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 The relationship between parents and children

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PostSubject: The relationship between parents and children   Tue Apr 02, 2013 12:51 pm

Family environment is the most important principle upholds the peoples, with different customs and culture see the necessity of dialogue from the family, which starts raising their children from a young age on the nature and environment what they learned from their parents since ages ago and here acknowledge that in order to be community conscious and understanding must begin as to be breeding sons, and psychological care to understand all of them is something that needs to keen and understood by parents so we careful in how to deal with them, every generation has an opinion and the aspirations and principles in this life, and every generation has ethics and behaviors according to time and place.

In general we see parents trying to put obstacles in front of the rush of children and their behavior, and others no longer is raising their children important in their lives despite the fact that education is of the utmost importance. We think some parents are busy in worldly matters, and mothers Menhmkat in markets and tailoring shops, and can not find any of them time to think about things in their children only to provide food and clothing 0

Either that child, and is therefore in the care of neglected, and be subject to minimum or deviations in the bosom of the maid, as we see in some of our communities is receiving bad example and language in his life.

That some of the children when they hear the call to prayer does not raise their heads or set foot in the doors of the mosque only on holidays or on Fridays, and so some of the children do not set foot in the church, Much has يخالفني in pessimism, but where are the role models and education?

The father gives all his time at work and goes back to his home tired and busy and forget ordered his sons also forgets that in the Hereafter will be asked in his work with his sons as in the Hadith: "Allah means every shepherd whether Astraah save it or menial."

How to deal with children and engage them?

- Build inside them self-confidence By encouraging them to their abilities.

- The practice of some sports from time to time and Andemajk them play.

- Mark your children choose what they wear themselves so doing, see how you respect their decision.

- Remind them may have learned things from them.

- When your child asks you to talk to you a word and you're busy, you should give his full concentration and see in his eyes as he tell you as well as for the mother.

- Participation in meals and sit with them.

- Attention to them hobbies that they practice and must make them feel proud of them, such as drawing and music.

- Finally, try to forget the mistakes of the past day and start a new day brings with it optimism life sees your son or daughter love for you and for them the and Thoudnhm to feel love and kindness toward them.

Plurality of opinions?

Some children believe that the plurality of opinions is true that the difference of opinion does not make a difference, and here comes the role of parents to educate their children to express a dissenting opinion in some situations, this method will encourage son to express his opinion and feel that his win appreciation.

It is possible that different parents and children despite the fact that the parents are the ones who determine the extent to which the child is allowed to debate, but these limits should not be strict, because that Ordinary room for sons of the difference in their opinion and to express themselves.

The parent does not have to look to different children with them as a challenge for them, it may be merely an expression of opinion.

Give children safe house?

Should the parents not to differences and engage in a bitter debate among themselves in front of their children, especially in the case of young children, because they are in this age can not understand that the father could argue with the mother without the ball.

Here should parents tell their children that she just ordinary disagreements between parents and that they still loved each other, it Sachaaram comfort, safety and tranquility 0

General advice?

That openness is required between parents and children, especially in this time, because it abounded when temptation and opened them many areas that were not in our community, and if I give children confidence since childhood solved more problems caused by ignorance of the children and not انجرافهم behind who are not trustworthy and advice, and before that too late tried Fathers restore your sons and Tmlawa afternoon, your presence at their side to their work and their studies and hobbies and provide help and assistance to them whenever they need to meet their requests as much as possible
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The relationship between parents and children
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