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 The commandments and guidance for parents in the days of the tests

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PostSubject: The commandments and guidance for parents in the days of the tests   Sat Jul 06, 2013 6:05 pm

The commandments and guidance for parents in the days of the tests

It is no secret Sharif aware of every father Fadel said that the days of distress need a pause from honest sincere, although the first granted by this stance is dear son ........

The tests are not بالهينة to the hearts of the children, the need you so much Father blessed period need you effort at least never about what his son and daughter of an effort,,,,, here I dedicate these commandments with certainty full you know more than that, it is a reminder, praying to God to open my heart and your heart, and that makes our pure face cream ..........

First: The son said that the use of God is the foundation of every successful worker, religious and secular, the more the boy came and said, This is a difficult article say: not difficult with the help of God Almighty if not God help from the boy ...... The first what it earns diligence

Second: Fill in the House in terms of optimism, you are superior, and you are diligent, I think you'll get is excellent but with superiority ...... etc., and peace be upon him like the Omen.

Third: Lower your head and bend your back and say to him - her - مداعبا: I expect that this page will come in the test, verbal Vamadaabh important in this period in order to alleviate the boredom boys from the study.

Fourth: SAVE - without being extravagant - something of foods and food loved by boys it is psychological comfort reasons, and be sure to benefit such as fruit.

Fifth: TV completely closed except for imperative, it is wrong to feel your children that you did not come only for the TV, and say to them, I came to serve and completely dedicated to you and you'll find the impact of these words in their eyes before their results.

Sixth: of the biggest reasons for the failure of sons and daughters in the tests: Come votes couple to solve their problems, but there is no agreement between the spouses to calm down and postpone the speech in problem solving.

Seventh: دعاؤك of Dear Mr. breeder has great significance in Tawfiq boys, but not sometimes hears loud voice the boys Tnscherh them and be confident to proceed emotional, and sometimes in the back of the unseen, and a prayer answered as parent to talk.

Eighth: instill in children that godliness God are first reconciled reasons, and consistency of information, Almighty said (and the fear of God and teach God), (And whosoever fears Allah makes easy for him).

Ninth: You will see that your children سيحرصون a prayer group, days of tests, took advantage opportunity Bmdham and praise them, and misses some when he says to his sons: You do not know the Lord only days Tests, and then leave the Son Prayer installed to his father that he did not arrive for the tests and then will return the father empty-handed.

Tenth: The period between the two, and after the Second Committee until the ears back, of the most dangerous periods, especially in the last day of the tests, the spread of the evils of religious and moral in the middle of some young people, how much of a father lost his son in Tvhit, how a young man lost his religion when know in this period on some Mhboha, morality, and how much of the Son was the beginning of the end and incidence in the traps of smoking and drugs in this period. This young man who was one of the finest students episodes has reached to save twenty part, and was one of the facts of his story, he agreed after the urgency of the meeting for breakfast with some of the school's students [last day of the tests, said: After breakfast I was surprised that the owner of the house began to introduce his own way some scenes pornography فاستحييت that I then felt very satanic desire to continue to watch this sections even Jrtina to the dire consequences even left the Qur'an and signed in smoking and drugs because of my heart attached including display. Hopes O virtuous breeder, that it was in the last days of tests, must be given this period increased attention. God is pleased to our children every Asir, and keep them from all evil metastasizes, O Lord, my things
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The commandments and guidance for parents in the days of the tests
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