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 Stages of turning the Arabian Peninsula to lawns and collapsed scientific evidence and modern discoveries

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PostSubject: Stages of turning the Arabian Peninsula to lawns and collapsed scientific evidence and modern discoveries   Tue Apr 23, 2013 1:18 am

Stages of turning the Arabian Peninsula to lawns and collapsed scientific evidence and modern discoveries

Stages of the transformation of the Arabian Peninsula promoter

Interesting topic for reflection and enthusiasts reflect on the Arabian Peninsula exotic discoveries and strange

Global body of scientific miracles in the Quran and Sunnah - Mecca

The return of the Arabian Peninsula, meadows and rivers

By Engineer: Jamal Abdel Moneim Komi
Imam Muslim narrated in Saheeh isnaad from Abu Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him said: The Messenger of Allah stages of transformation of the Arabian Peninsula promoter: 'The Hour will not even return the land of the Arabs meadows and rivers. "

The current status of the Arabian Peninsula:

And the land of the Arabs in the words of the Prophet landing stages of transformation of the Arabian Peninsula is the promoter of the Arabian Peninsula, which lies within the desert belt extending between latitudes 15, 30 north and south of the equator.

This map is inspired by the map developed by the astronomer and mathematician Ptolemy, the Greek of the Arabian Peninsula in the second century BC (Source: World Culture Magazine Issue 65)

And humidity rare and severe drought are the most prominent characteristics of desert areas in general, has seen some of the internal and private Empty Quarter in the Arabian Peninsula-year length of without receiving raindrop one (Dr. Salah al-Din Buheiry «geographical deserts Arab» r 12.13.) This, in turn, have an impact on vegetation and agriculture, where spreads yellow sand color harsh inflamed not only with the exception of some coastal areas that fall under some rain, and scattered oases near the wells and springs.

He described the Almighty some Arab land and desert, when he said in the holy book on the lips of Abraham, peace be upon him: Our Lord I housed Dhiriti the valley is a planting at home is forbidden} (Ibrahim: 37) a description indicates lean condition The wilderness and drought experienced by the Arabian Peninsula since the time of Abraham - peace be upon him.

If this is the general features of most of the Arabian Peninsula, how the prophet says, turning the Arabian Peninsula stages it will become a land of meadows and pastures in the last decade rivers?! There is no doubt that the modern meaning of strange and wondrous, it is difficult for the mind to understand or explain.

And the apparent meaning of the interview: the desert of the Arabian Peninsula will be covered meadows any pastures and rivers, in the last decade before the time, saying: «even back» indicates that it was also earlier, and they will return to their first, and that the nature dry desert is an emergency ..

The talk in reality includes the fact that prophecy and miraculous Braa and another scientifically.

The truth: that the Arabian Peninsula in the past with pasture land and rivers, and then in the situation of current desert ..

And miracle newsletter: rivers and green spaces will revert back to the Arabian Peninsula in the last decade before the time ..

It took this modern four centuries ago in order to understand this properly, it happened after the huge advances in the science of geology and history of climate and astronomy, etc., and after numerous acts of drilling and exploration desert of the Arabian Peninsula, which prove to non-Muslims, including leaves no room for doubt Believe Prophet stages of transformation of the Arabian Peninsula lawns and scientific miracles in this conversation, and we'll show to this scientific fact and historical research and discoveries confirmed, as we'll show signs of scientific evaluate the argument and evidence Prophethood of Muhammad stages of transformation of the Arabian Peninsula meadows on who aware of this and knew him.

Scientific fact: the Arabian Peninsula in the past, "a land of pastures and rivers"

Emphasizes scientific discoveries of modern what the Prophet stages of transformation of the Arabian Peninsula promoter in this modern miraculous, the Arabian Peninsula were not desert the conventional sense now, but the land green flowing where rivers, تترقرق in some respects Lakes wide, and rise in what has become Badia then cities on a large fortune of agricultural progress and literal.

The Arabian Peninsula in the past

It was in an advanced stage of the era of geological known as the «era Alblisstosenah says Geologists (divides scientists geological history of the Earth to the times, according to the general characteristics of life in all the time, and is divided each time to the times depending on the types and forms of life that I found it, and that you know excavations that were deposited in layers of rocks belonging to that era) «pleistocenc», which began more than a million years, and ended with the last ten thousand years ago, and during this period of time there was earth cool climate and covered the blocks and ice sheets huge northern parts of Europe and North America until ice to the North arrived in France in the so-called ice ages «Glacials» but the ice was melting during warmer periods, known as «the ice between periods Interglacials» Improved weather conditions Tzhna the great (Norman, Whelan and David Pease «early humans on the Arabian Peninsula

The spread of ice sheets in the northern parts during the ice ages affect the Earth's climate leads to shifting the scope of the rain to the south, the Arabian Peninsula intervened and northern Saharan Africa in the scope of the rainy westerly winds, which are now blowing on Western Europe leads to the prosperity of those الصحراوات and امتلائها the rivers and fertile valleys (Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed رزقانة, «natural historical geography: p 146 quote)

In periods of warmth between ice ages moving pronunciation of rain to the north becomes the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa within the scope of the trade winds and dominated by a climate similar to the climate today (occupies deserts Arab bulk of the planetary system known as the «Sahara trade winds» Trade Wind Deserts, a system characterized by drought Permanent .. The effective Altoposevir sector, between 2 6 kilometers above sea level, which is effective with respect to sector بنشأة turbulence occupied Offline belt from the high pressure constant throughout the year, on the land of desert and both bodies of water, as it is known, are associated with cases of generally dry conditions of high pressure .. and this grand Sahara and the Arabian desert warning within the scope Altgarriet of classified climatic Ksahary, a direct result of the mechanics of the planetary plenary session around the Earth. Adapted from «deserts geographic Arabic 147 149).

Based on research U.S. Geological Hull ماكلور in the Ph.D. thesis of the Empty Quarter, the lakes were covered in this desert region through the ages rain (ice ages) and they appeared twice, first by 37,000 to 17,000 years, and the second between 10,000 to 5,000 years ago (Journal of prospects scientific, the number (42): p 15).

Geological missions:

This is bright for the Arabian Peninsula, Bonharha crystal clear, and the trees lush, which were common in the literature heritage (alerted literary heritage and linguistic Arab to have witnessed the Arabian Peninsula of climatic changes .. If traced the names of the animal when the Arabs Haltk those names numerous single animal like a lion, for example , and this confirms that those names were multiplied by virtue of the animal breeding and presence, including in times gone by .. as well as the rivers and the multiplicity of names ..

According to the تغريبة Bani Hilal: «It is no secret to the people of knowledge that the country find was one of the most fertile Arab countries, many water and الغدران plains and valleys, until it was mentioned by poets time notification Hassan, and prefer the other due to the good its air, and the houses Bani Hilal of the above-generational and still on the first glory, even change in diameter, and diminished her lawn and plants, and spread famine all sides, which is no longer something of cuisines even became their people eat animals ... »(evolution of climate Arabia and its impact on human migrations) Khafji magazine, the number of September 1980, p 25), has become a scientific fact now thanks to geological missions searching for fingerprints of those times gone by in the heart of the sand.

It is the largest of these missions led geological mission Petroeibero of the British Museum, which went to the UAE in early 1989, and discovered the remains of animal life back to the late Miocene, ie, to about 7 million years ago.

And animals that were found Petroeibero and his colleagues on the remnants animals from the rank of Albhamyat (which Khrtomyat mammals is one of the relatives distant elephants contemporary) and hippos, carnivores, small horses, and وحيدي century, turtles, crocodiles, fish, birds, and monkeys like Almacak .. It is clear that all these animals are of Ethiopian descent .. In the era of mucin was the Red Sea open on the Mediterranean, but it was closed from south of the bridge ground exists between Ethiopia and Yemen, and in the east the network Tigris and Euphrates rivers stretching to the south than it is today, and indicate species of animals found that it had flourished in Delta this network (the prospects for scientific journal, the number (Ibid, p: 63), pp. 14, citing the journal «Nature» Number of 4/27/1989).

Space Imaging:

With the tremendous progress in space science, remote sensing, are also entered the race track in the research and detection of buried treasures in the ground, such as the effects of groundwater, minerals and other.

And can space imaging technology and remote sensing, giving archaeologists a general idea about the places they where to Anaqboa, and this is what happened in one of the most famous research conducted in the deserts of Egypt in 1981.

In laboratory Archaeological Survey of the U.S. state of Arizona States, while researchers have been analyzing the tables data collected by radars installed on board the space shuttle «Colombia», showed radar images and the presence of an area under the desert sands of southern Egypt, and northwestern Sudan, came the rain now only an average of once every fifty years, but they contain streams rivers old big, some wider than the Nile River itself (see scientists natural history and historical geography of the river systems gathered and formed in an era الأوليجوسين geological, and Kunta big river, dubbed «the river Libyan old» or Aloornel (grandfather Nile) and it runs through the Western Sahara and ends with Delta large in the area between low Fayoum south and Wadi Natrun north, and contains sediment river in this region, the remnants of the objects of the kind that live in fresh water, such as crocodiles and hippos in addition to elephants, and the area is considered Fayoum original home the elephant in the world. (Adapted from «the morphology of Egyptian territory to Dr. Mohammed Saifuddin, p: 50, 51)!

Several months later proved missions that went to the area that the rays of the radar had penetrated the dry sand and reflected on the limestone found in riverbeds (dry) at a depth of two meters from the ground, and found Prospectors when شطآن rivers identified by radar shells for the types of snail wild can not live only in the wet humid places in the tropical climate.

What is most surprising is that prospectors found thousands of tools that man-made in the Stone Age, Calfús handicrafts and the like, which dates back to about 200 thousand years ago, and this is what makes scientists think that these desert was damp and inhabited in some of those ages (Horizons scientific journal, the number (17), p 32).

Have been conducted recently a similar study of the Arabian Peninsula, showed aerial photographs and a stream of the river Old giant penetrates the Arabian Peninsula from the west and heading to the east, in terms of Kuwait, and disappears course of this river under huge amounts of sand dunes, and pointed out pictures also be a vast area of ​​northern west of Kuwait a delta of the river giant, and indicates this disclosure as stated Dr. Farouk El-Baz (Journal of the Middle East, the number of 27.03.1993 in an investigation with Dr. Farouk El-Baz, geologist and Space Egyptian resident in America) to the presence of huge amounts of Groundwater in the path of ancient river and to the possibility of the presence of traces of man old who must have lived on both sides of the river in time immemorial, when the river was being water before 5000 year (For more information on the effects of the old man has been found recently in the Arabian Peninsula, see: Norman Whelan and David Pease «early humans on the Arabian Peninsula» World Culture magazine, the number (59)).

Archaeological finds in the Arabian Peninsula:

And Recent archaeological excavations indicate the validity of this information, especially after the discovery of a number of archaeological sites are the remains of civilizations and advanced civilizations, in areas that are now dry desert!

In 1834 I discovered close to the Castle Eden, known as «crow Fort» After removing piles of sand from the ruins of this castle was found on a piece of marble inscription says 1)

"We spent Dhora between yards this castle live a pleasant life is not marred by tight or indigestion, and takes us sea water in the case of the tyranny of the tide, and our rivers overflowing impulsive heavy, and between palm Albasqat was her bodyguard instills a wet harvest on the banks of streams winding flush with water or dry, and we were نصيد hunting land with ropes and jungle, as we go out fish from the depths of the sea, and we were Nkhtal in Msheetna, Ravlin in our clothes silk Almosah at the edges, and clothing Sandsah pure, and robes colored stripes green, and the kings who govern us Menzhen for الدناءة, tough on the people of deceit and treachery, has they chose us Sharia Court derived from religion Hood, and we believe in miracles, and resurrection, and the revival of the dead .. (Syed Muzaffar Din Nadwi «History geographical Qur'an» Translation by Dr. Abdul Shafi Ghoneim, Abdul Qadir, p: 182 183, quoting from the book Orientalist (Forster Forster) Geography historical Arab countries).

This fort remnants of civilization returned the second (returned from the United Arab great extinct, she founded the oldest city of the world has known, and the palaces majestic monuments of the great largest manifestation of progress, he says: Have you not seen how he did RBC dimensions Iram of the Pillars, which did not create the ideals of the country} (Dawn: 6 Cool God has sent them Hooda PBUH فكذبوه and disbelieved in it .. He says: {And to their brother returned a Jew said Yakom, a worship Allah Malcolm other god do you not fear (Allah) said publicly those who disbelieved of his people, I am to see you in salaciousness and I For surely we consider of liars said Yakom not my salaciousness but I messenger of the Lord Alamein inform the messages of my Lord and I am your mentor Secretary} (custom: 65 68) Vohlkhm God by wind Sarsar winds as Allah said: {The returned Vohlkua by wind Sarsar winds سخرها them seven nights and eight days Hsoma you see people where lying like trunks of palm empty} (Reality: 6 7) and these are returned first, and survived God Hud and those who believed with him, he says: {And when he came commanded delivered the Hud and those who believed with him mercy from us and نجيناهم of doom} (Hud: 58) and these are returned a second), which depicts over Raghad to live and amplitude and the progress that they live in. .. It is clear that this image may not be in the dry desert.

In the pages of history to remember many Arab cities made famous, and the reporting of narrators anecdotes about the progress of civilization, and wove around legends and novels, the most famous of these cities legendary city «Ubar Ubar», is the disclosure of ruins and treasures of this city one of the adventures scientific exciting brilliant (see Journal global culture, the number (65) and science and technology magazine, the number (29)).

The existence of this city and its remained a mystery baffled archaeologists for years ago, and made them prisoners of uncertainty and speculation and assumptions, they expected the face of great difficulties in the search for Dhalthm desired, but today, thanks to the harness of God the latest technology that characterize our time, especially technical development phenomenal in the field of space technology

Mystery of the lost city:

The City «Ubar» of the oldest and most famous cities in the Arabian Peninsula (perhaps the city of Ubar, as believed by many scientists is a city «toss» mentioned in the Qur'an in the verse: {Have you not seen how he did RBC dimensions toss of the Pillars} and described the Koran as : {which did not create the ideals of the country} and remember wrote interpretation, and dictionaries countries about this city a lot of novels, contain exaggerations Many bone that city and فخامتها (see, for example: kindergarten Almttar in a news diameters: p.22 24) Ibn al-many in its interpretation; 4/508: «And all this myths Israelis» and remains after the exclusion of exaggerations narrators and dramatize retribution it a great city), built by Shaddad ibn returned in the desert south, and make precious and expensive to build to be a committee in the ground, so to speak. .

It was Lawrence of Arabia, the first of a dream locate the lost city, and was named «Otalntes desert» them, but died before he achieves his dream, followed by others from travelers who set off on missions is a fruitful 1947 and 1953, including Rahali British «Bertram Thomas B.Thomas »which was based during his exploratory trip to the words of the Bedouins who provided him with a number of instructions to find a way to 'Ubar' but never succeed in finding them.

At the beginning of the eighties serious research began when he signed in the hands of the American documentary film-maker «Nicholas dogs N.Clapp», a phrase from the city Hghafooa discovering memos by Thomas in 1932, and his life and included a series of scientific reports on the effects of the Arabian Peninsula, where supported by the evidence points to the existence of ancient road to «Ubar», and in addition to the collection of 'dogs' more information about the subject of references and documents included the names of 600 historian and geographer and traveler world confirmed the existence' Ubar ».

As a result of this effort theoretical decided «Dogs» written by a research team mission starting in the Mission for three months solve the mystery of the lost city, which included the team, lawyer «George هدجز G.Hedges» responsible for collecting money and donations to fund the mission and the organization of its affairs, and two in the affairs of the Arabian Peninsula, are known archaeologist «Juris Zarranz J.Zarins» who took the analysis of the available information, and Sir «Ranulf Fiennes R.Fiennes» who was part of the British military units that helped the Omani army in 1968, and was familiar with the large area.

I got a personal mission to support of Sultan Qaboos, who looked very Mgtbta of the order - and the Omani Ministry of Heritage, which adopted the idea and made the mission all help and care, as well as from Oman International Bank and Oman Oil Company.

It is worth mentioning that the oldest geographical indications to «Ubar» contained in a geographical map old and placed geographical Alexandrian «Claudius Ptolemy C.Ptolamy» He pointed to the presence in the area on the outskirts of the Empty Quarter, now, a desert uninhibited and crossed risky, and was the first visit to the mission of this restricted area in 1990, but it soon left it for fear of falling into peril.

The search process Capricorn began in November 1991, and in early 1992 - and after he said «Dogs» he began to feel failure - The decision of the Mission exploration in the area «Shar» in the «Dhofar», and the results were encouraging, especially after it has been supporting the drilling process Using a private sandy soil radars penetrating into the ground.

The «Dogs» Before that, precisely in 1984, had asked the two worlds in the U.S. space agency «NASA» scan the Arabian Peninsula by radar imaging satellite mounted on the space shuttle «Challenger» After comparing images Shuttle with pictures sent by satellites Alsnaaaan «Spot Spot »French, and« Landsat Landsat », became in the hands of the mission map unique to the Empty Quarter, describes the caravan routes ancient aquifers and streams ancient rivers and valleys, all areas was very difficult to see with the naked eye, but it appeared evident thanks to imaging technology space.

This map showed a road convoys buried under the sand dunes, which reaches a height of 183 m, and with this information the mission decided to drill near the intersection point of the caravan route with an old water reservoir revealed by satellite images, and here was amazing discoveries .. Octagonal fortress, with towers and walls of high-rise reaches a height of 10 meters, and includes a number of storage rooms and accommodation .. And featured the legendary city 'Ubar ».

There is also detected on the effects of city «village», which is located on the banks of the valley «FAO» and about 280 km to the north of the city «Najran» and oversees the northern edge of the West of the Empty Quarter, located on the trade route linking the southern Arabian Peninsula and the north, where the convoys start of Sheba and passing a certain village (Mohamed El-Assaad «civilizations before Islam prospects for scientific journal, the number (34)).

Has begun prospecting in 1972 where she task Association History and Archaeology at the University of Riyadh, and issued the university a ten volumes with the results of excavations, covered metal, pottery and stone incense burners and glass ornaments, pottery, architecture and coins, writings and inscriptions, which returns «village» to the second century AD.

Thus confirming all the evidence and scientific and historical evidence that the facts contained in the hadith of the Prophet stages of transformation of the Arabian Peninsula promoter salla-allah.gif correct fixed, uttered phase shift Arabian Peninsula promoter salla-allah.gif by four centuries ago, and did not There exploration equipment or space photography .. But there was a revelation .. {And utter passion that is only a Revelation} suggests.

Scientific prophecy: the return of the rivers to the Arabian Peninsula

This includes the Hadith as well as scientific fact and dazzling miracle, which has been corroborated by modern scientific research, and on the Arabian Peninsula climate thousands of years ago also includes scientific prophecy other strange and wonderful, namely: the return of the old original image of the Arabian Peninsula .. Heavy rain, running rivers, pastures and lush green spaces!!

"The Hour will not even return the land of the Arabs meadows and rivers"

Some believe that what the Prophet stages of transformation of the Arabian Peninsula salla-allah.gif promoter has now been achieved in the Arabian Peninsula, as a result of the discovery of large quantities of groundwater flow, including many from the current wells and springs (Researchers distinguishes between two types of groundwater: surface water layers Supreme not deeper than a few tens of meters under the ground, which is the outcome of rain and floods current, and the other layers deep a few hundred meters below the surface, which is مدخرة of eras geological past .. In the Arabian Peninsula there are reservoirs deep underground (ie they مدخرة Ages rain in the distant past »under the vast tracts of land desert estimated half of the total area, in some areas of Tabuk inflicted wells successful at a depth of 800 m, and in the Qassim dig wells thousand meters, and in Jawf and Sakaka northern Saudi Arabia blew water aquifer deep years ago, where ejaculated wells about 850 m below the surface, so I rushed hot water a few meters to the top of the .. (Adapted from: Geography of the Arab deserts, pp. 185. 192.193)), enabling the use of modern technology in agriculture reclaim vast tracts of desert land and planting.

(At the top) astronomical changes, (left) the impact of changes in the intensity of solar radiation during the summer, (right) the size of the ice sheets ground.

This is contrary to the apparent meaning of the words of the Prophet stages of transformation of the Arabian Peninsula salla-allah.gif promoter, he said: «meadows and rivers 'He did not say' promoter, eyes» It is known that the rivers is mainly composed of heavy rainfall, and this is what has not happened yet.

And mostly conjecture, and closest to the interpretation of the concept of turning his stages of the Arabian Peninsula promoter salla-allah.gif that this will happen as a result of a comprehensive change in the Earth's climate, resulting in a move pronunciation rain to fall the desert of the Arabian Peninsula, leading to the flow of rivers in dry أوديتها, this means as I have already mentioned entering Earth into a new ice age!!

Changing the Earth's climate

In fact, the image of climate hard to land unreal image, during the thousands of years which is longer moments for the history of geological occur tremendous changes in the Earth's climate, where dominated by a cold climate and occupies ice sheets huge swathe of them, then start temperatures rise again, and subsides ice, and talked a warmth .. And so on.

There is plenty of evidence on the occurrence of such climatic oscillations summed up by Professor «Austin Miller» The following natural historical geography, pp. 134 135)

1 - information on rainfall and other climatic phenomena other, and recorded by ancient writers, such as weather phenomena that record without him in Alexandria by Ptolemy in the second century AD.

2 - information on flood and drought periods.

3 - information on the dates of sowing and annexation, for example, that there is in some European destinations where the blogger records dates reap the vineyards since 1400.

4 - dates freeze data ports, for example, exist in Denmark blogger records the dates of frozen water at the coast in winter since 1350.

5 - the different distances between the annual growth rings of perennial trees (episodes that appear in the section of the tree) was the age of some of these trees more than 3,000 years.

6 - The presence of fossilized forest in points is not enough rainfall at this time for the growth of forests, as well as the presence of charred wood blocks in destinations severe drought at the present time.

7 - traces of ancient Imran centers in views does not help the current climatic conditions on construction, such as the ruins of the city of 'destroy' the Syrian Desert, which has an estimated population in the old building on these ruins more than a hundred thousand people.

8 - The presence of traces of agriculture in the areas of current climate does not allow agriculture.

9 - along some roads around now dry lakes, as well as the bridges and crossings on the raceway is not water them at the present time.

And many other evidence that prove this fact.

It is also hard to «that the emergence of the first man was a contemporary of significant changes in the climate, which resulted in the emergence of glacial periods in the Pleistocene geological age» (Ibid, p: 136), the last glacial periods, and are now living a period of warmth that followed.

The astronomical theory of ice ages

She has held the phenomenon of entering the ground in the minds of scientists glacial eras, they took are looking for the reasons that caused, and put so many theories and assumptions, it is now the most famous astronomical theory Yugoslavian 'Milankovitch' put forward by the beginning of the last century AD .. What he said 'Milankovitch »? (Due astronomical theory of the ice ages to the nineteenth century, and the work of the Scottish astronomer James Carroll, who was born in 1821 and published his views in the eighties of the nineteenth century, and did not receive acceptance at the time, then re-raised Milankovitch after it introduced amendments in 1941).

We have attributed the cause of coups climate on the Earth's surface to changes in the three amounts related to the geometry of the Earth's orbit around the sun.

The earth revolves around the sun in an orbit semi-circular, but it does not prove so, but changed extends a little bit to become Ahljugia, then come back to put it semi-circular in cycle duration of 100 thousand years, when the orbit circling the earth receive a similar amount of heat from the sun every day of days of the year, but when orbit Ahljugia the is the planet would be in some days of the year, closer to the sun and receives more heat than in the other days of the year, but the total amount of heat received by the entire planet through the full year remains constant always .. This is the first change in the theory 'Milankovitch ».

The second change is in the axis of rotation of the earth .. The earth rotates on its axis, and this axis is tilted at the level of rotation around the sun, in the sense that if the chart axis orthogonal to the level of the earth's rotation around the sun (which is known as the Department of Eclipse), the axis of rotation inclined to the vertical axis at an angle changed from 21.8 to 24 5 in a 41-year cycle thousand years .. This angle is now 23.4 which are decreasing.

The third change in the geometry of the Earth's orbit is also related to the axis of rotation, then the imaginary axis in the sky draws a circle what is known Balturnh the «Precession» complements its axis in a 23-year cycle of a thousand years.

These are changes in the geometry of Earth's orbit around the sun and induced تفلطح the ground and not Kamal rotated, and the attractiveness of the moon and planets have, making them reeling in its rotation around the sun also reeling «Bee» in which he plays the boys, and this in turn affects the amount of solar radiation reaching the Earth during the days of the year.

It was impossible days «Milankovitch» to test the theory astronomical eras ice, it was not there from the known dates seized for the growth and decline of ice during thousands of years of years, and so has this theory is unproven and does not have the enthusiastic little, that evolved into modern technologies to track heat land over thousands of years through the ages, has been in the seventies studies on the remains of calcareous shells, snails and animals primary deep-sea sediment (John جريبين the 'gases phenomenon' d translation. Ahmad Mostagir, p: 62 63).

And extracted sediment from the bottom of the sea in the form of columns long abstracted drill ships geological exploration, but Omar sediment at any depth can not استقراؤه directly from the column, but is estimated by comparing magnetic (changing Earth's magnetic field change and wide with geological time, thereby reducing and intense, and sometimes fully reflected , and these changes private reflection represent fingerprint characteristic of the era of geological, it is possible to compare any piece of sediment have magnetic certain counterpart from rocks land, to determine her very carefully. (the phenomenon of the greenhouse, p: 63 Adapted () trapped by Bmagnatisah rocks from the mainland By year-old already in other ways (24), and this solves half the problem, and determine the age of the sediment, and the other half remains, which determine the temperature at that time in which they were deposited.

There are two common types of atoms Alokjsin (نظيران) are oxygen (16) and oxygen (18), both present in the air we breathe, as well as in sea water, and when he was oxygen (18) is heavier than oxygen (16), some of the particles of sea water will be heavier than others, and molecules of water heavier freezes faster than water molecules lighter, and this means that a greater proportion of particles heavier Sthabs in the snow when it gets ice age, and since the marine organisms take oxygen from the environment to build their shells, the shells that form in the ice age will contain a relatively higher amount of match oxygen lightest, who has not locked up inside the huge glaciers .. By measuring the ratio of oxygen isotopes in the remnants of snail shells in different layers of sediment could be inferred when the temperature deposited (Ibid, p: 64).

It was found that the length of the ice age about a hundred thousand years, comes after a period of warmth called phase «between glacial» lasts for ten to twenty thousand years, and I have repeated this pattern ten times during million years latter, we now live near the end of the stage warmth naturally, period between glacial began nearly ten thousand years (Ibid, p: 58) .. Ie that the earth is approaching the beginning of a new ice age .. And fulfilled the prophecy of the Prophet stages of transformation of the Arabian Peninsula promoter salla-allah.gif.

It is expected «Hull ماكلور» Back Lakes to the desert of the Arabian Peninsula, it was noted in July (July 1977) of rain almost seasonal over three weeks in the north of the Empty Quarter, did not result in the form lakes new, but he said «if repeat this and strongly enough to form lakes, it may be an indication of the monsoon rains return to the Empty Quarter and climate with a coup in (prospects scientific, number (24), R: 15)

Proof more engineers Contracting Kuwait complain of near Lamia underground at a depth of meters or a little more

Delirious after a period of time kept stepping on the surface of the ground and started to become collapsed

God have mercy on us mercy ..

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Stages of turning the Arabian Peninsula to lawns and collapsed scientific evidence and modern discoveries
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