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 Ten Tips for values ​​of patience from sin

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PostSubject: Ten Tips for values ​​of patience from sin   Tue Apr 02, 2013 12:43 am

Ten Tips for values ​​of patience from sin

1 - aware slave Bakbh impiety and Rmaltha and Dnaútha and that God has forbidden, forbidden by the maintenance and protection of Abdul vices
.. As protects parent Shafiq and his son about what harm ..

2 - modesty of God ... The slave When informed the eyes of God to him and take his place and he Bmriy of God and hearing was is Hieddia ashamed to be exposed for Msakt Lord ..

And modesty to open up your heart eye see you based in the hands of God ..

3 - taking into account God's blessings on you and kindness to you
If you are in the grace of Varaha, the sins remove graces

.. Of it is blessed by the grace of God did not thank her, and tortured the same grace ..

4 - the fear of God and fear of punishment.

5 - love of God .. The devotee who likes naughty ..

.. But issued sin of weakness love ..

6 - honor psychology, Zakaúha and virtues and her diet
.. All this makes them stand aloof from sin ..

7 - the power of science bad consequence of sin and ugliness impact and damage resulting from the darkening of the face and the darkness of the heart and disgruntlement and distress

.. The sins deadens hearts ..

8 - Palace hope and teaches man that will not last in this world
And knows that he outstayed and will move them quickly, there is no need to weigh him of sins they harm him not benefit him.

9 - avoiding curiosity in his restaurant and drank and clothing
The proposal to force sins stems from these tradeoffs
One of the greatest things harmful to the slave
.. Btalth his spare ..
The self does not sit empty
.. If not occupied by including benefit her occupied including harm him ..

10 - The final reason is the whole reason for all these reasons
.. A stable tree of faith in his heart ..

Vsber slave from sin but is, according to the power of faith
Whenever his faith was stronger patience was stronger ... If weak faith weak patience ..

It is thought he had the strength to leave the offenses and sins without conviction hard mistaken .........

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Ten Tips for values ​​of patience from sin
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