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 Water polo game History

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PostSubject: Water polo game History   Sun Jul 07, 2013 1:20 pm

Water polo game History

Water polo is a sport practiced in the water mass. The game can be described as a vehicle of swimming, football, basketball, ice hockey, American football, rugby, and wrestling. Both teams consist of six players plus goalkeeper. The goal in the game - as is the case with football - to achieve the highest number of goals by passing the ball behind the opponent's goal line for the calculation of points for the team.


Water polo game in its modern form the current form consisted of rugby sport practiced in rivers and lakes in England and Scotland by ball made of India rubber.

The game was present at the Olympics since the 1900 Olympics for the men's competitions, were sports that were part of the Olympics for the first time with all of cricket, rugby, polo, and others. The ball water women Vantalegt since the Summer Olympics in 2000, which was held in Sydney, Australia after protests by the Australia team for the Women's water polo.

Every two years to 4 years since 1973, held the world championship for men's water polo a world championship water polo, organized by Elvina (FINA). She said women's water polo in 1986. There are also other contest a World Cup water polo, also organized by Elvina, which is organized since 1979. In 2002, Elvina organized the first International League water polo, a World League water polo
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Water polo game History
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