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 Definition of fish

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PostSubject: Definition of fish   Sat Jul 06, 2013 6:14 pm

Definition of fish

Fish is rich sources of protein so it turned to the rewarding folks east, and eaten with rice in these poor countries, especially in the Far East and Africa, but research has proven the importance of eating fish, especially in the age after the age of forty, because it protects against diseases of this age, especially blood clots, he came upon the people of the West based on medical advice.

Spin hidden between التدول of the conflict, which has for fishing fleets, and to compete for the quota quantities and beaches where fishing fleets of these countries, and the fact that fish became quantities less than the former. And there are laws that limit the number of whales that hunt fleets States, and to prevent the extinction of this kind after shrinking fish stocks in the world, compared with McCann existed in ancient times.

Uses and benefits of medical Fish

1. Is rich in protein which contains important amino acids such as arginine, tryptophan, and others. It is important to maintain the body's tissues and to build what the body needs in repair processes that occur to the body's tissues.

2. Fish is an important source of iodine, and phosphorus. This is necessary for teeth and bones and blood, which is an important source of calcium.

3. Fish contains vitamin A, D. These vitamins are present in fish liver.

4. Fish meat does not contain a semiconductor sugar, Algluxadat, so it is given to those who follow a diet to lose weight.

5. An phosphorus at a private fish types sardines activate memory has an important role in building bones.

6. The fish contains a high proportion of acid Alglutmik, a substance essential to the functions of the brain, nerves and tissues.

7. The most important of all, the presence of omega-3. In fat fish and all the fruits of the sea, and on the reverse cholesterol which is harmful to human health, the containment of fat fish on the substance Omega prevent injury objects stroke vessels of the heart and brain, the fats found in animals from sheep and cattle harmful to health, the fat Fish is required for the health of the human body, because it is more the fat fish which abounded Omega material. All the fish in her body that contains omega-3. But there are types of fish contain a greater proportion of this article, in some fish are fat 1% by weight, and in other types 2% by weight, and in the tuna ratio is 15%, and the most important types of fish that contain high percentages are tuna, sardines , salmon, fish Alaskimbera. For heart patients prefer eating fish three times a week to make a full protection, but the modern doing research proved that eat fish, even occurs once a month and good protection. The omega substance found in fish and the aquatic creatures at different rates, which is a multi-fatty acids unsaturated.

8. Fish rich Pmajh the omega-3, are essential in the diet of patients with "multiple sclerosis" Multiple sclerosis. It is a disease that affects the "spinal cord". Fish and prevents the aggravation of the disease, which was not found him an effective drug to treat it now. Preferably sea fish and river fish prefer to eat fish fresh.

9. Fish strengthens and nourishes the body, especially the reproductive energy, particularly fish eggs "sturgeon". Which is called "caviar." It is also eaten with alcoholic beverages to mitigate the damage of alcohol on the body, and Russia and Iran from important countries exporting caviar.

In Egypt, eaten "Batrkh the" feed and stimulate sexual energy, and Batrkh is "womb filled with fish eggs." It is eaten with garlic and olive oil, has a little added ginger to increase interest rates.

Using fish wants to follow the diet to reduce weight and age ill patients and chronic diseases
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Definition of fish
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