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PostSubject: Unemployment   Sun Jun 16, 2013 1:35 pm

Unemployment is an economic phenomenon began to appear significantly with the booming industry because there was no sense in unemployment traditional rural communities. According to the ILO, the unemployed is both capable of and willing to work in it, and looking for him, and accepted at the prevailing wage level, but to no avail. Through this definition, it is clear that not all of the pupils unemployed does not work and the disabled, the elderly and retired and lost hope of finding work and temporary employers and who are indispensable for work are not considered unemployed.

Unemployment rate
Is the ratio of the number of people unemployed to the total labor force and is difficult to rate calculated accurately. The unemployment rate varies according to the center (urban or rural) and by sex, age and type of education and academic level.

[Edit] Types of unemployment

Can point to three main types of unemployment are:

    Cyclical unemployment (structural) and the resulting periodic capitalist system always transmitted between recovery and economic expansion and contraction and the economic crisis that results in cessation of employment and venting about the crisis laid off workers.
    Frictional unemployment is caused by movement of workers between jobs and sectors and regions, or the lack of information regarding available job opportunities.
    Unemployment associated with the structuring of the economy, which arise from a change in the structure of demand for products or technological progress, or the transfer of industries to other countries in search of better exploitation conditions and for a higher profit.

It is the situation of secondary performs work does not provide a sufficiency of livelihood, or if a few individuals working together in the work of an individual can play one or two of them. In both cases, does not lead a person pursuant to commensurate with what he has the capacity and energy to work.

[Edit] causes of unemployment

Unemployment reasons can be summarized as follows:

    State interference in the normal functioning of the free market, especially with regard to its intervention to ensure a minimum wage, since the reduction of wages and taxes are Alkvelan encourage investment and thus create wealth and jobs.
    Forms of unemployment compensation and labor laws.
    Capitalists' reluctance to invest if production did not lead to profit enough to meet their aspirations.
    Population growth.
    The continued increase in the use of machinery and higher productivity, which calls for reducing the duration of employment and layoffs.
    After the great economic crisis that hit the capitalist system in the early thirties (1929) and the high number of unemployed dramatically (12 million unemployed in the United States - 6 million in Germany) Some economists attributed the causes of unemployment to the mistakes of some capitalists who do not spend enough to invest.

[Edit] unemployment results

Unemployment contradictory results on the capitalist economic system and bourgeois society and oppressed who يعشون in the shadow. They are on the one hand enables the purchasing power of capitalist work, Bmahe the commodity, the lowest price possible and whenever he wants access to cheap labor. It also enables the bourgeoisie as a class prevalent Ctfad the working class Khazah to exploit and authority through the dumping of workers in the horror of the consequences of the loss of livelihood resource if they demanded higher wages because no one is ready to work with less pay. On the other hand unemployment is, if they exceeded certain limits (depending on each historical phase), a threat to the stability of the system as a whole (the revolution or fascism). Unemployment is also destructive systematic forces of production (along with wars) than miss out on a very important human resources. And no less disastrous results of unemployment on the social level, where it became certain today that the crime and organic diseases, psychological and drug consumption and prostitution ... Play unemployment including Arafaqaha of the misery of the pivotal role and encouraging them.

[Edit] solutions to unemployment

Does not see Aqtsadioa bourgeois solution to the problem of unemployment, but in two main directions: the first sees the trend unemployment out of necessity:

    Raise the pace of economic growth so that it can create jobs (under globalized capitalism can achieve growth without job creation), and in industrialized countries can not rise from 2.5 per cent due to supply constraints (are destroying the economic fabric for the Third World to resolve the crisis center of the through policies of structural adjustment and debt that results dismantle the Third World Industries and converted products for the consumer to industrial countries).
    Reduce the cost of any action to reduce wages reduces production cost and raise competitiveness and profitability.
    Change the terms of the labor market means claim delete the minimum wage, cut Thmlat coverage and social taxes, and reduce or delete unemployment compensation for wage cuts and bites of work (flexibility in wages and working stings).

Second trend sees out of the unemployment crisis the need to:

    The need for state intervention to adjust the economic chaos and social balance (expressed by the parish social state in the West). This trend is taking melt by the pressure of the first direction (globalization).

The fundamental solution to the issue of unemployment requires a restructuring of the economy on the basis of ownership of collective means of production and to meet the basic needs of all human beings outside the scope of capitalist profit, any building another community does not have the success of the minority to live in luxury at the expense of the inability of the majority to reach the minimum decent living .

[Edit] Unemployment in Egypt

The unemployment rate in Egypt in 2006, according to statistics from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) 10.30% [1] and unemployment resulting from a lot of social ills such as increased rates of sexual crimes, where 90% of the perpetrators are unemployed [2]. The increase in illegal immigration to European countries and a number of Egyptian youth turnout on the suicide of a feeling of hopelessness because of unemployment, and their inability to support their families [3]
In 2006, the Egyptian Center announced to reduce unemployment and defense of human rights, the establishment of the first Association of "unemployed" in Egypt, in an attempt to change their lives through the provision of job opportunities for them [4]
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