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 Real victory ...

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PostSubject: Real victory ...   Tue Jul 23, 2013 5:06 pm

The Prophet, peace be upon him a great blessing, and is a great blessing bestowed by God to worship, to drive them out

of the darkness into the light. He says in Surat Al-Imran (164): "I have from God to the faithful as it sent them a messenger of them .." , Qutb says: It is to God Great God to send them a messenger, and that this apostle "of themselves" .. God take care of the Galilee to send a messenger from him to some of His creation is to God that does not only stem from the overflow of divine generosity, sincere gratitude be to Allah that there would be nothing on the part of humans, .. To express Quranic "of themselves," shades of deep inspiration and meaning, if the link between the believers and the Prophet is the relevance of self-esteem, unrelated individual sex, فليست matter that one of them is enough, but it is deeper than that and finest, then they faith يرتفعون to this link messenger, and pray to this sight of the dignity of God.

The Prophet, peace be upon him good God created all of them, we has a great virtue, and whatever we do we can not to نوفيه right.

The Messenger of Allah preferred him = no limit Faarb his mouth spokesman

Vmbulg knowing that he preached = and that the best of God's creation all

The peace be upon him - also said Mother Aisha - created by the Koran, it has been dreaming people, Oschahm, and Oafhm, was more shy than the Virgin in خدرها, and it was not Iszewo on one, and cursed the woman nor a servant never, and hit one with his hand never However, struggling for the sake of God, and avenged himself only to violate the sanctity of God, and was sincere people to tone, Oovahm the edema, Olinhm عريكة, and ten honorable.

O of his ethics what loves Ela = and what Atahq Kabra

Zantek in creation great merits = lured them and generous يولع the

O Muslims, has been valued like companions of the Prophet, peace be upon him a great love, and Fitouna of their lives, their families and their money, but also that inanimate objects was loving it, You all know the story of the trunk, which that فراقه when sermons from the pulpit that made him ...

He was even in inanimate love = was to put peace, has given away

The difference trunk was delivering him = the mother moan as find Alvkda

Is not it the trunk folks So we = The first that we have and very

If the trunk has not yet يطق hours = no fulfillment to afford him dimension

Do we love Arcol peace be upon him? What is the evidence of our love to him? Is it enough to say that we love the Prophet بألسنتنا? Does the province, and the praise of the Prophet, and recall his birth - peace be upon him - enough to express his love and support him? Is our situation today is pleased? O Muslims, that the real victory of the Holy Prophet have to obey him, and walk on a gift, and follow the Sunnah, and activate the curriculum in our lives, and adopting a role model, and raise our children to love. Imam Malik said: The year such as Noah's Ark, knees survived, and the failure of her sinking. Said Abu Bakr - may Allah be pleased with him -: I'm not leaving anything Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - it works only worked him, I'm afraid if I left something of ordered him to Ozag. He was companions maintain a year, he said Ibn Mas'ud - may Allah be pleased with him -: Who was in line Fleitas owners of the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him -, they were Apr this nation's hearts, and deepest note, and least Tklva, and Oqovernma هديا, and best off , chosen by God to accompany His Prophet, peace be upon him, and the establishment of religion, Vaarafoa them virtue, Atbauhm in their tracks, they were on the guidance of the rectum.

Be ye Muslim loving to the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, is keen to apply his, Mkthera the year of prayer for him, perhaps intercede for you in the afterlife ...

You بإكثار prayer = مواظبا on Ahmed Hadi, the patron saint of mankind occurred

And the best of God's creation of Adam's descendants = Ozakahm the branches and أشرفهم, prouder

It is true that God Almighty = pray on uttered ten

Separation of God from our knowledge of love, and my brother heart with heart, and open for the good of all the trail.
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Real victory ...
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