Harken Maimih جاءتك of Nations = Madadha meanings of N and pen
Salt قريحة pouring in love = flood flow like الهاطل Alamam
Torrential any كالليل Fajr Allhouh tomorrow = folding Rawabi not twist befriended
Hoarse like thunder in the night Saud = not resemble the thunder in the oppression and operator
Kdma eyes if I lived Reminder = or whisk the heart of the fire longing مضطرم
Laser Ibnabgh Numan glory = Zuhair? What did he say in the pyramid
Let Save the weighs clemency and Madha = depending Bani Shaddad toss
The slalom on fractions and state = all Oshehad or a halo and quantitative
Copy the praises employers praise as = was anchored copies of their religion
Studded important fascinating history = Kaeltag in Junction glory profile
Valhger interfaces and minimum and loaded = crazy love for Lily to have missed my uncle
Let Amoana and ruins beloved nor = hint eyes lightning loomed in the join
Anas underbrush and oblique Alffenan = severe and Shuweihat relegated him
Here Zia here Ri here hope = here Roa here Radwan فاستلم
If decorated for a man who Qays انزوى the shame = if he saw the hair, however, does not have a
Maimih if a boy Bossar Ibzaretha = Audhuh prep solution and campus
Cel hair Shawki Oeroy like Qavia = or Ahmed bin Hussein built in the rule
Souk Okaz visited as Talaatha = whirled hearts of splendor melody
Commend? Do you know who worship him? = Do you not know who Ohdath كلمي
To encourage people with heart is the avenger = believe creation occurred is accused
Pompous full moon on the night of fullness and tell = the most generous of the sea, but laid the flag
Purest of the sun in the pronunciation and an admonition = sharper than the sword in the rule in the rule
Entice shines from his eyes epic = photophobia to vacated injustice and oppression
Mettle battered Keldahr, ran high = km rips of Abu Jahl and fetish
Orphan Abu orphans came in a pot = finished for his nation was
Editor mind builder glory Baosna = Rkdh the jacket trap and small faults
Light Hdak Ekhalna Quarries = what we wrote letters Sgtha blood
About you only point = in the sea sank but tear mute in foot
I can pluck out groans of Hrgi = if Zkrtk or chickened out of remorse
What Midhtk ago star brings me = mind Balsna such as the army heated
Swore in God that sing Bagafah = Groundsel smiling face of waxing
Whist Shakespeare of clowning pleased = all Iliad came in power
Persians and the Romans and Greece said = When his memory Asmal dwarf
They Nmqgua panel of slavery adrift = and you saved to abrasion of the charges
Ohdatna minimum platform and Laurel free = Laylat al-Qadr and Isra tops
Pelvis and Kawthar has Alriqrac come by = you Muzzammil dress Huda do
Universe asks and the universe Mahlh = jinn and men between the decent and graces
The age celebrants and cheery atmosphere = Bader bolt and days in a dream
Squadron demons what Jitna = fire burned Fares fade from you in remorse
Safed injustice and idols have fallen = water Saveh what I came Kalhmm
Qahtan Adnan have won you your عزتهم = Alcserv of their history
Contracts your victory at Badr In a = and just you not in the United
Chadoa knowledge red and Cordoba = Nhrk fresh generation HP is Zemi
It white Amamtk may wore = Damascus crown Snaha Mnthelm
Robe Baghdad Brdak تنسجه = rational and safe hands and Mutassim
And Prophet Oltk the joy = Mat revered respectable
Darct Jibril verses of the Book film = Jens teacher or يسهو does not matter
Read your notebook line days = O Compact of righteousness in the section
Brought to the world top ourselves = Msktna board rope is منصرم
Nusrat horror months ago signed = if your opponent before the war in the designed
If they saw a child in the air أذهلهم = Znuk between the army and lines Entourages
Your Astvguena Sobh Aargah = Bilal بالنغمة freedoms Alotm
If I loved God like you in after = attended the Bedouins and Arabs and Ajam
There Achtvy eyes of a good view = not good uttered by saying my mouth [/ poem]


[Align = justify] after, this is easy words typed in haste, raised in my chest what I have read about comparative religion [1] and Takbtadtha forbid Islam.

I ask God to make us converts Almguetdan the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and bless us with the followers of his Sunnah and his intercession on the Day of Resurrection.
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A good example!
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