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 Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar

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PostSubject: Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar   Wed Jul 17, 2013 4:40 pm

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. This month, Senior month when Muslims from the rest of the months of the Islamic year. It is the month of fasting, Muslims refrain in his day for food and drink and sexual relations from dawn until sunset. Also, for the month of Ramadan a special place in the heritage and history of Muslims; because they believe that began revelation and the first thing that came down from the Koran to the Prophet Mohammed bin Abdullah was in much of the night this month in the year 610 AD, where he was the Messenger of Allah in the cave of Hira when it came to the King Jibril, and said to him, "read the name of your Lord who created" This was the first verse that came down from the Koran, the Koran was revealed from the board saved much of the night one sentence, he put in the house of pride in heaven on the Ramadan, then it was Jibril inflicts fragmented in the do's and don'ts The reasons, in twenty years

Differed in the derivation of the word Ramadan told: It's Alramad to an extreme heat said: Aramad Ramada: intensified free. And free Eramad folk: they intensified Ibn Duraid said: what moved the names of the months of the ancient language Highness بالأزمنة which are agreed Ramadan days free Ramad and severity was called. Fur: ​​It is said that the month of Ramadan, the two-month spring, does not mention the month with the rest of the names of the Hijri months. Said: This August may accept. And is taken from the month of Ramadan fasting Ramad Aramad free if his stomach severity of thirst, said the Qur'an: ((month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Quran)).

By the grace of Ramadan that the gates of Paradise are opened and closed the gates of Hell, because the Prophet Muhammad

If the first night of Ramadan, the devils are chained up and chained gin and closed the fire doors did not open them the door and opened the doors of paradise door did not close them and a caller Club O seeker of good O seeker of evil, desist and God redeems from the Fire so every night

God forgives those who fasts Ramadan to the words of the Prophet of Islam

Whoever fasts Ramadan out of faith and hope of reward, will be forgiven his past sins, it is the night of Qadr out of faith and hope of reward, will be forgiven his past sins. Agreed

In Ramadan endorsement of the same and the proximity of God, which is also closing fire doors and chained demons and open the doors of mercy. Time of fasting in Ramadan from dawn until sunset, stated in the Quran ((.. and eat and drink until it is clear to you the white thread from the black thread of the dawn and then complete fasting to night ..)) (verse 187 of Sura) and most fasters Asahon before dawn and eat a small meal and drink water (called this meal suhoor) in preparation for a day of fasting, has been received about the virtues of sahoor that the Prophet of Islam said, "تسحروا the sahoor Pond "(Agreed). In fasting must also Muslims refrain from obscene speech and deed bad as stated in the hadith, "If one of you was a day of fasting; not commit any obscenity nor Ackb, the سابه one or murderer let him say, Oh God, I am fasting

This month, Almighty Allah revealed the Quran to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in the month of Ramadan, specifically in the Laylat al-Qadr is the night is likely some of it the night of the twenty-seventh of Ramadan, and others argue that it is not known precisely, but it is in the last ten days, and nights tendon assure. The revelation of the Qur'an, it was said that the first verse was revealed to the Prophet in Ramadan, and as stated in an interview with the Prophet when Gabriel descended upon it, saying: Read! Mohammed said: I am not a reader, He took me Vgtunai even reached effort from me and then sent me read I said, I am not a reader took me Vgtunai until he reached the second effort from me and then sent me and said read I said I am not a reader took me Vgtunai third and then sent me and said {read the name of your Lord who created the creation man from a clot Read and thy Lord is Most Generous} returned by the Messenger of Allah shivering his heart)) agreed.

And by that witnessed this month, down another, that revelation of the Qur'an among the board saved to the house of glory in heaven, and that was in much of the night, God said ((We sent down on the Night of Power)) ((We sent down on a blessed night) ), Ibn Abbas said: revealed the Koran one sentence to the first heaven much of the night and then revealed then in twenty years [Women and the Governor, and Ibn Jarir said: Quran was revealed from the board saved to heaven on much of the night of the month of Ramadan and then sent down to Muhammad Ali what God wanted to download it to him

Taraweeh prayers are prayers Needless to pray Muslims (Sunnis) in Ramadan, and then after evening prayers to the dawn prayers, described two by two, then strain CAPTCHA any two by two and then pray one rak'ah call them as he wishes from the charity world and the Hereafter, did not arrive Prophet (group), but three nights, so as not to impose on Muslims but it was pray all his life and did not let the night traveling or not they attended, the age of Omar bin Khattab group links so as not to multiple groups in one mosque, where it said "What a good innovation

Muslims celebrate the first day of the month of Shawwal (month following the month of Ramadan in the Islamic calendar) Eid al-Fitr (also called the Feast of Ramadan and Eid smaller) for three days. Enact the Eid prayer on the first day of the feast.

Zakat al-Fitr is obligatory for all Muslims, men and women, adults and children, provided that owns the individual profiteers day and night feast, and must be reformatted before the Eid prayer if directed by a person after the prayer are not considered zakat mushroom but ordinary charity and may take it out the day before or the day of the feast, according to the legislation Islamic.


Abu Umaamah Baahili may Allah be pleased with him said: I heard the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said: "Whilst I was sleeping as came to men, they took Billaa, فأتيا my mountain and rugged, they said: Come up and I said: I do not أطيقه they said: I سنسهله you فصعدت even if I was in both the mountain if severe voices, I said: What are these voices? said: This is the howling of the people of the fire and then set off me, if I a people hanging بعراقيبهم one St., cracked أشداقهم, flowing أشداقهم the blood, he said: I said: Who are these? said: those who break their fast before تحلة fasting. "


The laws of some Muslim countries to punish profess breakfast in Ramadan, punishment vary from one country to another, from a fine to a limited period of imprisonment or the implementation of the civil service.

In 13 prior to migration: Laylat al-Qadr is the night that came down the Quran, according to Islamic sources, and the first verse in the Quran which (read), and various time they are in the days of individual of the last ten days of the month, immigration, and in this day also converted to Islam Khadija girl Khuwailid, the first From a safe message of the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad.

1 year e: secret Hamza: The first brigade held by the Prophet of Islam, and that was on top of seven months of immigrant, thirty passengers, to the sea coast, Fbgua Saif sea, objecting Aira of Quraish came from Sham want to Mecca, where Abu Jahl in three hundred passengers, فالتقوا and lined up to fight, walked including Majdi bin Amr al-Juhani, so the two teams went without a fight.

2 AH: Great Battle of Badr: Friday, September 17, he called the Quran on Criterion, which this year also impose Jihad and imposed Fitr Zakat: Zakat with assessments. And embarked on Eid prayers.

2 AH and paper bint Mohammed's death following a hit by disease in Ramadan.

3 AH: birth of Imam Hassan bin Ali (AS) on September 15, the third year of migration.

4 AH: Muhammad is the Messenger of Islam marriage of Zaynab bint Khuzaymah.

5 AH: Banu Almstaleg of.

8 AH: the conquest of Mecca. Open the greatest conquest of Mecca: In the twenty Ramadan 8 AH. The so-called open-Fotouh, where people's income on its impact in crowds in the religion of Islam. When Islam was Abu Sufyan and a large number of leaders of the infidels, and when it was demolished the idols of the Kaaba.

9 AH: the advent of messenger kings donkeys to the Prophet of Islam. And of Islam delegation Thaqeef.

40 AH: the martyrdom of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib in Kufa beat Abdul Rahman bin mg Humairi, the dawn of the nineteenth of Ramadan and died in the twenty-first day of the same month, the son of sixty-three years old.

58 AH: the death of the wife of the Prophet Aisha.

92 AH: Open Andalusia

702 AH: Battle Hqahb the zero or the Battle of Marj

114 AH: Tiles signed martyrs in 1 Ramadan (October 732) battle during the reign of the Umayyad caliph Hisham bin Abdul Malik in the plains of France on the banks of the Loire River between Muslims, and their leader Abdul Rahman Ghaafiqi. In this battle, the Muslims lost the last attempt made by the succession to open the West and Islam to delivery. The named martyrs tiles of the large number of dead Muslims.

218 AH: Billah entered Baghdad after his succession.

222 H: Open City door بخراسان in succeed Moatasem.

223 H: Open Amuriyah. On 6 September. This battle took place between the Muslims led Mu'tasim the Abbasid Caliph and between the Romans and after that invoked a Palmatsam woman screamed 'Amatsmah' Mu'tasim heard the news and equipped army and opened Amuriyah.

479 AH: Battle of the slide in Andalusia, defeated the adopted son of sunflower king of Seville in Andalusia Franks, the Spanish forces.

559 AH: and repast stages. On September 9. Nur ad-Din triumph over the Crusaders and captivate their leader and regain city stages Levant.

570 H: Open Baalbek in the Levant on September 14, Fatah leader Saladin several cities in the Levant, which included opening Baalbek, which was in the hands of the Crusaders.

584 H: Open Karak, Safed and were in the hands of the Crusaders.

587 H: Taking the Frankish Acre.

654 AH: A major fire occurred in the city of Mosque of the Prophet, one of the signs of the resurrection micro Tell them hundreds of years before they occur.

658 AH: Eye Goliath battle on September 24 (corresponding to September 6, 1260), which defeated the Muslims led by Sultan Qutuz the Tartar Mongols led by Hulagu.

663 AH: the victory of the Muslims of Morocco on the Frankish Crusaders.

666 H: Open Antioch at the hands of Sultan Malik al-Zahir Baybars. It was in the hands of the Crusaders.

In 1393 e: October War or tenth of Ramadan, which defeated the Egyptians and Syrians, Israelis in every from my forehead Sinai and the Golan Heights, and this battle occurred on September 10, 1393, corresponding to 6 October 1973.

When transportation

Please indicate the source ..

If I was in God

The Akhtit P me and the devil

Now that I'm done

Definition and the virtues of Ramadan

I اهديكم the delirious messages for the holy month of Ramadan

In the name of God:

Grapes and palm *

And Eye Salsabeel *

And ginger syrup *

Dancing trees and tend *

, Khaddam scoops and hurling *

And Palaces underneath rivers flowing *

God set them within your own paradise "

God run out of Ramadan

William Ramadan and your household companions "

Oh ...

Handed over to Ramadan

And handed us Ramadan

And he took us receptive

O merciful Rehman

Immune to let us know, but good

Such Diar Diar

God the curtain

Rest and stay God

Lester Diem A good عايم the

A patient nor a broad

However Vgerha

Habbeina we duty

We recognize you and take you to the era before the crowds

Near Ramadan congratulate all Happy New Year
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Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar
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