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 Someday travel

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PostSubject: Someday travel   Tue Jun 18, 2013 12:42 pm

Nharrat monotonous .. Where equal justice and injustice, birth and death, grief and joy ..
There is no difference between the smell of bread and blood .. Voice of the bus and machine guns guns!
Window reflect the evening the street picture of poverty and wealth, old age and youth, manhood and cheese is what makes the eye do not walk between the swim waves this sight a straight line .. بذاك collide elderly combines of junk food, on the opposite party girl out of the luxury car deposited her boyfriend after two hours by plane traveler to reside in the most expensive hotels, wearing a shoe shine amid the darkness, tempt Bassaath the golden staff searched all bags, but his bag!
Another car going the same structure aligned travel with name and does not have described!
Led by the head of the family does not care about the length of the road and not heavily as far as packaged bags packed border checkpoint where persons, يتململ the young, يتأوه the elderly from the midday sun heat and the length of waiting until absent .. Bunched mothers on a tourist shop prices, want to buy a bottle of water tells the thirst of her children, carried out pockets of money .. It's tax obtain Tacherh enter not separates out Kmgader the not carried and access Kkadm spent hours mostly so possessed only banner (Welcome)
All of them in the end are equal in their presence under the seven heavens, illuminates Madshm the one satellite, are subject to the will of the one God ..
See each hit with a whip last census poverty without the other!
And you see someone shackle characters the jailer without the other chains!
ويح myself .. Until when?
Sunlight answers: So day Sacherq the colorful!
أيعقل that? Yes, my friend!

Someday, Saoukzk son a kiss on the forehead .. يهنئك and holiday takbeers voice bustles at the corners, Timman the Umayyad some part in spaciousness تصليان, mixed with the voice of Sheikh and Hadeel bathroom, glides (God is great) Nasima sick caress the cheeks, leads you in the evening south to the third kiblah .. Converge and courtyards and sunset, evening holiday ritual combines black and white in the joy and one candy Atqamsan and anthem ..
Colorful dreams .. Is not far-fetched!
Imagine yourself after that feast backpacker grabbing every day to the point of, Atnic nothing for spend Fjrk on the Shatt Gulf Sea and the age of your day in a park overlooking the Euphrates or in Ramada Morocco - no difference - and مسائك in the House of God!
Someday ..
Shed party through your window to the morning sun and find colorful
Will be read in its rays all the aspirations of children ..
You will not need to camera retains a rainbow arch as he visited the country's skies, because it Sertism every dawn of a number of slept in the open when it rained yesterday beads rain, the number of enamel taken from the alphabet .. Hope beautiful tomorrow ...

Will come ...
Be sure!
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Someday travel
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