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 Multi reading

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PostSubject: Multi reading   Sat Jul 06, 2013 5:53 pm

Multi reading


The reading of fruit worthy of our planning and thinking, perseverance and suffering because it is one of the most important factors that is reshaping our presence again!

He once asked Voltaire, who will lead the human race, he said: who know how to read and write.

Asked one scientists geniuses: Why read a lot? He said: because one life to اتكفيني

The United Avenue is that her great interest, culture and thought them serious attention each May Pray to example, China has a such as is common in this area if you want to know the future of the nation see to Maigrah children)

The evolution of the concept of reading:

Reading: a mental process involving the interpretation of symbols and understand the meaning and also require a link between personal experience and these meanings and in this sense we see that reading requires two disjoint.

The first process: mechanical shape any physiological responses

The second operation: mental process during which meaning and interpretation This process includes thinking and reasoning

Reading in the modern concept:

An intellectual activity and mental interference by certain factors in terms of the reader himself and the environment and factors of the article read

The importance of reading in the lives of communities:

1) linking peoples and calls for rapprochement and international understanding in general and between the elements of the local community in particular, are of great importance in the process of the transfer of cultural production and humanitarian and cultural heritage from generation to generation.

2) to read a great role in the organization of society and to manage their own affairs and administrative acts of calculation, it is by reading plans and projects implemented and managed business.

3) The social change that occurs in the community to create a certain direction to become reading أداته as printed brochures about something social needs to the process of reading is no exaggeration if we say that the reading has changed values ​​and مبادئا was owed by the community, especially since the means of communication has become a quick and affordable, making transport processes of cultural and intellectual and cultural phenomenon of the process.

4) If there are criteria to distinguish between different nations and developed countries is reflected in the industrial progress and the percentage of per capita income and the progress of health or other standards, the view is that measure the progress of societies but judged by Iqbal individuals to read and how this demand.
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Multi reading
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